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  1. It absolutely is. Just read the news. Sorry about it. RIP
  2. There's nothing but a good rock 'n roll. She Don't Know perfectly fits the bill, sorry, my ear. Thanks for highres work too. The sound is top notch. Very nice blues playing Ernie! ... and singing of course. Mary has a great voice and vibe.
  3. OEM line pickup. They sound better than one might expect. My son has a Monaco XT with stock pickups. The guitar sounds remarkable.
  4. $1800 ranges in the middle nowhere. There‘s almost no chance to buy a USA Standard, but has a big chance to buy 2-3 Import Standards. Btw. the XT line Standards are great builds. I had one in my hands years ago that appeared to be a fine made instrument. Avoid the Made in China versions.
  5. Uber cool! Enjoy the three some.
  6. Either direct into DAW and equalize in there or a little acoustic amp with a line out would do. My son keeps playing the bass this way at home. He‘s a bass player.
  7. I‘d get rid of these blue circles. Other than that it looks fine to me. My 76 cents (continued inflation).
  8. Great report! Thanks a lot. Sometimes I wonder who decides on the opening acts.
  9. Very sad! I had seen them various times in recent years, pandemic excluded. Dan could not make the shows anymore and left the band. They put on great shows after that and will be in the region this month. The last two albums with him get frequent spinning. A great voice has turned silent. R.I.P.
  10. MidiGuitar from JamOrigin should help. Import the midi into your sheet editor. https://www.jamorigin.com/
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