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  1. That Sir is an absolutely brilliant find. An O’Connor Cali and a maple board? I reckon that’s a very rare Hamer. Looks fantastic.
  2. The studio and guitars are twenty miles from my home.
  3. He has a few Hamers. Wheels them out every now and again.
  4. This sort of stuff infuriates me. I think there needs to be recognition with custom instruments that lacquer cracks do indeed happen. I had this before with a Cali sale. The buyer made a point of raising it but luckily recognised that there’s no way of dealing with it satisfactorily. Has this new owner not accepted that he may be the cause himself if he opened the case too quickly on arrival? You read of people opening cases and witnessing cracking before their eyes.
  5. All bought by the same person in the UK evidently.
  6. This has the making of being a very happy ending. I really hope this works out for all concerned.
  7. I sold my TD30K kit to someone once. He came round with his 10 year old son, who it was intended for, and I was ready to throw a few compliments when he sat down to play. Then he hit the sticks together “1, 2, 3, 4” and utterly blew me away with his immense talent as he did everything from Stuart Copeland to Taylor Hawkins flawlessly.
  8. What a lovely guitar. A pure retro Hamer right there!
  9. Personally I think that’s a lot of guitar for it’s current price. I wonder where it ends up?
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