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  1. Shame dude won’t ship... someone close should snag this (or proxy for me
  2. Anyone know who has this long lost Standard (This is why I try not to get rid of anything anymore)
  3. It's gotten too expensive for my current situation unfortunately!!
  4. Shhh Actually this is not a good time for me to even be thinking guitars, so I'll probably be out of the race quickly once the bids come in...but damn I do like me the looks of those purple Hamers especially if they sell cheap! Ditto that but I am gonna try like hell!!
  5. Custom Built for a buddy in the 80's... still pretty minty!
  6. TED Turner played Hamers?! Yup, apparently the 27 inlay ones!!
  7. I think this is the question that most of us here at the HFC want an answer to. Define "real". I''ll define REAL custom in my eyes... (was previously told no) Korina Standard Faded Cherry Brazilian board, dots w/wide 12th fret spacing Vintage neck carve 4 digit style headstock w/old style logo placement 50's style Klusons
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