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  1. It was a great one, the finish was breathtaking, but never got used to the excessively skinny neck.
  2. Some of you certainly remember some of these pictures, as I shared them here at the time. My daughter did not end up being a rock star, but she’s still as funny as she used to be. She’s now 23. 🤷🏻‍♂️ By the way, I kept none of these guitars. Their necks were too thin for my tastes. Nonetheless, all of them were AWESOME.
  3. Yes, more or less. But you know, those guitars used to be built mostly by hand, so there are inconsistencies. By the way, these are the only two 67-like Vectors I know about —my MSG Vector and Gene’s b&w, which had that weird painting scheme.
  4. The original V was designed in 1958. The shape of the body is like the guitar on the left in this picture. The shoulders are cut more straight, so you get better access to the higher frets. They redesigned the shape in 1967. It’s like the guitar to the right. The lines are smoother. Access to the higher frets is a bit less easy, but the body has more wood. By the way, Hamer Vectors are almost exclusively the 58 shape. I own a custom Michael Schenker Vector which is a 67, but that’s a rarity. The only other 67-like Hamer I know about, it’s one @BTMNhad, but that he no longer has, sadly.
  5. By the way, I bought the truss-rod cover on eBay several years ago, when the guitar was built. It’s made of steel. It has “Custom” engraved, with a font similar to what they use on Gibson guitars. It’s quite heavy, so it doesn’t help with the neck-dive problem, but again, I don’t care and I do like how it looks. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Hahaha 🤣 Well, this one was actually my idea and a friend of mine put it together from leftovers. As you see, it has 24 frets, a (cheap) maple fretboard and only one pickup and one volume control. I also happen to like better the shape of the 67 V, instead of the 58. The body is just two thin boards of (cheap) mahogany over a mahogany frame. The fact it’s semi-hollow is worth shit, as it doesn’t resonate at all. It’s just for the looks or the eccentricity or whatever. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also, given the body is very light, this guitar has a serious neck dive problem. I’m used to it, I don’t really care, but it IS a problem if you’re not used to it. Still, this is a guitar I play often. It’s quite versatile. It has more “snap” than the “normal” vees, which usually sound fatter or creamier than this one. It has become one of my preferred axes. I even took it to the photo session I did with my friend! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. We are overwhelmed by how people are reacting to this cover. Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen! 🙏🙇‍♂️ By the way, for you gearheads, my friend played his B.C.Rich and his Yamaha bass on this one. I frankly don’t know the exact models. I think he did a superb job with the arrangement, layering guitars and making subtle appointments here and there. My side, I just played the apocryphal semi-hollow Flying V some of you already know. I had put a new pickup on it and thought it sounded exquisite. Here is a picture:
  8. Thank you, guys! I will let my friend know. He constructed the arrangement around my initial idea. He layered many guitars parts. He also played bass, keyboards and also programmed the drums.
  9. Ah, this is the Spotify link, if you want to give us some streaming spins: That’s like dropping 0.00001 cents into our hat, but I truly appreciate your time, so thanks in advance for listening. 🙏
  10. When I recently discovered what the lyrics of this song were about, I just had to make a rock cover of it. Hope you will like it, guys:
  11. I had a humbucker-sized single coil on my guitar and the hum was bothering me, so I decided to put a humbucker on it. Nonetheless, I also wanted to use something totally different. Enters the Omnia quad rail, made in Germany by Baguley Guitars. I bought it here (be warned, these things aren’t cheap): https://baguleyguitars.shop/products/omnia-passive-humbucker-set Given I still like the single coil tones, I played with the different configurations (parallel, series and single coil) and finally settled on the parallel configuration. To my surprise, the guitar sounds almost as it sounded before, just without the hum. It’s maybe premature to write a fair review about this pickup, but I feel pleased with the tone and the clarity/articulation. It also looks great on my guitar —or so I think. Some pics for you now, while I’m still getting used to it. A review will eventually follow… maybe.
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