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  1. Still less weird than asking for her old pictures to that magazine, I guess? 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. If we had a picture of the other guitar, we would have the definitive answer. Is anyone around the owner of 1 3415 ? Does anyone here know Dianne Palosz, who is the lady in the picture?
  3. I think you’re right. The camo pattern is exactly the same. I added more light to the old picture and put them side to side. Judge for yourself:
  4. Maybe it is. The picture is dark, but the pattern did look the same to my eyes.
  5. Jol says that he believes the lady in the picture bought it. Her name is there. It shouldn’t be too hard to locate her, though she’s probably a gramma now —we are 39 years after that picture. It might still be interesting knowing where that guitar ended up. It’s still a cool story the sister of my guitar is on the mag, right?
  6. It isn’t the same guitar. It has a sister. Jol wrote this on the Hamer FB page:
  7. I got a very clean copy of the Guitar Player mag which contains a picture of a guitar that seems to be my camouflage Vector. The painting schema is exactly the same (they call it “combat finish”), but the pickups are different. Nonetheless, it does look like the same guitar... or so I want to believe. 😉 Thanks to those who helped me to find the magazine!
  8. A friend of mine hates Brad Gillis. He says Brad Gillis sucks. What do you think?
  9. I did generalize, so my bad. I should’ve said what you said: “the smart ones never tried to copy Eddie’s schtick”. But then I should’ve also mentioned that RR was one of the smartest ones. I mean, he might have copied some EVH moves, but musically he did become influential on his own terms... even under the shadow of EVH!
  10. There’s one thing about Randy Rhoads I would like to point out and that I think we‘ve overlooked here: Back then, everybody wanted to be EVH and every single American rock guitarist followed/copied him up to some extent. However, Randy Rhoads managed to be himself and to become influential under his own terms, without jumping in the EVH bandwagon. That makes him HUGE to my eyes.
  11. Yes, @gorch, lot of great guitar-oriented pieces written and/or performed by Brian May will definitively transcend... and not only for guitarists and musicians and rock geeks, but also in the memory of the general public. In that sense, he is hard to beat. .
  12. Steve Vai might have... or have not invented a new guitar trick for his 60 birthday, but boy there’s some serious playing here in this “Candle Power” piece —look:
  13. Well, saying a man is “the greatest guitarist of all time” is as absurd as saying “the most beautiful color in the world is blue”, but still... Brian May has several epic solos under his belt, his tone is unique, his style is recognizable, his playing has a lot of flair... and he also is an outstanding songwriter and arranger, besides having enjoyed a lot of comercial success with Queen. Also, please note how humble he is. The man is a class act! So, here it is, the news —as I think we haven’t discussed about this: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/queens-brian-may-named-greatest-guitarist-of-all-time-by-total-guitar-magazine/
  14. EVH has this spicy, “shuffley“ way of playing which is just contagious. “I’m the One” and “Hot for Teacher” are good examples —those songs always put a grin on my face. His style is all about spark. Wild player! And his tone is good too, it has a lot of presence. RR is more discrete and I never liked his tone. He does have this elegance in his style which is hard to match. He’s also musically schooled and it shows. His phrasing is unique, he goes to interesting places while still rocking. It’s just sad he left us too soon. Both players are influential, but I think EVH had a bigger impact than RR. So, I guess I would go with EVH, though I do like both —and perhaps even listen more to RR than to EVH.
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