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  1. It would have to have a massive inflation to have Hamers sell in that range IMO.
  2. I’ll ask my son to program these in midi for me. 🤣
  3. Damn, I can't find the CD. Take this in between. A Moody Marsden intermediate cover band that made one album. They had a Swedish singer.
  4. Great selection @gtrdaddy! I love this album for years. Bought it when it came out.
  5. Last year, in summer, I had scored a Blitz bass stripped naked down to the pure mahogany. It wasn't a great deal. But I'm happy and planning for a nice paint job. Will see... On the score side too was an adjustable power supply for the Deacy amp. The sweet spot of the original circuit is at about 7.5V rather than the regular 9V. It takes out a bit of harshness at the lower volts. In the winter break 18/19 I came to work on the organ symphony from fellow @Sentinel, connecting a virtual dutch church organ with his original notes and mixing in Cubase. It ended up with great results. We met in person end of September in Germany where another of his pieces had been publicly performed in a concert row of a regional chamber orchestra/group. I had met a few guys for jamming, including @901gtr. My fail last year had been not booking a guitar class at Schorndorfer Gitarrentage in May and, overall, playing less guitar than the year before. Schorndorf has been fixed for this year already.
  6. I was wondering and looked up his age in Wikipedia. He's a '54, so counting 66 if I'm not to old to compute. Bourbon will lumber the cask before it's matured.
  7. Guys, don’t complain about an old man adding to his pure retirement fund. Honor the heritage on stage. The video is a close up. I’m sure it sounded better from the distance.
  8. It’s all about routine if you’d like to come over it.
  9. Actually, I ran into the CAGED system very early on in my learning path and later on noticed about open string chords. However, I’m not playing in a band and not playing cover, but rather improvise a lot and create my own stuff. Currently, I’m in the process of working myself off of the rhythm playing gap. Focussing on all sorts of progressions, eventually, fluently playing lines in chords.
  10. Rather than keeping it safely in a closet, I would stupidly try to play it.
  11. Emotional toddlers are certainly not the poorest guys the world. Anyways, thanks for the G-F-C trick. Are there any others?
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