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  1. Holy shit - is ^ ^ this guy ^ ^ Mike's secret brother. WOW.
  2. Just spit-balling here . . . . Having owned a number of incredible US crafted Hamers and being fully aware of what Hamer WAS makes it really difficult for me just to muster the interest to read this entire dang thread (no offense meant to the posters). So now that I have read it and still feel, "Meh" about this whole development - its a pretty strong indicator I ain't spending a dime on any of their "new" Hamers - if it ever even gets that far. I'm out.
  3. Great guitar - great get, congratulations! I have its maple necked twin. Word of warning. . . . . you'll love it. And then suddenly you realize all of your favorite Strats have real competition. Great case too, almost looks "ghost checkered" just like mine does? A full review is customary you know. 😏
  4. Awesome band and great post GD - damn, you went straight up Kevin Bacon there! It also amazes me that a cool music video from 1967 has so many visual elements that have been repeated in some fashion in modern music videos - to directly ripped off. Thank you for all you gifts to making kick-ass music. RIP Mr. Davis
  5. Hmmm . . . could it be that they've figured out that your guitfiddle collection is large enough you now need some warehouse space? Cause they might just know a guy.
  6. As crazy as this apparently was - I feel pretty fortunate to own my El Grace. As it was relayed to me, their luthiers and building team were extremely talented and really loved building CF guitars. So far so good right? This Premier Guitar article will be a far better read than I could do and get the rest of that part of their story right. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Viktorian_Grace_Status_Electric_Guitar_Review The cliff notes version of their demise: They were backed by folks with deep pockets - so this investment in a small guitar company would not break them if it failed. After a few years, these core investors got irrationally impatient about their slow growth (my impression from the hearing the story from him) and that they were not producing guitars at a level/volume they expected. After a brief period of dialogue where they attempted to reason with them about their operations process, with little warning the investors pulled their funding back and left them with no operating capital (sound familiar??). Apparently one of these investors was frustrated enough he actually took all their molds for the CF bodies used in the manufacturing process from their shop to keep anymore Viktorians from ever being made. So yeah - no surprise to anyone here - the incessant tension between the bean counters or money folks of the "bidness world" who don't know shit about building guitars and the actual luthier/builders fuck up ANOTHER cool thing for the rest of us. There needs to be a week long orientation process for investor/bean counter types with builders and luthiers so they understand expectations before they throw in. Insert next great guitar company victim name here: _________________________________ . Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  7. A used carbon fiber Viktorian Ruth for sale on Reverb . No affiliation. Full dislosure, I do still own a Viktorian El Grace - its an exceptionally well made/playing guitar. So I am a bit biased in that regard. Yes these are rare - there were probably less than 75 Viktorians - in total - made before they closed up shop. I spoke with one of their long-term employees and heard the story of their promising little guitar company's start (which was pretty neat) and cause of their demise (which sucked). So Yeah, the total build numbers might even be less - I can't recall the exact numbers. That total number did include about 15 prototypes of different models in various stage of playabillity. The very early QC on some of the first prototypes was not where they wanted it to be - where the body halves were not totally bonded to spec. I say this because their scarcity vs. the demand for these guitars has caused a handful of their prototypes to apparently make it out into the wild and a couple of them are lackluster by their normal high standards. Once they got their poop in a group, they were making very well crafted guitars (at least mine is). That probably puts the total amount of Ruth's in existence to be around 15. And its ON SALE. https://reverb.com/item/34377021-used-viktorian-ruth
  8. Black Firebird - stadium logo with boomers. Just about perfect. Thankfully its in Germany and hella expensive. But HOT DAMN that's one fine looking Hamer.
  9. Ditto - made contact with him as well. He and his crew are in good shape just juggling a bunch of hand grenades and a few new chainsaws in the mix. Other than that - no problems right?
  10. Truly a badass build, but "NO" to the pickguard. Leave. It. Nicked.
  11. I also spoke with him a couple of weeks ago. He did make the move to Florida and was swamped with work and the dreggs of unpacking a housefull of stuff. He said he was in good health and was in great spirits.
  12. Incredible stuff in your posts - wow. That wood seems like nasty stuff to work with. Side question: So, can you even touch the raw wood surface with your bare hands (not sanding it and no sawdust) without it causing you problems - or is it just a reaction to the oils/sap in it etc?
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