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  1. Vicjoy, I am in Pennsylvania now. Sure I'd love to see a pic of your Daytona. I'm not settled on a color yet because I'm still waiting to see a couple more offers. Seen some lovely ones though and I'm loving what I see so far
  2. Looking for two. One USA Daytona with transparent finish or burst - and also looking for the import version, only in yellow, to tinker with for fun. Probably best to email me direct, because I'm usually not good checking msgs in here
  3. Well, cool. I guess I just keep searching like I always have. Th last US Hamer I bought was on this Forum a couple years ago. I'm sure many of the long-timers know the one. A light metallic green SS1, from a member here. it was up for while and his child had called it mint chocolate chip. I forget the guy's name but he was cool.
  4. Thx Hbom, yep , figured my mentioned price of $150 for each import, would definitely describe a USED price. I wouldn't buy an import new. Oh hell no, that's crazy.But, to find any USA for under $600 is rare. The Junior maybe, but not interested in that.
  5. I have 5 USA's but recently decided to try the import because - well, $150 doesn't break the bank. Also for the fun of working on and experimenting with mods, but reading the above comments of waiting and saving just a couple hundred more for a USA, have me feeling like the fool. I've been online looking for these great deals - where are they?! Where are people finding USA's for $300-500? Because I am seriously looking on all of CL, Reverb, Ebay, FB... and other sites, just googling my nads off. Last USA I found under 550, was 25 years ago for 400. These potential deals that under a month ago right here, some say are out there because of the resale being bad, uh WHAT? All the ones I want are advertised for a thousand +/-. Please, I'd be really happy if someone would point me in the right direction towards these USA Hamers I could afford, thx guys. <smiles and hugs to everyone>
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