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  1. Just saw this ‘’Firebird Prototype” show up on on eBay - is this the real deal? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Firebird-Prototype-guitar-Celebrity-owned-and-played-by-Robinn-Crosby-ratt/264390869403?hash=item3d8eec819b:g:QGQAAOSwKLVdIh1n L
  2. yes dragan .... not dragon .... damn you autocorrect!
  3. Here's dragon assuming control of the WBSP#5 ..... great to meet you dragan!
  4. I can meet up with Bubs half way if he's interested....
  5. ok, i'll share - please try again!
  6. Here is just a brief moment of McChris with WBPS#5 http://youtu.be/nMNhCi1Y8cA
  7. Well ... I think I may have captured some video of mcchris on the WBPS#5 .... Let me take a look!
  8. When I say "Paul showed me a new guitar" I mean he handed it me and I held it and played it! It really is amazing! L
  9. This story does get better and better! There is one more thing ... (I work at Apple - Steve Jobs always used to say there is "one more thing...." at the end of a keynote presentation to unveil some really big news...) Today Paul showed me a new guitar he has been working on - and I was blown away! It has the essential elements that have made the best electric guitars great - and at the same time - it has a new radical design. It is beautiful - and something very special. Visually stunning! I can guarantee you have never seen anything like it! I want one! Wow! L
  10. WBPS#5 made a "Special" stop today .... to Paul Hamer's House!
  11. Here are some pics from Friday Night's Raised On Radio show in Itasca, IL. ... and the handoff!
  12. I'll have some pictures of Raised On Radio soon! ......busy weekend!
  13. I'll be there - looking forward to it!
  14. It was fuggin' hot! I promise to follow the NSOS rule from now on - just having an Angus Young moment i guess .... Seriously - that was a lot of fun! Thanks MCChris!
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