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  1. I've owned four or five Daytona's - I can't remember anymore. I'm now down to two that I was going to keep. They've all played exceptionally well and have excellent (Hamer) tone. So when choosing a Daytona it really just comes down to the finish and fretboard - you don't have to play 10-15 to find "the one". This one is not Ash, but the trans-blue is a remarkable finish they made for a year or two - factory stock. Its been repeated ad-nauseam here and on other platforms - but its true. Daytona's really do play noticeably better than the vast majority of your non CS Strats - Hamer made them THAT good. The new owner will love this guitar.
  2. Yep, I refer to that as "broke guy dibs". Certainly not just a tire kicking sixteen year old wasting your time or B.S.ing, but still toy broke and pondering the pro's and con's of selling off a kidney. Somewhere approaching that scenario. But dayuum! Thankfully the dibs line for this BAMF already sounds pretty deep - so my kidney is safe (for now).
  3. LOVE IT! Great call on keeping the slightly worn PU covers - quite stealthy you are.
  4. Hell YES, some great mojo from that! The "awesome factor" of this guitar just jumped up a few more notches knowing it survived a brick throwing bunny-cooker.
  5. YUP . . . . like NO other guitar forum. PERIOD.
  6. That's being sold by Al who was an authorized Hamer dealer and is an HFC member. He was a good guy to deal with - all of my transactions with him were very fairly priced and smooth.
  7. The autographs of the band members on the back make sense and are OK, still nothing I'd pay a premium for. The front is a straight--up dumpster fire. It would definitely need to go to someone talented to get a "front only" duplicate refin and then declare a ten foot radius around that MF as a Sharpie free zone.
  8. Ugh, what a hot fucking Sharpie mess. A higher end or one off high end guitar signed by a famous guitar player - perhaps. If its the right person that "makes sense" for that guitar AND signed in an inconspicuous place on that back of the head-stock or on a control plate cover - meh, OK. Its going to be pretty hard to get me to pay extra or see extra value for an autograph on a guitar unless its a perfect fit for that guitar. But a guitar autographed by the wrong person/people or signed all over the body by any random group, or ANY fucking "sports" team or athlete is an absolute deal breaker for me. And on a custom graphic?!?! Nope. No. Hell no. Refin it or its firewood. I know, I've become a picky fuck in my old age. Now, get off my lawn.
  9. Damn, that is awesome. That photo needs to be blown up BIG and prominently placed on the wall! As usual, thank you for sharing.
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