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  1. This one is surprisingly still available! Or, you could buy that 6000 Greco
  2. Heya! Local trades + cash could be an option. (A certain ‘82 yellow flame special??? ) Would love for you to come check out the shop! Hit me up next time you’re in/around Lawrence.
  3. This beauty is still available. No trades at this time unless you’re local! thanks for all the comments and interest.
  4. heya, sorry I missed your question. One was the sustain block TLE that has already sold locally. The other three are 2 Slammer Series Daytonas (black one with an oddball roller nut/recessed bridge and a natural Alder one) and then an MIK Double Cut archtop in Cherry Burst with just Hamer logo and Duncan Designed humbuckers. All the Slammers need a lil' love
  5. That catalog description is amazing in every way PS: pics were taking in the shop of the actual guitar in its present condition
  6. Retailer Affiliation: While a long-time member here, for the last three years I have been the owner/founder of Guitarma, a small brick-and-mortar guitar shop in downtown Lawrence KS. We donate a portion of every sale back to community programs. I was lucky to end up with a few Hamers as part of one of my last buys - one of which is this amazingly rad 1999 USA Hamer Futura Korina. In Very Good condition with a few minor dings, but otherwise, extremely clean. Don’t think it saw much play time. Super light and super comfortable to play, setup nice and all original to the best of our knowledge, aside from the case. It fits it perfectly, but doesn’t say Hamer on it, so I assumed it was non-original. I believe this is from the later/last Japanese market run of the Korina series, but I encourage anyone with more details/knowledge to please correct me. I’m offering it here for the local/in-store price first before it hits Verb later this week. $3699 + $75 shipping https://www.guitarmalfk.com/shop/c/p/1999-USA-Hamer-Korina-Futura---wHSC-x64535573.htm Feel free to reach out with any and all questions. thanks! Casey
  7. Heya! I have one with a bit of history. Was formally owned by a member here (@tobereeno) who had it pro refretted/setup/pickups direct mounted by another member here (@Murkat) and then it was sold to Chicago Music Exchange. A builder friend of mine (JW Van) bought it from CME and refinished it in a gorgeous Tobacco Burst, in addition to putting the sustain block bridge back to stock after CME had put graph tech saddles on it. Frets are still great, it sounds phenomenal and the finish is amazing. Much preferred over the stock “too-much-yellow” Amber finish, but that might just be me. I’ll add some pics here later today for everyone’s viewing pleasure, but feel free to reach out in the meantime if interested. Here’s a link to one of the original threads: thanks! Case
  8. Hey man,

    Im about to list the 1980 special that was Jakeboy's and when I let him know it was gonna go up for sale he mentioned you might be interested.  I figured I'd reach out to you before listing the guitar in case you wanted it.

    Think your inbox may be full because I tried to PM you and it said you couldn't receive messages.

    let me know if you want to discuss.


    1980 SPL.jpg

  9. Case, I am planning on selling my 1980 Checkerboard Special to raise fundage for a Newport. I am asking $1k I think....I am trying to determine what the going rate is....pic in the main forum. You get first crack, my friend.

  10. Shredder search update: - tried the G&L. quite liked it. played it for 30 mins in the shop, was ready to pull the trigger, then they told me it had sold earlier that day ?? oh well. - tried the Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas at GC -- needed a good setup, but I didn't find much I liked about, even with that in mind. Can say I'm not a big fan of unfinished necks. Was sitting in the GC parking lot, feeling kinda bummed, and got a text about a Hamer from my local CL. Guy had an amazingly clean 1990 Hamer Centaura in the granite finish. I bought it on the spot after playing it. This thing smokes. Love the neck. It sounds great -- though I will definitely switch out the single coils. Look for a NGD here soon. thanks for all the help. I dunno, the Hamer feels like home
  11. Slight tweak to my original thread: anyone ever play one of the old G&L Climax Plus guitars? I know it's quite a departure from the Modern, but it looks cool. The one I'm scoping is an Ash body in cherry burst, maple neck/board. Old Gotoh trem. I'd be getting it for about $500 -- I have not had a chance to play it yet, and won't until later this week. Any cautions/kudos? There's very little info on the net about them. Or eBay Thanks
  12. Thanks again, fellas. 24 frets isn't necessarily a deal breaker. I'm goanna check out a used Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas style 1(HH, black, maple board) at my local GC. They have it listed at $749 -- is that a descent price for a used MIJ one w/case? I'll report back any thoughts.
  13. Hadn't considered a Wolfgang. Hmmm. Well, I guess I have a lot to consider - which is a good thing. Nathan, those look pretty cool. I'll check them out.
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