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  1. Several years ago I gave to my brother a custom 88 Vector for his birthday. I did like that guitar, but the neck was a bit too thin for my tastes and I’m not very fond on gold hardware anyway. My brother is a shredder and all he plays is Strats and Super-Strats, but for some reason my Vector caught his eye too. I’m putting some pics below for your appreciation. When I bought that beast, it costed me exactly 1K. I finally gave it to my little brother, knowing it would be well-cared, played and loved in his hands. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  2. zorrow

    Do we ever worry...

    I do have a lot of stuff I’d like to sell, but one, I’m lazy; two, the CITES thingy is a total showstopper and three, I’m not in desperate need for money. But I do have stuff I don’t need/use/play at all. I might start the year moving some things, actually. 🙄
  3. zorrow

    Do we ever worry...

    Well, when I’ve wanted to sell a Hamer I’ve somehow cared about, I’ve always offered it to this crowd first. I’ve done so even for some non-Hamers. You know, people here are trustful —please correct me if I’m wrong, but I cannot remember any deal between HFCers going awry. Selling here is also better if you want to save on some fees and also to deal with some issues such as importing/exporting, etc. —we tend to be more understanding here than the average trader out there. Sometimes I do go straight to eBay and/or Reverb though, when for some reason I believe the guitar isn’t exactly built to please this audience —non-US models, or too metal, or ordinary items I assume nobody here would care about... Yet, I always put here a FS ad with a link to those sites. I consider it good etiquette. Good luck with your sale(s)!
  4. Best accidental tone: P-90s-equipped guitar —> treble booster —> Pignose “Piggy-in-a-box” acting like a pre-amp —> Tech21 Power Engine 60 Best deliberate tone: See above... because after the accident, it became deliberate
  5. Indeed! He has all these Ozzy Osbourne mannerisms, he’s moving like a brain-damaged human being... It’s so sad to watch!
  6. He looks still confused in that video. In any case, it seems like Cannibal Corpse will have to hire someone else for the upcoming tour with Slayer —at least! 😏
  7. I’ll be following this thread with interest. I also like chunky necks.
  8. zorrow

    Pitch shifters for songs

    Highly recommend this one: https://www.chronotron.com/
  9. zorrow

    '83 Vector

    Those early 80’s Vectors with the paddle-like headstock are tone monsters. I had one from 1984, a blueburst, with a sustainblock trem too. It had the original trem bar, and the guitar sported those oversized radio-like knobs. For once, its neck wasn’t slim, but more into the Gibson 50’s territory. The pups were the original Slammers. It rocked and played HEAVENLY. I should’ve never sold that one. Here’s a pic, for the record:
  10. zorrow

    K.K. Downing Auction

    I’m glad everything is ending well... and that you’re accepting your DEFEAT graciously
  11. A sustainblock-ed Blitz with a 6-in-line HS... I’ve always wanted one!
  12. FYI, this is out and it ROCKS. The guitar tones are the sweetest rock tones I’ve heard in a looooooong time. I’m spinning it furiously on Spotify and already ordered the 2CD/2BluRay package. I love live albums and I love Accept. This band knows how to do it! 🤘
  13. I’ve never seen a sustainblock-ed Virtuoso for sale —and they do exist; for example, Paul Hamer has one. Watsons are very rare too. And well... there are also a lot of unique Hamers with very specific features I’ve never seen for sale, but I guess it’s unfair including custom orders in this thread —such as my own 67 Schenker Vector, which I saw FS once, bought it, and now it’s very unlikely you’ll see it FS again.😉