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  1. On this forum I learned about Driveby Truckers.
  2. A few years ago I had split the CD stash into CDs I would hear again and those I would never want to hear again. The latter related CDs went into the drawer under the TV. There is quite a lot of popular stuff in the drawer like Alan Parsons, INXS, Bon Jovi etc. Parts of AC/DC went there too. Most of Bon Scott AC/DC have been left in the want to hear again section. Even many of these haven't been heard since the split-up. Whereas many drop-offs had spin time since my wife likes them. Either way, I'm still looking out for new stuff and keep buying CDs from smaller bands and artists at
  3. GuitarPoint is an exquisit vintage dealer in the region. I’ve been there once to see Bernie Marsden playing at an event. They‘ve got a wall of 5 digit wall hangers from Gibson and others. I‘m talking currency, not series numbers. We met with a few HFC members there, actually. My impression was, that they don‘t need to make great prices as they could wait for the guitars to find their next owner. Anyways, if help would be needed, I would see what I could do.
  4. Using acoustic amps might make sense when having a digital board that creates ready made sounds. I‘d suggest trying a stereo setting as those boards often provide stereo outs. It allows to create room filling echo rooms or choruses. Actually, I have connected my mixer to the home stereo stack. Some of my pedals are actually real amps. DI‘d to the mixer they directly go into the stereo. Sounding really great.
  5. Wow! You‘ve made your job in really short time. Your Hamer collection is great. Good luck with the band.
  6. Wow!!! That‘s really cool. Very nice design and execution. What a fabulous way to cherish Paris.
  7. GuitarPoint is well known over here. You could buy some expensive vintage gear from them. They seem having quite some Millers for sale.
  8. Really nice! I always like to see that guitar. Crazy how many years have passed since shop closure.
  9. Very nice composition and video. Thanks for sharing. Great you play with your son too.
  10. Exactly, you could order several options from Schaller. Once I tried to buy replacements for my MIK Standard and in no shop could find the exact replicas exactly for that little tongue holding the screw in the right angle. Sorry, maybe lash was the right word here. Early Sunday morning and iOS autocorrect didn't work out well I think.
  11. The M6 are said to be the right ones. However there are several versions what the latch angle concerns. I have always had the thoughts that the version Hamer used were difficult to get on regular sales.
  12. I need to check if the book for me opens up on a Standard page though.
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