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  1. Yeah, he seems to have a lot of crazy stuff - models and colors you can't always find anywhere else in stock. He usually ships pretty quickly too.
  2. That was assuming you'd hold off until the house was done. My mistake.
  3. Yeah, but later, it'll make a guitar look cheap.
  4. I just noticed that it has two different knobs and switch covers. Something new to see every time you look, I guess.
  5. Is it just me, or or does the Kahler appear crooked? The low E side post is into the pickup ring, while the high E side post is just at the bottom of it. Jeez, if I can do better, that's a sad statement.
  6. Always a tough question. Typically it's the newest member, which is this PRS S2 Vela semi-hollow: But I also dig my Wayne Rock Legend, Alder w/Birdseye Maple neck, JB w/coil split and only some oil on the body. 12-20" radius if you dig low action. Hands down the best set up guitar I've ever gotten. And yeah, just broke a string on it today. For Hamers, of course, my Artist Korina in my avatar.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. After my EMG test, I’ll try out some 300k pots. ETA: My 2013 Les Paul has 300k pots now that you mention that.
  8. Thanks for the info. I do have just that bunch of EMGs laying around. I may try that out just you know, since I'm at home and all..... When I first got this Centaura it did have the JB with 2 SSL1 pickup configuration, but the bridge was really shrill for me and the neck didn't balance properly. The Strat tones in 2 and 4 were nice, though.
  9. Thanks, Victor. Appreciate the input, I hadn't thought about an in between value. Above, do you mean linear taper on both vs. audio taper?
  10. Worldwide HFC meet would be pretty epic. Can we get travel packages for $350?
  11. No feelings hurt, just relating my own experience with one for 30 years, played really hard for 10 of those, played for the next 10 not so hard, then back burnered for new stuff, then traded in.
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