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    (4 digit) Standard, '81 Special, '81 Crusebass, '82 Prototype, '83 Blitz, '85 Blitz Bass (zebra print),'86 FBII, '94 Centaura, '95 T51, '95 DuoTone

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  1. Will is a great guy to deal with- I’ve done a few trades with him. I would be getting this if hadn’t just bought a new car! GLWS!
  2. Thank you! That’s good to know that there isn’t an official case- now to find something I like that will fit!
  3. Hello. I have a Hamer FB guitar (‘86 with a FR) without a case. Ideally I want an original Hamer branded one but I know that might be like looking for hens teeth. (But I did find ones for Blitz bass via here) as well as my Cruse bass (again thanks to a rip off on here) I like having guitars in their correct cases! I can’t even find a picture of what an original one would look like or internal colour. As an alternative does anyone know if a Gibson brown type one would fit? I don’t want an SKB or generic one and it’s not worth getting a flightcase made as it won’t leave the house much. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Mark
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