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  1. If you wanna watch Joe playing that guitar (well, I don’t know, but it’s a Standard) for almost 15 minutes, just watch this video:
  2. Yes. Install roller saddles and then you can push down the strings behind the bridge for some cool tremolo effects. This is an example of what I do, and this guitar has just a fraction of exposed strings before the bridge, compared to “The V”:
  3. I stumbled upon this while Googling: https://hamerworkshop.wordpress.com/2010/03/ It goes from March 2010 to April 2012. Several cool stories there of Hamer beauties getting built. I remember vaguely that at some point we talked about this blog here. Thought about us all when I started navigating it. Hopefully it will bring back some great memories. Have fun!
  4. Gorgeous guitar, in addition sustainblocked. It deserves sharing a picture:
  5. Well, I’ve been discussing with Paolo. 😉If he finally builds me a “Standard” to these specs, I will put this post to sleep for a while —or even delete it, if I finally find out how to do it. Nonetheless, here’s one last bump, just in case. 😉
  6. The title says it all, but I repeat: WTB flametop Standard with chunky neck, preferably Y2K’s —because these ones tend to have beefier profiles, apparently. By “chunky”, I mean C-shaped and around .880” on the first fret and .950” on the 12th, though will consider from .840” (1st) to .900” (12th) and thicker. If you want to sell one, please let me know. Thank you!
  7. It makes me think of Frodo, which makes me think of Gollum: It has the G of Gibson, right? But it could also be re-named “G-spot”: 😜
  8. I’m breathing and still resisting. Would prefer a Y2K’s flametop Standard with a thick neck. My red one is addictive. A C-neck with .850”+ and .930”+ at the 1st and 12th frets, respectively, is just great for me. But we’re hijacking @The Shark’s thread. Please someone grab that Fredo guitar, it’s an awesome deal.
  9. Totally agree. The guitar looks fantastic. And one-piece limba body? Yum! I cannot stop playing my Korina Standard. Guys, please grab this thing before it’s too late!
  10. What’s that Paolo’s surname? What’s his website? Gonna order one with a flamed top and a chunky neck… unless someone around had a 2000’s flametop Standard for me to buy it? 😉
  11. When I was a teen I loved The Commodores and Lionel Ritchie solo. From Earth, Wind and Fire I know just the hits, but that’s awesome music too. I’ve always liked commercial R&B, including the Jackson 5, Kool and The Gang and Chic, amongst others. Not sure at this point I would go see them live, but their music is always a blast. I’m glad you went!
  12. By the way, part of the deal was that, if HELL played in my area, I would let Kev borrow it for a couple of songs. That’s why I’ve tried to keep it as it was, because that’s the way he liked it. But HELL no longer exists and Kev has moved on. Yet, I will keep the pickup and the chrome rings. One never knows, right?
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