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  1. That’s awesome. Wishing you the very best in these trying times.
  2. There’s a great mystery surrounding the finish on these instruments. Luck or judgement? Some say the finishes were sourced from local suppliers of the day, never repeated, and others that they were a special chemical potion guarded in secrecy by the maker himself. That and the wood used, much of it suspected of being submerged in mineral solutions for long periods prior to being used in construction. Fascinating!
  3. It’s a cool one for sure Mike. I too love an O’Connor finish on a Hamer. Now time to brush up on “Wish you were here” or that other popular 12 string number.
  4. Looks great. Such a fantastic shade of purple.
  5. Congrats on the Quad Bass acquisition. I thought I'd bought this bass myself from an Ebay seller jamesdgaynor but the night before I was due to pick it up - 2 days after paying for it - he calls me to tell me it wasn't available anymore as he had turned it down from an auction house because "it had a dodgy truss rod, bad electronics and a flakey body as if it was submerged in water." Clearly he was a complete liar. I did my own research and the bass once belonged to Paul Raven of The Hellfire Club, Ministry and other bands. He died years ago but the bass can be seen in action here: The bass is a great find and looks to be in great condition for its age and use. I hope you really enjoy it (said through gritted teeth LOL).
  6. ...and kept me on standby with a spare ticket in case you were going. 😩
  7. It’s never easy when you play with an established band. Certainly not for a while. Ive been gigging, on and off, since I was 14 and every band is different. I got a rude awakening jamming with some modern jazz players a month ago and felt all out of sorts. Always half a step behind. Don't give up. It’s easy to say but it WILL get better. Maybe they just weren’t the band for you?
  8. A lot of cruel mocking here. 😄 For what it’s worth I think Joe B is absolutely fantastic. Incredibly fast and accurate and for a watching guitarist that’s a great thing to witness.
  9. Always quite liked this Hamer he played. Notice the third pickup on the 6.
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