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  1. And they have the original Edge, which was the best double locking trem I've ever used.
  2. Nice. I love when companies do that bold color on the front and the back is natural. Really makes the color pop out.
  3. Almost sounds like you're saying the lighter gauge strings killed him. 🤣 Phil Collen uses 13s as well. Yngwie uses 8s and like 1.5mm picks. I think KK Downing used a hybrid set with 8 on the top in the early 80s. To me, it's just a try a few gauges and see what works kind of thing.
  4. That I don't know, but here's the measurement of my Chap:
  5. I bought a couple of things from Chris Alsop and also thought they were reasonably priced (and shipping to the states wasn't bad either a few years back).
  6. I can measure the nut width when I'm home, but mine is actually 24.5" scale. Our own @Victor (Fret Friend) set up one in his shop and on his channel and showed that one to also be 24.5". Just FYI.
  7. Nice. Completely correct call with the all black color scheme. Congratulations on the purchase!
  8. I’d be down for that. When? Where?
  9. This was a few years back, but I just wrote Dunlop and I think they just sent them to me.
  10. I say change it out. You can always restore it if you need/want to. It's just a bit of solder and time.
  11. I'm wondering if Lauryn Hill does or will have something to promote soon? They should've broken out by genre.
  12. Just so I'm understanding how Dave does these (not being the super amp aficionado that many here are), the boost adds different levels of clean boost in front, where his Structure switch actually modifies the amp's gain control, correct?
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