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  1. It appears that COVID locked down the video. It‘s not available from here. And I‘m vaccinated. 😷
  2. There is a big chance that prices won't be seen descending for the reason of general wood shortage and rare wood legals alone. New guitars won't be available with top notch woods anymore. Hamer in that regard are top of the pops for the all mahogany builds. With the Standards in the lead that have one piece mahogany bodies that could have furniture built from. Generally, build quality is better than many of the promiment brands too. The next generation guitar players and collectors would notice at some point.
  3. Since I had renovated and upgraded my stereo hifi equipment during winter and spring, I came to dig my old records. So, I came to pull out the existing Alan Parsons Project records a few weeks ago. I haven't heard them for felt decades. Man, that was a total new listening experience. Meanwhile I scored missing original records in near-mint condition. Sound quality of the old recordings is just superb with great dynamics and bass. No comparison to 180gr. re-releases. Parson new his business as an engineer and, together with Woolfson, were genious composers. The level of perfection is unreached. Personally, I prefer the 70s recordings up until Eye In The Sky. Later the sound became more synthetic, less orchestral. Parson from the 90s on released quite a few solo recordings of which some are quite interesting again. As these are not available on vinyl, I'm just waiting for the CDs, that are fairly cheap to get. They are going to be ripped to Flac and oversampled in Audirvana. Supposed to sound great though. Compared to ELO that are mixing band with chello and violin, I think APP are having much more complex and orchestral composing. Obviously, both are borrowing from the late period Beatles. Jon Lord's Concerto for Group and Orchestra made a step further into classic orchestra, I think. I'm having a faible for the genre mix of orchestra and rock. What had APP been in the US at times? Anyone still dig them?
  4. Very nice. Although I'm an IT guy, that would be too many options for me to be dialed in. Actually, does it have a stereo out?
  5. Next generation on track. My son shot an old tube radio for a student level price, replaced the caps after first check and a new old guitar amp was born. The funky little box on top of the radio contains a self made preamp, originally meant to be a microphone amp. The mic is yet to be build. He keeps searching for thin aluminium foil for the ribbon. It allows to crank the tubes. The speaker sounds a little dump. So, he might replace that one as soon as he finds an ellipse shape replacement.
  6. What a wonderful score @boundandcrowned! Thanks for ringing me up the other day.
  7. Looks like, I‘m late to this thread. @Montelovesco, I can‘t believe the EU meeting is that long ago. @tractorj0hn, I know of about three BT Talladegas of which two reside in Germany as mentioned. The “third” I would assume to be in the US. Here is mine:
  8. The swing was with DLR. It‘s a shame they had split up at the time.
  9. Never mind, it should have more ladies playing electric guitar.
  10. Later that evening I changed to Jon Lord”s classical compositions. Windows weren’t on the turntable for decades I think. The other day, I bought Sarabande and Gemini Suite vinyl originals. My new used Sonics Allegra speakers and the refurbished Dual CS626 player create a great listening experience.
  11. Thanks to Russian websites. I have never seen this before.
  12. Friday evening, a Schwarzbeer, Crips and Live at the Rainbow through Qobuz. That's my evening layout today. I know the concert in part since teenage-hood from the Strung up LP. They published the full concert a few years back. In a review somewhere I read it's one of the best rock concerts ever recorded. Whether or not, the concert belongs on the level with Cheap Tricks Live At Budokan IMO. Very organic, full power and honest. The recording on Qobuz has a surprisingly great quality. I've got the impression that the old vinyl seems to have quite a fan base considering prices I saw being called for the better quality examples. They still seem to have quite an active following today. I found Hell Raiser in the official Sweet channel.
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