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  1. It actually depends on the wood and neck thickness stiffness. I own several guitars with floating trem constructions. Stable constructions perfectly stay in tune where the more flexibles play with you rather than you with them.
  2. I have checked it on Youtube. Actually, it sounds totally different to my plexy pedal that is to be found here. http://www.edscustomshop.com/edsproducts.htm Soundsamples direct: http://www.edscustomshop.com/sounds/PicoPlexiPedalMixdownII.mp3 http://www.edscustomshop.com/sounds/PicoPlexiPedalMixdownI.mp3 I'm not even getting those sounds since I'm running directly into the mixer and miss out on the speaker profile. The sound I'm having is much crispier, not bad at all. Need to record it one day, although, captured here.
  3. Hi Roger, many thanks for heads up! I’ll check Kleinanzeigen. Actually, I bought one from the same platform in summer, stripped naked and ready for new lacquer. Just checked, noticing that the deal made in summer was not bad. Overall better condition of bass and case, except for a lost serial number from lacquer removal. The little amp was not part of the final deal.
  4. .15s? Are you playing bridges? Actually, I’m on Thomastik for years. They are into classic areas a lot. That’s having them sustain in the business for long I hope. I love them Sliders.
  5. "...Thanks for watching". Thanks for playing! ...five minutes fly in three minutes. Great construction and craftsmanship on these guitars. Floating trem with straight string lead +1. Wood and coloring +1. Great sound, obviously! I couldn't see any flaws on the lacquer too. Nothing to criticize really.
  6. There seem to be some "standards" like Wampler or Twimble that I have actually never heard of. For myself, I'm having a 500mW pico plexy pedal that run on tubes even. Then two Brian May Deacy amp pedals. One based on a 60s 1W Mullard solid state amp circuit and another on the original Deacy wiring scheme build from off the shelf parts. The Deacy outputs about 680mW. I DI all to a mixer and play them through a stereo hifi amp.
  7. Searching for the name of a standard solid state amp circuit of the 60s that'd been used in radios i.e., I came across the below website. There are several ways to build amps. However, this guy made it really special. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-cheap-solid-state-amplifier-from-salvaged-par/
  8. I’d start on the back first, then top and pilot last.
  9. Actually, I’m running .09s on the Talladega. Sustainblock too. If that helps.
  10. Actually, was is special with these Jazzmasters? It has a few more switches I recognized.
  11. Yeah, nothing to worry about. 4 treble boosters and a plexi pedal amp over here. I‘m feeling good.
  12. You‘ve got some great stuff there. Enjoy! The Hamer wood board kills.
  13. I would generally support this advise. However, recently I came across on one of these https://www.thimbleslide.com/ and must say it works fantastic.
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