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  1. DBraz

    B3 Vintage Show a Bust

    That’s disappointing. It’s gutting when you go to a show and find nothing to tickle your interest. Especially when there’s an expectation. 😞
  2. DBraz

    Hamer Slammer Pickups

    I too love the Slammers. Second only to the JBJ’s as far as I am concerned in a Hamer super strat.
  3. DBraz

    New Guitar to me day : MonEl

    That is a very special looking guitar. The P90’s set it off perfectly.
  4. DBraz

    My "Last" new Hamer

    I love these threads. Thanks for sharing!
  5. No! And please don’t ever show me one again! 🤣
  6. Among the nicest Monaco Elites I have ever seen.
  7. DBraz

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    Flamey set neck Cali? My goodness I wonder who got that? I remember chatting to Mike about that Virt. The fact the neck was done and it wasn’t completed is just beyond me. I hope someone at least took the neck home with the intention of finishing it. Virts have a special place in my heart.
  8. DBraz

    Pickup advice

    Dimarzio Super Distortion Seymour Duncan JB (older ones are better in my opinion) Perhaps a Dirty Fingers?
  9. DBraz

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Here here! Happy Birthday Mike. Rock on my friend!
  10. DBraz

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    There was a Virt in the works too. Some really great Hamers lost in time forever.
  11. Black Sabbath. 10th September 1989 at Hammersmith. I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend's Dad took us and we watched in awe. There was no need for dry ice in the smoke filled venue. Brian May came on for the encore and bearing in mind Queen were no longer touring this was a rare treat.
  12. DBraz

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    My double neck Cali weighs 11.88 lbs and I thought that was relatively light given all of the metal. Pearloid tuners was a clever move on your part.