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  1. I have owned this one for a while. It's a delight and plays beautifully. UaD is an excellent seller, of course!
  2. I think this quote applies to all things
  3. How many scepters would you say you have at this point? 🙂 That black and red one in this post is very compelling though...
  4. BUMP, though the repair looks horrible, it plays great. Offers are good!
  5. No affiliation, it's in the great white north! https://reverb.com/item/29104136-hamer-scarab-1984-all-original
  6. That's the best asking price I've seen on one of those. I have a regular BFG from the first run. It's light and toneful, I'd recommend it to anyone. Gary Moore was a god among men.
  7. That PT is amazing! Thanks for the story. Roger Fisher is a seriously underrated guitarist.
  8. Nice Schecter! I've been looking for a Dream Machine with the blade switch as opposed to the 3 minis, which I never seem to get the hang of when playing live. Best of luck!
  9. I'm a fan of Italian wines, but a little whisky is fine too!
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