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  1. I have 2 of these I run in stereo. They sound absolutely HUGE with loads of bottom end.
  2. Thank you for providing me the guest solo Jim. I had a lot of fun adding my small part to your song. Let us hear the rallying cry: "Y'alll a'bored!!"
  3. As many of you know I have 2 Super-C's and while the second one is normally my go-to, not for any other reason than it has been since I first acquired it, my original Super-C (#50) still gets a LOT of use and is particularly good for certain sounds. Clean settings are pretty much unmatched when I want crisp and jangly for funky stuff and the higher register screams for cutting solos. I haven't posted these pictures on here but they give you an idea of just how lucky I feel to own such an awesome guitar. The only change I have made - strings aside - has been the neck pickup. I changed i
  4. This guitar was a pleasure to play when I had a go. It sounds like a monster! All that mahogany together with great pickups really hits the mark. GLWTS.
  5. I too saw this one and was wowed as much by the price as I was the guitar itself.
  6. I’ve noticed the FB’s that do go for sale seem to get more than I thought they would. That blue badly refinished one in the US a year or so back went for more than that didn’t it?
  7. For me it’s my ‘92 Virt. I leave it for a while, pick it up, plug it in and...
  8. Every USA Washburn I’ve owned or played has been very well built with quality materials. I hope they’re successful.
  9. I’ve built cabs with EVM 12l speakers. They are absolute monsters. In a good way.
  10. I’m absolutely gutted. Just so sad. It’s been a truly awful year. What I still hear from his contribution to guitar, on Van Halen 1 in particular, makes him a legend of Hendrix proportions. RIP.
  11. Wow! It’s not often I’m floored by original designs but this one is amazing. Brilliantly executed. Congratulations!
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