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  1. No Meshuggah? 😆 Cool Variety of the Classics. Do you have to sing Carry on Wayward Son?
  2. Did they all have the veneer even if they were getting painted black or other solid colors?
  3. Yeah, they pretty much all have a "play along" or "learn" feature to plug something into the brain these days.
  4. Eric Johnson played one of each and could hear a slight difference with the preference given to the checkerboard with one Fender saddle on the B string. 😆
  5. Since all you guys are only keeping one, that'd drive prices down, so I'd have to pick up some of them. 😆 But, it'd probably be the 2001 Artist Korina.
  6. Eh, I'm not a fan of Rogan. I liked Shatner's interview show better than Rogan's.
  7. What I heard, it was just Howard mentioning it and him saying Yeah, it's called Mammoth WVH, so I guess that's the full name of the project though no one will probably call it by that full name.
  8. Well, it is the first release. Eventually there will be 10 pickups!
  9. I'm mostly on Helix or GT-1000 at this point, but one that was awesome, though harder to find now is the MXR distortion II. Same size as the flanger and you had to plug it in, but it was a great tone, beefy even with the low control turned all the way down. Made my crappy first amp sound like it was much bigger. The other one I loved was the DOD FX55, not the B or C, but the original with just Volume and Distortion knobs. Sounded cool. And anything Boss will serve you well.
  10. Nice! A resounding "Keep It" from me (or dibs if you do change your mind ).
  11. Yeah, he can play a lot more than shred. I went to a local clinic he gave, he was fun, a little too "on" sometimes, but nice dude.
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