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  1. The autographs of the band members on the back make sense and are OK, still nothing I'd pay a premium for. The front is a straight--up dumpster fire. It would definitely need to go to someone talented to get a "front only" duplicate refin and then declare a ten foot radius around that MF as a Sharpie free zone.
  2. Ugh, what a hot fucking Sharpie mess. A higher end or one off high end guitar signed by a famous guitar player - perhaps. If its the right person that "makes sense" for that guitar AND signed in an inconspicuous place on that back of the head-stock or on a control plate cover - meh, OK. Its going to be pretty hard to get me to pay extra or see extra value for an autograph on a guitar unless its a perfect fit for that guitar. But a guitar autographed by the wrong person/people or signed all over the body by any random group, or ANY fucking "sports" team or athlete is an absolute deal breaker for me. And on a custom graphic?!?! Nope. No. Hell no. Refin it or its firewood. I know, I've become a picky fuck in my old age. Now, get off my lawn.
  3. Damn, that is awesome. That photo needs to be blown up BIG and prominently placed on the wall! As usual, thank you for sharing.
  4. Wheeew! Talk about a dice roll looking at this hot mess of a thread title. I can't tell you how glad I am to have read this thread before Ting got to it!
  5. FFS, did you write a bad check to your barber or something?
  6. Can we talk about the neck profile on the S/S/S? I'm "neck spec sensitive," should be some kind of medical syndrome! I f'ed up my left arm 20 years ago (road racing motorcycles) and the necks I can play are a lot more limited as a result. Any way you can put calipers on this neck and let me know what we're looking at?

    I have a '91 Sunburst, specs are 0.835 at the 1st and 0.856 at the 12th and these are livable (thought not ideal). 

    Thanks! Andrew

    1. Boomerang~Junkie



      Its around .886 with calipers ON TOP of the smaller strings compressed down to the fingerboard.  Its .901 on top of the nut with the bottom caliper  angled back to the narrowest part of the neck opposite the nut.  It is 1.6865 wide at the nut.  This measurement is accurate.

      I have large, ham-fisted hands with several fingers that have been broken on both and prefer larger, more C shaped necks, but this one is comfortable and quite fast (for me).

      FYI - I have someone in the UK seriously interested and we are trying to work out shipping issues and overall costs with CITES etc.

      But, you are first in line here in the US, with one behind you kicking the tires!

      Does the 816 part make you local to the KC Metro area?

      Stay safe,


    2. Drew816



      Too big for me, kind of what I feared. It's a reasonable size, but my little dinged up hands it won't work. Hamer's smaller necks are great for me, but hard to track down.

      Thanks for the effort and good luck with the sale over to the UK.

      816 was my father's jet in Vietnam's tail number; kind of a lucky family number so to speak.


  7. Ha! I had nearly an identical experience during the holidays last year with a local GC while trying to by a pair of used M-Audio BX8 D-2's. Both pairs were rated "Excellent" by their highly trained, 16 year old gumsmacker rating squad. Both pairs of speakers came from different out of state stores and were rated by those stores as "Excellent". Both pairs were shipped directly to my home. Both pairs were unbelievably thrashed and beat to shit. One speaker cone had separated from the foam edge about a third of the way around the speaker one pair had the veneer melted on one side on both speakers with a hole in one cone. How do you miss that sort of stuff, GFG?!? These were less than two weeks apart. Same deal during both returns: local GC employees shocked and horrified at the terrible rating assessment from their out of state GC brethren. Then the exact same shocked and horrified, slapdicks promptly relisted BOTH pairs in the same store as "excellent" - so they just screwed someone else (X2)! Un-F*cking-Believable. NOTE ! ! ! : Keep screen shots of every item listing you purchase showing THEIR slapdick rating BEFORE you purchase it. GC nukes that auction page once you actually buy it and they claim to not be able to see how it was rated once you've bought it. No joke. I kept screen shots of EVERYTHING including them being relisted by our local store as "Excellent". I also kept good photos of the damage on both pairs. GREAT ENDING: GC customer service was excellent on their end. I sent them photos and screen shots of everything and explained the timeline. A supervisor in their CS immediately jumped in and sent me a brand new pair of M-Audio BX8 D3's for the same price and paid the shipping. I was polite but firm and kept documentation on everything. Polara is a jam-up guy. I'm glad this Monaco found an awesome HFC home for a decent price.
  8. Holy cow - you land some of THE coolest guitars. Very nice!
  9. ^ ^ THIS ^ ^ for the win. You do not need this article to bolster your resume - its already excellent. I've read several of your pieces - you have natural talent and you work hard as well. Your version would just make this poor bastard cry anyway.
  10. This thread made me laugh out loud. You guys are f*cking hilarious! Oh my, I can see The Gear Page main server starting to glow red from here.
  11. OK - that's interesting - I guess that could be possible. I've just never seen another Blitz with different factory knobs other than the smaller black ones.
  12. Its a a great looking Blitz, I have two 3x3 headstocks as well - one of each bridge design. My SB Blitz is the keeper - all day. FYI - those are the wrong control knobs for a Blitz (those are Gibson speed knobs) and the correct black, factory Hamer knobs are hard as all hell to find. Unless he has the original knobs, I'd consider using that as a bargaining tool on price/shipping. Just my two cents worth. Good luck on it either way
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