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  1. Hey, it might be Tom Selleck selling you a reverse mortgage "because he trusts them". šŸ¤£
  2. I've only used wider, padded straps and haven't investigated any of the other stuff. That and divesting myself of heavy guitars.
  3. Yeah, as long as you're not clipping going in, you should be fine, you'll just have to add an amp sim and cabinet impulse response to make it sound like it should. You should also be able to put the effects in the loop of the POD and use them there and directly connect that via USB.
  4. What @hamerheadsaid about what Dave said and maybe a silent plug if you don't have one.
  5. For me: Artist, Special with P90s, Cali, MonacoElite The ones I don't have on the list are a Studio and a Cali. Standard definitely a desired model, but I tend bang up the odd shaped guitars so I'd hate to do that with a Standard.
  6. Very cool tones! Don't have a Fractal (can't try everything), just curious what the path was. Assuming Herbie is a Deizel Herbert model? Thanks!
  7. Very cool. Marshall models or something else in the Fractal?
  8. Fortunately, these things are easily remedied these days. Otherwise, the tune is cool. What's your rig on this?
  9. That's your T-shirt right there. Hope it goes well and is a fun time for you.
  10. Good tune, great work! I agree the vocals are too up front. Also, on my speakers, the drums sounded slightly too far back and could sound a little bigger.
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