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  1. To me, like many, unless I won the lottery $10k for any single guitar is too much money.
  2. A wonderful looking guitar. Classy! If it sounds as good as it looks... GLWTS
  3. I play ‘em all. If they are super clean I take extra special care of them.
  4. What fantastic news! The wait will be incredibly anxious. The reward will be epic!
  5. I've had quite a few MESA's and they are definitely great amps. Congratulations! I actually preferred the Tremoverb head to the Duel Rec head I had.
  6. Awesome! Congrats to both parties. What a fantastic guitar.
  7. Very cool indeed. Congrats! How does she sound?
  8. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    A few weeks and then it’s time to collect... Rear headstock bevelling.
  9. That’s a great price for what I’d guess would be a great sounding and playing guitar. Mahogany and a rosewood board is a safe bet for a good tone.
  10. Your SS1 is one awesome guitar. The fact it is in such clean condition, to me, is worth a premium on a comparable guitar.
  11. Nicking my fingers on the string cuts on the tuners.
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