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  1. Great score! I think considered a regular tip for the shop owner for generously holding the guitar for you, it’s essentially a treefiddy catch.
  2. Many thanks @Montelovesco. Vacation here already. Will find it in the postbox on return though.
  3. Great build story of a great craftsman. Haven’t had that for a long time.
  4. What about using a nail file rather than grip tape?
  5. This and I’m on vacation and didn’t want to hold on to it for weeks with delayed shipping etc. But great if found a new owner.
  6. Congrats! That’s an excellent example of a Tally.
  7. Very nice work. I love the Charlie Christian pickups. They create great sound.
  8. Dynamic ranges, those were the times. Nowadays, they sometimes compress to death. The guys from Avantgarde Acoustics once told me at a personal presentation that they stopped buying modern vinyl for that compression reason. The LPs keep sounding meh on their high end equipment. https://www.avantgarde-acoustic.de/en/
  9. Actually, I started in the 80s using quality equipment, which was a Dual top line deck and TDK cassettes. The better ones too. I thought the sounds were thin compared to LP. CD then opened new doors.
  10. It looks like my man cave has a deficit.
  11. Actually, I had never been happy with the tapes in the old times and preferred to buy vinyl where I could afford it. My cassettes are all gone. The vinyl stayed. However, I surprised that these are coming back to. But I see that they have USB to kind of digital converting into mobile world.
  12. It was that the campaign has been very successful and they are making progress in the development. The pricing will be higher than anticipated, so I assume that the product won’t create any mass product effects. You can pre-order comparably cheap for a few days though. https://phonocut.com/blogs/news/pre-order-today-new-prototype-pricing-delivery-update
  13. So, essentially, what is a guitar? It’s a strong stick, capable of holding tension for 6 strings to be nailed on. Potentially has a surrounding for tone amplification or holds a pickup. Jack White is a ‘crap’ player in this regards. See the the movie It Might Get Loud, where he nails a pickup on a plank and strings it afterwards. Or check Seasick Steve. He just published a new album. For touring guitarists I always thought they take the cheaper ones out and keep the good ones home safe.
  14. Personal name COAs are clearly not unusual. I have seen a lot in the FS thread over the years. You got them with a personal custom order I assume, even though ordered through a shop. ETA. Forgot to say that the guitar looks great. I like the top. But I’m wondering about the stop tail piece being a custom order. What had been the regular instead?
  15. Great idea to get back into play. There's a Special available in Germany. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-special-usa-bj-1980-erstes-baujahr/1469717469-74-16677
  16. I've read it up from the shelve. Bernie's tribute is called Bernie Marsden Green And Blues.
  17. gorch


    Wonderfully executed! Great pickup selection. What's the character of them? The fake binding nicely plays with the wood figuring. I have really seen this elsewhere, if ever.
  18. Great to hear there is still live music possible. And great you enjoyed the gig.
  19. Just adding reference to the Deacy amp story. https://doxyworld.com
  20. Fantastic work so far! Considering people stocking a hundred guitars, you could make them all on your own in the way you wanted them. Kind of self-satisfying.
  21. Well then, Queen would be great in terms of full band. Even with Adam Lambert it would be great fun. Gillan was a great band too. Bernie Tormé was a killer guitarist that I loved for his crazy tones. The Sweet nice. Carl Verheyen would be great too. I have actually jammed with him for a minute in a master class. Also had been on stage with him and his drummer as part of the class. Carl hadn't played on stage. A single minute of fun though.
  22. Maybe that‘s the one. I have a few Marsden CDs since I like his playing a lot. Got to check.
  23. Very cool! 3rd from right needs a black trem to match the set. Other than that it‘s quite budget on boomers.
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