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  1. The swing was with DLR. It‘s a shame they had split up at the time.
  2. Never mind, it should have more ladies playing electric guitar.
  3. Later that evening I changed to Jon Lord”s classical compositions. Windows weren’t on the turntable for decades I think. The other day, I bought Sarabande and Gemini Suite vinyl originals. My new used Sonics Allegra speakers and the refurbished Dual CS626 player create a great listening experience.
  4. Thanks to Russian websites. I have never seen this before.
  5. Friday evening, a Schwarzbeer, Crips and Live at the Rainbow through Qobuz. That's my evening layout today. I know the concert in part since teenage-hood from the Strung up LP. They published the full concert a few years back. In a review somewhere I read it's one of the best rock concerts ever recorded. Whether or not, the concert belongs on the level with Cheap Tricks Live At Budokan IMO. Very organic, full power and honest. The recording on Qobuz has a surprisingly great quality. I've got the impression that the old vinyl seems to have quite a fan base considering prices I saw being called
  6. It sounds really nice. Just two days ago, I had refurbished my 40 years old record player electronically. A Dual CS626. All capacitors have been replaced and the whole player cleaned up. It would still need some tweaking to have the automation back up running. I had bought a DIY repair set the other day. You are pretty busy soldering for a while. Keep on posting.
  7. Snake band names had been inflationary at the time. Quite hard to keep up with them. Bergren’s voice is really great and was a great fit for snake music. I hoped they’d done more together than one album and a tour.
  8. I had seen him on the M3 tour back then. Still have the M3 double live CD somewhere and one originals CD with Bergren they made as a Company Of Snakes or so.
  9. Bernie Marsden is one of my favorite players. I‘m following his solo carrier for years. Last time I saw him at the GuitarPoint annual festivity. A meet and greet with @boundandcrowned and @901gtr.
  10. Yesterday, actually, I had replaced capacitors in my old turntable. 40 years of trustful service. However, it‘s quieter and fuller in tone now. I know high fidelity guys prefer certain types before others.
  11. Happy Birthday Chris! I wish you all what Rick said and thanks for running the HFC (for what your role is). That‘s way cool!
  12. One expect that drivers are literate?
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