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  1. I remember my son (now our sound man) asking, "you had those lights five feet above your heads?" We all cracked up. He immediately understood the heat they generated and why we talk about gigs being a "work-out" in the old days. I'd lose five or six pounds on a back to back weekend!
  2. The pics are really shitty. I should dig it out and photograph it again. Here's a photo of the back and full front too. I think they were copying Billy Gibbons Erlewine guitars.
  3. It does have a bit of a "Vee" neck shape. Reminds me of the original Squier guitars from Japan.
  4. I think Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy are my two favorite bands that require each of their multiple guitar players. Not for similarities in style, but for being a band with two guitar players giving their fans the benefit of not having to choose just one! I'm reminded of Kansas too, but I digress. I could go on. I was only about twenty people deep in front of Jimmy Crespo on the Night in the Ruts tour. Brad was magnificent and gave the kid the spotlight. I think Ted Nugent, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Brownsville Station and some band named Cheap Trick were along in tow. That was back when concerts were "concerts".
  5. I was so fortunate to find mine. It's double bound and is flamey front and back. The black one, however, is some kind of different "cool". Fantastic...
  6. We used to play with 16 Par64's and twelve Par38's. Had to plug the system directly into the electrical box pre-fuses. Never blew out a building or "the room". Our sound man was an electrical engineer, but we always stood in close proximity in case we had to save him. No kidding! I remember playing fourteen nights in a row at the Pier in Daytona Beach. I wore sunglasses because the lights were so bright. I looked like a raccoon by the end of the two week gig! That being said, we now use sixteen Chauvet LED lights. The stage is, in my opinion, a bit dim. Five members of the band aged 57 (me) to 66 don't need bright lights like the "old days". A little dim is just our thing. Wrinkles and rolls hide in the shadows. LED's might save energy, but they will never replace high energy lighting.
  7. In a discussion about GAS, I remember some idiot over on the Gear Page who wrote, "You can only play one guitar at a time". That kind of logic comes from somebody who has one pair of underwear.
  8. One of my favorite commercials of all time. Classic.
  9. I only opened this thread because I knew that Kiz wouldn't be able to resist. LIttle did I know he'd be first too!
  10. Michael Schenker on the studio version of Too Hot To Handle. Took me hours to learn it all those years ago. Two great solos in one song!
  11. Thanks for always taking my money, Greg. I love every one of them!
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