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  1. Stella


  2. Making this thought music-related: http://youtu.be/UhVCEvgkkFs
  3. My Newport Pro is way more guitar than I can handle right now, or seriously, ever expect to handle. But it is something towards which to strive. And it's purdy.
  4. The first note sounds serious enough -- I have wondered about that too. Gotta run now, off to my manicure.
  5. I hear rumor of a Tampa Jam coming up. You in? Thorn, I'm there. But, I tell you, I am a BE-ginner. Like started on Jan 1st this year, don't have much time to practice, not naturally gifted BE-ginner, so I may be doing more listening/appreciating than playing. But, yeah, wouldn't miss it - let me know when and what I can do. Fixed.ETA: most play acoustics. Si, si. That does seem to be the case. But, still, even in the acoustic world, what's your guess on the male/female player ratio? -- Do you think it's anywhere near 50/50? Then add in the rock guitars... Music via guitar just doesn't seem like something that is inherently male to me. Why do you all think it's so skewed? Wild conjectures welcome.
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