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  1. Now this is the sort of positive post I like to read. Good on you Ting. I've read that the hardest part of addiction is recognition that there is a problem. Rome wasnt built in a day. Small lasting steps matey. Sending positive vibes.
  2. Herman is an amazing player. He lived pretty close to me when I was a teenager. I remember one time, at a house party, a friend of a friend was waxing lyrical about how great his other friend was on guitar. Same age as me. Me, full of teenage swagger (not that much mind you), enquired after said “great guitarist” and was introduced to Herman Li…
  3. Oh my goodness Rechts. Guitar playing will never, ever, be the same for me.
  4. Looking good! I cant wait to see the next stage.
  5. I use the right knee as it feels similar to how I have it when I’m standing up.
  6. Of the Cali’s I’ve had there was little consistency between the neck carves. There are trends. 90’s Cali Elite’s tend to be beefy and their set neck Custom brothers a bit thinner and the 80’s Cali’s in my experience were thinner than 90’s equivalents in line with the trend of the time. The problem is there are no absolutes and every one is a bit different given the way they were built.
  7. I have used NYXLs for years and feel no real need to try something different. For me they’ve proved reliable, tune quickly with a Floyd, and sound consistent.
  8. I think that Virts are special. Most that have played mine love the way it plays and sounds but it is still a limited utility in that it has one pickup and is designed to do certain things. It does other things dont get me wrong but it's unlikely to be used as an all-situations-guitar. The work that went into building these very limited guitars cannot be understated. The scalloping is so consistent it must have been incredibly labour intensive to build and likely done by Hamers finest. Personally I cannot recommend them enough but I understand why they only appeal to some people.
  9. Man oh man takes me back. I remember some friends saying we have to go and see Mr Big at a time that I didnt have a clue who they were save for reading about Paul Gilbert. Needless to say I saw them for the first of many times at Hammersmith Odeon in May 1991 (this tour) and was blown away. This particular song is a great example of what the band are all about. Big energy and virtuosity. Gilbert in my opinion was at his very best on this tour. Great tone, feel and exceptional tone taming shed loads of gain.
  10. 55090's are my favourite fret. Like rail tracks and awesome for it.
  11. I like the comparison shots between the evolutions of the Shishkov Single Cut. The third version (in this thread) is without question my favourite.
  12. Fabulous! The holy grail moments are soooo special. Savour it and enjoy that awesome guitar.
  13. Congrats!! I love Virts. Fabulous guitars that offer something in tone that others cannot replicate.
  14. You're the ideal customer matey. Good luck with your hunting! I suspect you'll get some offers pretty quick.
  15. I agree on Floyds. Great guitars KK’s. My old one was a superb late example but ultimately I just couldn’t get along with V’s.
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