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  1. Me and Rock and Roll was recorded here at my place. ‘95 Hamer Standard for all the heavier parts and solo. Teles provided the clean guitars.
  2. That’s my singer... not me. Funny thing is he’s a bass player by trade. He plays bass in the band Angel...
  3. That’s a steal at that price!! I paid much more for mine...
  4. Took me forever but matching numbers... Good luck! Amazing guitars...
  5. Damn that’s nice!! Unfortunately I’ve been on a major binge lately though and need to chill! Did I say damn that’s nice!! F**k
  6. Kiz.... pm me RE: Hemi Bird. Way too early (and or late) to figure this software out!!!
  7. 99.9% it was gold top. You can see the non center seam etc. not an expert but I’ve seen ‘58 Goldtops but never a ‘57 burst.
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