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  1. GFG is Peter having some secret clearance sale out the back door of his "Great Stuff" stash or something?!?! Where in THE fresh hell are all these insanely nice Hamer's coming from??? Trying to thin the herd here people! Please make the craziness stop - ugh. That is one extremely nice Hamer. GLWTS.
  2. Rest in peace Caddie. My condolences and prayers for peace and grace for SueN and his loved ones.
  3. I'm selling this very nice early 1970's Gibson Les Paul case with the purple interior. The case cosmetically and structurally is in overall great condition for its age. Latches and hinges are all in great shape as well and work as they should. I think the photos will do the talking on overall condition. I don't remember the history on this one. No odors or smells. Comes from a cat free and smoke free home. On Reverb and Evilbay these seem to be fetching around $100 to $250 for rough to average condition and $300 to $399 for this condition with mint through the roof. The last case I shipped was just over $38 via UPS and it was EMPTY - ugh. No surprise - this one will also be empty and will be $285 with insured shipping to your door in the CONUS. Not interested in trades on this one.
  4. I've shipped a number of guitars over the years, I don't think I've ever shipped one internationally? Certainly not post CITES. I'm guessing the fretboard on the Talladega's is going to be a CITES restricted wood? Anyone who's messed with this please jump in here.
  5. Not that I'm a perfect money manager - I'm clearly not. Hell, I'm on this damn forum buyin' and sellin' expensive adult toys right?? Want VS. need. But - good for you for having the fortitude and discipline to live WITHIN your means. Its a given that for the last 20+ years or so, well over half of the US population spends noticeably more than they bring in EVERY FRIGGIN' YEAR. As a result almost 2/3 of the US population has less than $2000 savings and can't handle the financial blow of some type of moderate emergency - car, house, etc.. It doesn't really matter what you call it - but its rare enough it could qualify as a superpower. Good for you for making it work while properly providing for your family. That's what real MEN (parents) do for their families. Soapbox - OFF. ETA: Nice guitfiddles.
  6. Sorry - I forgot about this. It looks like its 855927 - its hard to read through the paint on this one. I have a COA for this - I'd have to double check the SN there.
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