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  1. For the most part most of the people here are anti-import Hamers. I have a collection of both USA and imports. The imports are just fine except for the lowest end series.
  2. Maybe the look on his face was cause he needed to take a shit ?
  3. Every time I see Alice I will take someone who will say they don't want to go , " the show is childish." And every time there is a new Alice convert. Each time I hear , "Boy can them guys play ! "
  4. So much for by musicians for musicians. Just like bullshit commercial music. The almighty dollar.
  5. That's great thanks. I liked how he played dumn in the beginning.
  6. From watching Nikki Sixx at a relatively recent concert , I was astounded to notice live he is basically a one finger player. If this was his actual guitar, it would have very little wear from use.
  7. From what he describes it's pretty beat up.
  8. If you don't entertain yourself, who will.? Welcome back to myself. Great
  9. It was great to find someone with the same passion for a guitar brand so close to my home. We will have to get together some time. PM sent.
  10. I guess you have never heard their first album. It was one of the most progressive albums of that Era. It still holds up today. I will admit, it went all down hill from there with record company pressure to make teeny bopper radio friendly pop hits. Chriss a little blurp about their set would be appreciated.
  11. I have been hearing that term being used a lot lately. Can you guys please explain what it is ?
  12. So why does the Sunburst command so much more money ?
  13. Sorry, tried to post pictures but wouldn't upload.
  14. As the owner of 3 specials I need you guys to help clarify something for me. Why is it that the specials get so little love ? The reason I say this is from looking at the prices people are willing to pay for a same era Sunburst.Most reviewers say the Sunbursts are the best guitars Hamer ever made.The lowly Special rarely gets a mention. Adding to my dismay is the fact that the special is the same exact guitar only without binding.Please chime in !
  15. Well Bob , I have one. I think it is 83 or 84 though. Message me . I wasn't able to send you a message
  16. Well Bob , I have one. I think it is 83 or 84 though. Message me
  17. If you decide you want one. I have 1 korean and 2 USA , Message me
  18. So how much did something like that cost ?
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