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  1. To me it looks like a Fendson. ETA. The green one more looks like a Gibsder.
  2. Glad you have returned! Glad you want to keep your goldy!
  3. All links working for me. Thanks a lot for the collection! Haven't there been an initiative after 2006 from a Canadian member, collecting songs to press on CD? The project eventually failed to succeed.
  4. Vai can simply play! Thanks for posting @Brooks.
  5. Would be either a Standard Custom or Tally or Newport. Maybe I would have died before the decision was made. B)
  6. Thanks @Montelovesco. Last year, I had the chance to spend all three days at the Summit. This year it‘s going to be all online for the know reason. However, I had not planned to join any session. In constant home office, I‘m spending so many hours on screen that I‘ll have to look out for alternatives and rather play myself or go out for a walk or anything real nature. If any one participate a session, please report.
  7. Eventually, lock the guitar in a dry dark room. It‘s the sun that‘s guilty here.
  8. Nice video. Roger Taylor on drums is always a good bet. Even Richie Blackmore was involved.
  9. Very nice! Alder is great tone wood.
  10. Very nice slow motion tune. It immediately opened up memories to something common in my ears. Can‘t tell which band I have in mind. But, it sounds very familiar. Thanks so much for posting.
  11. Uber cool. That‘s a piece of teenage aging. It‘s actually looking very good for its age.
  12. Uriah Heep were a bit ahead in time for me. Although they are common to my ears, I always thought they were a bit dark sounding. The Greatest Hits album got low spinning time though.
  13. Great guitar. I think we have hardly seen two Tally Pros available at the same time.
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