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  1. Matey mine is a RAN. Sadly I know nothing about Rand’s.
  2. Incredible technique. Everything from his circular vibrato through to his weird rising bends. But, these days, I find Vai nigh on unlistenable for anything more than a few minutes despite how clearly amazing he is as a guitarist. Having said that thanks for sharing!
  3. EVH without question. Randy was an outstanding super accurate player but somehow missed the pizzaz you got when Eddie got going.
  4. Allow me to present my second Shishkov Super-C. 24.75” shredding perfection, although it does pretty much everything - shred or not.
  5. For me the ginormous TRC forces the big logo north. With a smaller TRC the logo could have been located better.
  6. None of those for me either. The Prince Studio is the only Studio I desire.
  7. Double Cali’s are so rare that if you want one you’ve got to move quick and can’t mess around. There are 13 that I have found pictures of out there. Fabulous guitars and I’ve noticed with mine some very cool details that aren’t immediately apparent. The different neck angles are obvious but little things like the neck on the 6 being set at about 93 degrees and slightly north of the 12 to make access easier is pure Hamer. Special love went into these.
  8. That is absolutely fantastic for all concerned. The new owner of the Fath got a rare gem at a good price, and clearly knows what he’s bought. And you have landed something more suitable to your own personal requirements. What a guitar day for you!
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