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  1. I like Leon's videos. Has a bunch of cool gear, too. Hamers, he has a Chap and a Standard and that Artist that I've seen. He may have another one or two. He definitely loves the brand.
  2. Yeah, if there's something I'm interested in, and they have a Make Offer button, I'll generally offer 10% or maybe 15% lower, as that's what I see as reasonable. I know everyone else has different parameters, but that's how I go. I hate wasting my time or someone else's on haggling and griping about things. If they don't want what I've offered, that's fine by me, I get it. Too many folks who want something for nothing.
  3. I'd think they'd all be going up. If others are so inclined, the Gotoh locking trem can usually be had new for around $100 ish.
  4. I haven't seen the lockmeister in person. Is there a difference between that and a Floyd?
  5. Isn't that how they all started out? 😀
  6. Great work as always, zen! Cort makes a lot of the overseas produced stuff for many manufacturers, including PRS. Seems like a good guitar for the cash.
  7. If it weren't sold, I'd ask you to describe its acoustic voice.
  8. Well, he can easily put a Kahler on it though. 🤣
  9. Welcome, and sorry for your loss. I too am certain you'll get pointed in the right direction here. Great looking guitar.
  10. Isn't that always the way. Just watched the Sweetwater interview with Al Di Meola and he was saying he pulled his old Marshall and liked the sound better than everything he's been using for the past 30 years.
  11. Won't go wrong with an Artist. I have a humbucker Korina Artist and it's awesome. Light, built well, sounds great plugged in or not.
  12. Damn, look how thick that maple top is - good times!
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