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  1. What about one of those drum accompaniment pedals like this: https://digitech.com/en-US/products/sdrum
  2. That new Tech21 RK5 has a comp on it, but it's a simple on or off, though I suspect it's good since it's from them.
  3. Two of us have used the Xvives in a band rehearsal room with a router for the XR18 mixer and no issues. I did however, turn down the power of the 2.4GHz band just because most devices today will use 5GHz (except maybe some of the wireless printers). Unless you have something that you know can't use 5GHz or have a router without 5GHz, you can turn off 2.4GHz.
  4. That's fabulous! Please post links to video if you can. Congratulations!
  5. So true. Many bands like that with nuances that make the songs special, not just a simple riff or something going on.
  6. You should use this for your avatar there:
  7. Is this simply for being around the house playing? If so and you don't want the bigger unit with pack to attach to a strap, I'd say go for an Xvive or a Carvin unit. They both seem to work as reasonably well as I would expect them to. They're each in the $150 range. Sweetwater has the Xvive and I'm sure if they had too many returns or complaints about them, they'd stop carrying them.
  8. Guess shipping maple is cheaper than paying labor. Definitely a choice.
  9. Its only a problem if it interferes with normal functioning. Looks cool. Korean made?
  10. Cool. Or if you do talk with someone, they are unaware of the brand and keep calling it Hammer.
  11. Looks cool and I bet looks great under stage lighting.
  12. Your guitar playing sounds good. The other guys though........
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