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  1. Mostly the cable is not the problem. Care for solid connectors! They keep breaking before the cable. For years, I have a Planet Waves with an on/off switch on one side. It appeared to be solid and trustful.
  2. Interestingly, when you listen to the late Beatles and continue with early ELO I+II right after, except for the voice it keeps sounding very similar.
  3. Btw. For Queen fans I can strongly recommend the 180gr. Half speed cut Innuendo. I can't see that it had ever been released on vinyl originally. However, I had never been happy with the sound of the original CD. Then 2LP is just incredible. The title track Innuendo has never been more transparent and lust to hear. For some reason I bought Queen II 180gr, half speed too. Compared it to the original and must say the tapes have lost some brilliance over centuaries. The original sounds better to my ears. This then brought me to the strategy to prefer buying originals of good quality rather remasters. In Germany, we've got a great source for that: https://recordsale.de/de. The other day I have filled up my collection of the tubes i.e. I had seen them once in the early 80s and again in the late 90s. Always loved their music on record.
  4. The other day, I bought two 2017 remixes of resp. St.Pepper and Abbey Road on vinyl. Mixes are in modern full stereo and sound really great. I have Abbey Road in the two channel version in comparison. That’s hard to hear on a stereo nowadays. Same with an old The Who, Tommy I have. Recently, I went hunting some vintage vinyl. It’s great having vinyl spinning again.
  5. Glad you’ve got it back! Fortunately, I have never sold my first electric. It’s not having much use nowadays. However, it is great to still have it at hands if needed.
  6. Wow. It seems it can blend FX and wet signal. That opens another door of sounds. I wish mine had this option. Although, I don’t want to complain. VACs are keeper amps. Mine doesn’t have the latest mod either. However, there is no need to have the mods made. I have an Eminence hemp-cone speaker in the combo. The buyer will get a great.
  7. The seller might have disappeared into summer holidays.
  8. All the best! And best wishes for full recovery. It’ll certainly take time I’d guess.
  9. Just seeing it. I wonder what the sound is about of a bass drum through a cabinet.
  10. The brush creates a thin wet film on the LP. It dries shortly after due to the alcohol. I couldn’t imagine how this could anyhow affect the cartridge. Anyways...
  11. gorch


    Delivery on Sunday. Unthinkable in Germany.
  12. There’s no need to have talent as long as it is fun and you enjoy yourself.
  13. To me it seems that the model is just prior the XT series was launched. Before the logo was limited to simply Hamer. However, I only know about Made in Korea (MIK) for this series. Never heard of a China one. Seems to be a rare bird in this regard. That series is known of being made of alder or any asian equivalent to it. I liked the SD Phat Cat pickups in them the most as opposed to humbuckers. It is worth upgrading pots and parts here and there. I have a MIK in Sunburst fitted with custom made strat style single coils in humbucker format. Love it. The guitar lovely resonates. The lighter wood calls for a bigger headstock than the USA originals to stand the string tension. It is said that the series number doesn't tell anything. However, I believe the leading digit tells about the year of production. Anyone I came across telling about the age, it fitted with the leading digit. So mine is said being from 2001 and it starts with 1 with a 55k number following. Hence, I'd assume yours being from 2003. That would could closely fit with the renaming to XT later on. Hope that helps.
  14. gorch


    It's looking exceptional!
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