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  1. bford

    Can you describe basis neck shape and size estimate on the Seafoam Special? Also, a weight estimate? Cheers and thanks!

    1. Eli



      It pretty much sold, pending payment.  But, it's bigger than your usual 90's Hamer.  I have one of the really early slim neck Sunbursts form '90 and the seafoam is more like a 2000's Hamer.   C to D shape. It's about 8.5 lbs



    2. bford


      Thanks for getting back to me. If it doesn't sell, let me know. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, this seems to be more direct and simple than the HD500.... the one thing I have always hated about modeling was all the tweaking and twiddling. I ended up buying a Fender Deluxe Reverb Tonemaster.... and I love it.. super easy.. of course all of its modeling power is directed at one amp with reverb and tremolo. They did a great job with that amp. I'm hoping to see other companies go this route... maybe with three amps available...ha.
  3. Nice! I just bought a new to me G&L Asat Classic Bluesboy, USA model. It is a killer guitar. So awesome, and so great for the price I paid.
  4. Ok... so for gain with this amp it is best to throw pedals into the front end... Does the amp have a basic tone character close to anything we would be familiar with? I'm looking for an amp to record direct with... I do love pedals... have you tried throwing anything Vox like in front... or Blackface to see how it reacts? Looks great and really interesting. Love having the Two Notes built in with it.... much more affordable than the Suhr PT15 which has their IR stuff loaded inside.. but costs twice as much. I see they have a new G20 out now... which is a h
  5. I'm not sure...ha... I was a member here long, long, long ago... loved Hamers.. and still do... I was on a different computer at work and logged into the second one... and then couldn't figure out for a while why I couldn't edit that one.... finally noticed it was different. So I'm clueless. I'm guessing the Ford account was the real deal first one.... as it has more posts by far. ... and there you have it.. Ford is from 2006.... BFord (I'm very original) is from 2012.
  6. Only heads available now. Sold the East cab and I'm planning on keeping the Satellite 1x12 for now. Unloaded Satellite 2x10 is still available. Pricing info above.
  7. I'm the original owner of both of these heads. Two great, very original and handwired heads. $925 each shipped and paypalled. Also willing to meet locallyish if you are in or around Texas. East Club 18 is a great EL84 head. VoxyMarshally stuff. Single channel. The head is made of pine and is lightweight. Satellite Niveus is a great sounding and super fun 7 watt head. It can run basically any octal tube. I've mainly used 6v6, 6L6, 5881s and EL34s in it. You can also run any rectifier or solid state rectifier in it... and of course play around with the preamp tube
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