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  1. Just to chime in here Ben is being very modest about just how stunning the engraving is on this guitar. It is incredibly intricate and is absolutely world class. Ben’s a gent too. Trade with confidence.
  2. Very cool! Well made guitars too from my experience. Rock on!!
  3. Wasn’t this one on EBay about five years ago? It’s pretty cool for a fan of Crosby and Hamer.
  4. A set neck Cali Custom would be nearer DOUBLE that price.
  5. While I am a huge fan of 80's era guitars, including Hamer's, the majority of my Hamer's have been from '90-'93. Literally every one was a winner.
  6. I love a good refin project for a down and out candidate. Restore her to glory and giver her the life she deserves!
  7. @diablo175 Jim’s the man for a definitive answer. I know he’s experimented a lot.
  8. Safe to say there weren't any bargains then...😞
  9. If people are genuinely parting with their money for this it’s a cruel joke.
  10. I can honestly say I own two of my favourite Hamers and feel blessed in doing so.
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