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  1. Every time I see that Spinal Tap picture, that whole dialog runs through my brain and I laugh out loud!
  2. I was waiting to see if an exact duplicate thread popped up....just in case. 😆 I've got some project items too. Who doesn't? I generally don't have duplicates, but similar of some items.
  3. Yeah, the application takes a break and gives you a chance to do so at the same time. No need for a smart watch to tell you to do that!
  4. Just because you can use the tools doesn't mean you have good taste.
  5. Yeah, I thought repairs/mods made things "player grade"?
  6. Man, I could never get a Fender 6 screw trem to behave properly for me, which is what originally sent me to the Kahler and Edge. Can't disagree with that. It'd be like seeing the EVH Frankenstein with a Bigsby or a Gibson sideways trem.
  7. I think Kahlers are maligned unnecessarily. It's like anything else, it just needs to be set up properly. I've played both and each has it's own idiosyncracies. I used two guitars from the late 80s for like 10 years - a Peavey T-60 with a Kahler installed and an Ibanez RG550 with the Edge trem. Both stayed in tune perfectly. Both played well and had plenty of sustain and good tone.
  8. That's all it is now is marketing. Personally, I shy away from signature models, because they're usually not far away from a standard model. And the people whose songs I like played mostly stock guitars. Also, the marketing is basically "you can be just like ________ if you buy their guitar/amp/pedal/etc." We all know that ain't happening. 😀
  9. Oh, wow, I never saw that. Still, seems like he could have just had a couple guitars built for a lot less money and hassle. 😀
  10. It's never about the money (cue Indonesian made $600 models) I thought the same thing when I saw this. I don't know. To me, it kind of rolls with the rumors that Slash was going to buy BC Rich or Bonamassa buying Gibson, etc. I think a lot of that starts when someone says a prominent user of the brand should buy the company.
  11. Hey, if he's not playing the theme to The Equalizer, I'm not interested.
  12. And he has the reverse headstock for you!
  13. It's so quick and was at a time when it was just played and no one was stopping it at each frame? Guessing they didn't even notice it.
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