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Focusrite iTrack Pocket



Does anyone have a Focusrite iTrack Pocket?


I am interested in using it as a live recording device to record band sessions at a studio? I used my iphone last time and also recorded using my laptop and one mic. The iphone has problems with the dynamics of a live band and I had to blend the recording together to get the best sound.
I would like to just use the iphone and add a microphone with sound input control. Not wanting to spend more than $100.

Any experience or recommendations.

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Looks like a great tool. Let me know if it works well.

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I bought one. It came today.  Initial impressions:  The mics are definitely better than the iPhone's builtin mics.

It works well as a guitar interface and will use both the input and the microphone at the same time. The builtin camera will use it as a microphone which is what I expected but glad to see it works.  It works well with Amplitube on the iPhone.

Next month we are having another Reunion Jam session  and I hope to test it out with the input level so that I am not dealing with the auto limiting of the builtin microphone of the iPhone.  Will post more after that.  But overall for $79 it is a good guitar interface that uses a  digital input rather than the mic input like the iRig1 and 2 use.  Cheaper than many other digital interfaces and only $30 more than the irig versions.  Includes a builtin stand to rest the phone on for recording.


Overall first impressions are positive.

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Overall I am very happy with the iTrack Pocket.

We didn't get good volume levels while recording so the original had really strong drums that peaked much louder than every thing else.  Trying to tame those peaks over the last few weeks.  Everytime I try something I think of a new and hopefully better way to make it so I can hear the bass and guitar.   Probably have to realize it may be a lost cause.  Anyway, the iTrack records very clean and sounds great.  The video below has some of the original video plus my attempts to balance the sound.


This was also posted in the Getting the band back together thread.  Same video.

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