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  1. Boomerang~Junkie

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Better man than me. The opposite here with my curmudgeony self and I'm working really hard to ONLY pull the ass-card dead last in situations that warrant it. GLWYR
  2. Boomerang~Junkie

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    Chris, Wow, very nice! I can't tell from the photos - are both headstocks SN / USA stamped? So, what IS the serial number on this "California Demon"?
  3. FFS, I'm pretty sure I can come up with a certified and notorized "DNR" for Hamer as a company and/or as a brand to let it go to rest for good with it's dignity in tact. If that doesn't work, I have wooden stakes and large caliber, silver bullets on hand.
  4. Boomerang~Junkie

    1981 Hamer Special Blue

    You make a sound point. Hell, my own "ceiling" might be a bit optimistic!
  5. Boomerang~Junkie

    1981 Hamer Special Blue

    I think there is a consensus that $2K is a bit "optimistic" here. Anyone have a suggestion for a fair price on this beast? My guess is that the ceiling is around $1400 assuming it has the factory HSC that is nice. Opinions?
  6. Boomerang~Junkie

    1981 Hamer Special Blue

    Hot damn, if that Special just plays HALF as good as it looks, I might try to make a move on it - broke ass or not. Pricey yes, but that Hamer is as cool as it gets. Now I've got to go do some GAS math!
  7. Boomerang~Junkie

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    Here, let me help: "There's one born every minute." (as in suckas)
  8. Boomerang~Junkie

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    Yeah and you'd actually need to if your dumb ass dropped that kind of scratch on a guitfidde - you would be sleeping with it in your car somewhere. The only thing that might save you is if you are waving the winning Powerball ticket in your hand when Fed-Ex tosses that thing up on your porch. She'd also rightfully use the fugliness of that headstock against you in court as exhibit #1 for having horrible judgement. Que P.T. Barnum quote . . . . .
  9. Or infested with the dreaded, "Head up" Ash-bore.
  10. Well shit, we can all rest assured the end is nigh.
  11. I think that Talladega passed through my house before I sold it to Joe. It's everything a Hamer is supposed to be and then some. Well, it is a Talladega. GLWTS
  12. Boomerang~Junkie

    How many core members do we have?

    My guess is the proverbial three-fiddy. My real "guess" is 1263.
  13. Boomerang~Junkie


    So, do you think if we secretly checked Mike's DNA he turn out to be part robot/CNC?!? Good grief that body is friggin' PERFECT.
  14. Boomerang~Junkie

    WTB - Pickup Surround

    Copy that. Let me know if you need to use it or at least a photocopy of it for a mock-up for the wooden version.
  15. I thought the exact same thing - maybe they're from a Parker Fly?