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  1. It sounds terrible, needs to be Birdseye Maple. 🤣
  2. Audient evo 4 Very small interface. 2 mic/line inputs, TRS outs, guitar in, headphone out. One knob, phantom power, and auto gain feature. Will take Paypal (you pay fees), Paypal FF, AppleCash. Ships in original box. Pics this evening.
  3. Arturia AudioFuse rev. 2 Dual mic inputs on the front, 2 line in on the back, phono in, ADAT in/out, MIDI, inserts for the first two inputs and 3 port USB A hub on the back. Metal lid that can be used as a stand. Very small, easy to carry around. Ships in original box with all items intact. Accept Paypal (you pay fees), Paypal FF, AppleCash. Pics posted this evening.
  4. Older Firewire interface 2 rack units high. Best use these days would be with the ADAT output to use the 8 channels of I/O into a newer interface (like one of the others I'm selling). One optical cable included for connection. But, it does have Firewire, so you'd need a Firewire card for Windows or an older Mac with Firewire or with a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter not running beyond macOS 10.13. Ships in original box. Will take Paypal (you pay fees), Paypal FF, and AppleCash. Pics to get posted this evening.
  5. Arturia Audiofuse Studio $650 Great interface. 4 mic/line inputs on the front, 4 line inputs on the rear, inserts for the first 4 channels, dual TRS monitor outs, reamping outs, dual headphone outs. If you don't like menus to set things, this is great, buttons for +48v, pad, phase reverse and solo. Bluetooth to pipe in stuff from your phone, ADAT in/out and a USB A 3 port hub if you have licensing dongles or USB midi keyboards. Excellent condition, original box. Paypal +fees or Paypal FF, Apple Cash accepted. Actual shipping will be charged. Pics to follow this evening.
  6. I could see that being difficult. Living Colour has a lot more going on with each instrument per song. Vince looks like he should be in a southern rock cover band.
  7. Cool and thanks for not saying "in process". 🤣
  8. I've only seen KIX once and that was opening for someone I can't remember at the Baltimore Civic Center. The show was great. They must've overstayed their welcome because the sound went off and the house lights came up. I also think they should've been bigger than they were. Maybe too many fuse/dynamite/blow up songs? Great tones on all their albums though.
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