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WTB: TLE hardtail

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Most of them I see online have whammy bars. I used to have a hard tail/strings through model but had to sell it several years ago. Just throwing this out there in case anyone has suggestions. Thanks all!



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I have one with a bit of history.

Was formally owned by a member here (@tobereeno) who had it pro refretted/setup/pickups direct mounted by another member here (@Murkat) and then it was sold to Chicago Music Exchange. 

A builder friend of mine (JW Van) bought it from CME and refinished it in a gorgeous Tobacco Burst, in addition to putting the sustain block bridge back to stock after CME had put graph tech saddles on it. 

Frets are still great, it sounds phenomenal and the finish is amazing. Much preferred over the stock “too-much-yellow” Amber finish, but that might just be me. 

I’ll add some pics here later today for everyone’s viewing pleasure, but feel free to reach out in the meantime if interested.


Here’s a link to one of the original threads: 



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