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  1. Prince was a brilliant and remarkably talented musician who worked his ass off and never sat still. According to Prince's first sound studio person, his original vault was already jam packed with recordings when she left in 1987. This newer, larger vault at Paisley Park reportedly holds at least 50 fully produced, yet unreleased, full length music videos and enough original music to make and release another 100 full albums. I'll call this one right here, right now: With his existing hit ratio, once all these songs/videos are released, he will be the Elvis of our generation, only bigger - with way more hits. Just my opinion.
  2. Oh lawdy, please don't let that chubby, shyster troll ruin this for me from the grave.
  3. This one is not mine and is not typically something I would dig, but it's pretty dang cool to me. I've always wondered who had this one, if there was a story of some sort or if the paint folks just went wild that month! Either way, it looks awesome. My apologies for the slight hi-jack.
  4. Beautiful guitar - it actually makes you wince to look at it like that. My heart goes out the the OP.
  5. Is it possible the guitar didn't fit the new case correctly with all the weight of the body on the base of the neck where it separated?
  6. This is a much deserved and incredible journey with equally cool stories . Only the HFC family could pull this together and make it happen - but for SIX YEARS. Wow. With that said, there has to be a guitar magazine somewhere that would want to cover the awesomeness of this guitar's travels as a story. Just my opinion.
  7. Ben, Ben, Ben. Why do you continue to taunt me with new B-Way models?!?
  8. My all time favorite Talladega finish. I DID NOT need to see this thread - ugh.
  9. AND . . . . . . IT'S . . . . . . . . . GONE! Awesome looking Hamer - which one of our lucky HFC brethren snatched it up it?!
  10. The auction shows they are located in a small town west of St. Louis. Give it some time, they could be selling for a relative or something. Don't sweat bid retractions on Evilbay - people cancel large purchases like cars/trucks all the damn time without consequence. FWIW, the the listed seller frequently gets the bone on fees in those cases.
  11. Good looking T-62 and great get - congrats. It should have a matched set of SD's in it - from Hamer. I believe that's an ABM roller bridge - they're nice pieces. That pickguard is unique to a T-62 and its scale is smaller than any typical Strat. Your best bet would be to take to factory one off, hand trace or scan it and then send that image off to get one custom cut the exact same size. Anything else will cause you headaches and burn money. If the EQ is working - I agree - leave it and the wiring alone. Have fun with it, they're certainly awesome guitars.
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