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  1. That T62 is one of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen. Wow! Very high quality guitars indeed.
  2. DBraz

    These guitars have flipped!!!

    I absolutely hate it.
  3. Very very cool Gene. What an absolutely awesome experience that must have been. Dean really know how to engage with their fan base that’s for sure. I’ll remember that factory tour we had for a very long time! They love you there too that’s for sure. When their President calls you by your first name and asks you out for lunch you know you’re in the insiders club. Rock on!
  4. DBraz

    Best clean sound.

    He probably gave up on tapping years ago.
  5. DBraz

    Best clean sound.

    Personally I like that big clean sound with a bit of break up. Who has the best clean sound is a hard call as the production of an album can make a big difference. When I saw Nile Rodgers and Chic just over a year ago he had a fantastic live clean sound.
  6. DBraz

    Satin finish thoughts?

    I am with most of you here in loving slick satin necks. Strike did a marvellous job on my Centaura. On bodies though it’s a no from me.
  7. Great guitar Dave, I am sure that won’t be for sale for long at that price!
  8. DBraz

    Satchel tells some truth

    Oh absolutely... I have met a guitarist prominent in 80’s pop and he gets a shitload of paper each month and just about enough money for a round of drinks.
  9. DBraz

    Satchel tells some truth

    It is really sad that there isn’t much money in music anymore. In the UK the venues for playing music - with local bands - has diminished significantly. As for royalties I think it’s been pretty bad for the majority of artists for a long time. I know an established guitarist that has numerous albums and writing credits with a recognised band and I was shocked to hear he supplements his income working two or three jobs. I wish I knew what I did now and was born in the 50’s...
  10. DBraz

    For the Love of Seafoam

    ^^ I love that one. The bound body is just awesome. The rosewood fretboard with boomers a welcome surprise.
  11. DBraz

    NGD Newport 12

  12. An outstanding demo. Very well done indeed.
  13. DBraz


    Save yourself some anguish and just place an order! 😃