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  1. When I started playing, after I first changed pickups, I'd ask friends to look into their guitars to see how they were wired. I saw almost nothing but tan ceramic caps in there and a few that were green (mylar?). Never saw this fancy stuff, but none of us had fancy guitars at that point. Fortunately, no audience members at gigs came up angry that the tone would be better if only we'd used more expensive caps.
  2. If only they focused on QC consistency.
  3. And, if you can do all those ventures, then you have plenty of money. Is he afraid his kids will have to do something in the however many decades they have left? Don't any of these folks ever say, "No, this feels like fleecing our fans" ?
  4. I like that these basically keep the look too.
  5. These do sound really good and have some good features. I have one myself. GLWTS!
  6. The only one I'm aware of that really made out in this was digital artist beeple, who sold something for like $68 million. https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/11/22325054/beeple-christies-nft-sale-cost-everydays-69-million
  7. The irony is that fungible sounds like it would be a Vai track.
  8. Steve Vai did an NFT and apparently no one bought it: I think Rick's about a year too late with this.
  9. Also, Dimarzio (and I'm sure others) make P90 sized humbuckers with two rows of poles.
  10. I always liked the look of the gold tailpiece, gives it a fancier vibe, where the P90s and dots are all business.
  11. No worries. Any of the above suggestions should work well.
  12. If you're looking for a Gibson scale, a Special, Sunburst, Monaco Elite or Studio would fit, but the Monaco Pro would have the longer scale. If you want some f-holed goodness, the Newport and Artist rock.
  13. Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, I don't think you can go wrong. PreSonus should be pretty good too. Korg has the MW series as well, Greg Mackie co-designed it. If you want to go digital with iPad control, Soundcraft and Allen & Heath have some good models there too. If you're interested, I have a Mackie DL1608 that's not being used. PM me if so.
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