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  1. This is actually a very fair price for a factory Hamer Sustain Block bridge - since NOS ones are now unicorn status. Having been one who had to find a new Hamer SS bridge a few years ago for my Shishkov Ultimate build - it was not easy or cheap. A year after these are all gone, there WILL be the, "I'm kicking myself now for not buying one of those . . . . " posts.
  2. I've just sold a Copeland TC300 to a forum member. I'm now trying to see if anyone here has a copy of the wiring diagram that Hamer had made some years back for the new owner as the one I had is now MIA. I think I have a rather blurry copy in a PDF somewhere, but I cant find it. Thank you in advance.
  3. You could be right about their neck pockets not being a dead on. I've never taken the neck off an EBMM so I don't know about that part. All I know as the handful I've looked at about five years ago looked pretty tight to the "nicked" eye. Being "toy broke" keeps you from shopping or even looking at the new stuff!
  4. EBMM uses CNC or computer driven mills on almost everything they make and have for years. Their QC and spec tolerances are reportedly very high. I don't know about current-day production but all the bolt-on neck pockets I I've seen from their guitars from 5 years or so ago were perfect fits. There are a handful of videos on YouTube that show factory tours in their manufacturing process. It's quite fascinating to see how far they've come in mass production. I'm sure other manufacturers who factory line-produce use the same equipment.
  5. Perfect. Funny as hell right there! I almost spit out my drink.
  6. Hot damn, that IS a TON of guitar for that price. Even the case looks nice. That would be a perfect hair band cover rig. I can't believe that hasn't been snatched up already.
  7. I can't keep these guesstimated build numbers straight either and I had few conversations with Kim about that exact topic - before I bought my Tally Pro and Improv. Hell, I've never really been able to get to an accurate guess of regular Talladegas in my head. The whole special run of Earthen Maples is always left out in my rough counting and that messes it up! I think that's caused by some sort of psychological "envy" block or something! I do think you are right with about 25 max on Improvs. I do recall Kim saying there were noticeably fewer Tally Pro's that regular Talladega's.
  8. Since I can't see the photos you are referencing, I'll guess it was a stock T-62 with the three or four small holes in the back, metal cover plate. Those access a three band active Copeland TC-300 that runs off an on-board 9V battery. Its the same EQ setup as a Vintage S - or at least it should be. You adjust it with a small screwdriver to your liking and its done. The toggle switch for the EQ is on the front somewhere and activates the one setting you have on that three band EQ. I know the EQ thing worked pretty cool when they did. They haven't made the Copeland EQ for a long time and are hard as h*ll to find as a stand alone part - so when they crap out folks would hard wire them in a typical configuration. FYI - I just might "know a guy" who has an extra one. That's as much as I know.
  9. FFS ~ kill me now to stop my ears from being assaulted by this damn geezer caterwauling. There is NO Autotune currently known to man that can pull that noise back to being on-key, hell even a key. Seriously - Is there no young, studly cover band lead singer type dude out there - like an Arnel Pineda to pull either of these bands out of their respective holes, I mean craters. Draft one of the guys from Steel Panther or something. I'll bet KISS kills off this HF mess before his scheduled implosion. These two burn outs are the absolute antithesis of aging gracefully.
  10. Oh my, this is awful. I had no idea he was ill. I saw Rush twice and they were awesome and made a huge sound for just three guys. RIP Neil Peart.
  11. Great write-up and equally cool guitar. Although modded, they appear to be well done and not hacked. Great get.
  12. BOS, I'm pretty sure all the headstocks are veneered - Pros as well. I'm beginning to wonder if what I've been told about Tally-Pro's is true? I've been told there were noticably fewer Talladega Pros made than there were Improvs - less than 20 total. I wonder if Mike or one of the former Hamer factory team might be able to shed some light on this question?
  13. OK, Note to self: DO NOT search to buy any Telecasters from the San Jose, California GC over the next six months or so. Particularly the one with toe-jam on the lower bout.
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