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  1. I have both and they're great for different things. I have a Wayne alder with a maple neck one pickup and a decked Floyd with D Tuna. It's great for those things. I have a couple of others where it floats and it's not hard to get used to. I also have a Carvin bolt with a Wilkinson non locking trem that's floats. I like those options. It's just another peculiarity of a guitar to deal with, like pickups, volume and switch placement. That's how I look at it.
  2. Stike, I guess I understand that, but it still makes me sad.
  3. Yeah, there's lots of throwaway stuff going on these days, I can't imagine people in 30 years listening to this stuff with fondness.
  4. Welcome! Artist is a great intro to Hamer. Plenty of other choices when you want to get more.
  5. On call? I have someone who lives onsite. You know, in case I buy an amp from Thundersteel. šŸ˜€
  6. Hey, we all have chores we don't like to do! šŸ˜€
  7. Man, it's on tour! Were there shirts available? šŸ˜
  8. Man, he looks like it's no effort. I've seen some vids about Vola recently, they look like they're pretty good. (BTW, the player endorses the brand, not the other way around.)
  9. I'd love it, but we got slapped with a whopper of a tax bill this year.
  10. I have one special with P90s and it's awesome. They are simple and very versatile. Super cool. I'd love one with buckers as well.
  11. Are those both custom builds or is the one on the right a modded Cali? Hard to keep up with your modding madness sometimes. šŸ˜€
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