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  1. You are correct, and that is a developing horror show.
  2. I have a few Wilkys on guitars. On my Mirages, that's generally where they want to intonate.
  3. I believe the term for this is "COCV", is it not?
  4. And another! This is a 2017 model classic that I fixed for them. Stock it had no poker chip, so I added one. (I know this can be a contentious issue, but a LP doesn't seem right with out one for me). Also it had open coil Zebras, so I put covers on them & replaced the 'classic' TRC with a plain one. It came with the B7 and vibramate. It's a good one, they rolled the edges of the fret board and it's got a played in feel already. Fairly cherry overall. Includes OHSC 1800 on the 'verb, 1700 on the HFC.
  5. More guitars to let go. This one is a beaut. Gibson mini humbuckers replaced the stock SD P90s. A couple of dings here and there, nothing major. Some fret wear, but it'll be a long time before a level. 1500 on reverb, 1400 for the HFC. More deets here: Studio Custom
  6. Much appreciated for the assist! My max attachment size here is .98 Mb 😁
  7. More guitars to be let back in the wild. I like this one a ton and have recorded with it, but as governor Lepetomane once said "Affairs of state must take precedence over, uh, affairs of state!" $OLD on the 'verb, for the HFC. Fairly cherry, SD 50th anniversary PAFs, Tone pros bridge and tailpiece, graphtech saddles (not my choice, but they've been fine). It once had Sperzels on it (when I bought it) and I returned it to stock with Hamer M6s. You can barely see the guidepost hole peeking out from behind the Schallers. Mammoth Ivory nut (!). Here's the Reverb page with all the nitty gritty: Monaco Elite TSB
  8. OK, down to $1100 for HFCers! If you've ever wanted a Mirage I, this is your opportunity! Save me the reverb fees! And yourself the sales tax!
  9. It’s not a mirage, this is a BUMP. wait, it is also a mirage.
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