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  1. Making this thought music-related: http://youtu.be/UhVCEvgkkFs
  2. My Newport Pro is way more guitar than I can handle right now, or seriously, ever expect to handle. But it is something towards which to strive. And it's purdy.
  3. The first note sounds serious enough -- I have wondered about that too. Gotta run now, off to my manicure.
  4. I hear rumor of a Tampa Jam coming up. You in? Thorn, I'm there. But, I tell you, I am a BE-ginner. Like started on Jan 1st this year, don't have much time to practice, not naturally gifted BE-ginner, so I may be doing more listening/appreciating than playing. But, yeah, wouldn't miss it - let me know when and what I can do. Fixed.ETA: most play acoustics. Si, si. That does seem to be the case. But, still, even in the acoustic world, what's your guess on the male/female player ratio? -- Do you think it's anywhere near 50/50? Then add in the rock guitars... Music via guitar just doesn't
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