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  1. I had suggested it sounds more airy.
  2. gorch

    Forty Years of Playing Hamers

    Wow! That's a lot. Congratulations! But, the times take it's toll. Your guitar got holes now.
  3. Free offer has been closed! Now available for 50% discount. Hope someone could snag it.
  4. Just came across a limited special free offer from Sonokinetics https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/instruments/ostinato-woodwinds/?ref=OstiWWReleaseNews Be fast...
  5. Actually, I have never bonded with them for no special reason.
  6. That’s quite a lot of history in one post, actually. Will listen to it later.
  7. gorch

    Now she is hot !

    Let the strings vibrate my dear!
  8. gorch

    Now I know how you guys feel!

    Just learned something here.
  9. gorch

    Speaking of missing members

    This had to come...
  10. gorch

    Hamer Explorer bass, need info. please!

    You have a very generous friend I must say. Very cool!
  11. gorch

    Speaking of missing members

    Great to hear. I remember they wanted to move somewhere. But that’s, ups, years ago.
  12. gorch

    Speaking of missing members

    Actually, I miss Zenmindbeginner posting. Although I know he is brewing something cool in the background. His playing and composing is fabulous. Never mind his videoing skills. Might give him a call. Wanted to do that anyway.
  13. gorch

    Guitar Tone Options

    Usability of switching hardly relates to the pickups. Some simply don’t work for that and make it useless. PhatCats excellently sound in almost all combinations i.e. Same for Tri Sonics.
  14. Great song! Just my style for a 4:50 song. Love it. It sounds really great on a quality stereo.
  15. I‘m running mine with a Weber minimass to pull down some decibels. Would never sell it, because it is so good. It would be interesting to hear one with 2x10’’ speakers as mine is a 1x12’’.