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  1. I have the high part in the harmonies, if that's what you're referring to!
  2. Power of Love, Working for the Weekend, Summer of '69, Just What I Needed, No Time, We're an American Band, Jet, Shakin', While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Secret Agent Man, 25 or 6 to 4 in the first set. Carry on Wayward Son, Hold on Loosely, Walkin' on a Thin Line, Big Shot, Double Vision, Cuts Like a Knife, Back on My Feet Again, Still Got the Blues, Seminole Wind, Turn the Page, and Born to Be Wild is the second set. We'll finish with I'm Your Captain, Too Hot to Handle, Green Eyed Lady, Pretzel Logic, No Matter What, All I Need is a Miracle, How Long, Blue Morning Blue Day, Lucy i
  3. So, I bought this guitar from Brent Magnano of Dynamic Sound in Waterbury CT in 1988. I sold it to my buddy and great guitarist Scott Hinson later that year. He played it until the mid-nineties and sold it without my knowledge. About six years ago, it popped up on eBay. Scott bought it back. And now, it's mine again. Koa top and mahogany neck and body. Not sure how I'll like the Anderson pickups, but it's refretted and ready to go. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10218011965994359&set=gm.1910029242479107&__cft__[0]=AZXhgmTIW94OIsRJYxbP5ZrbkscOtWKeZcZFHxkqyM09OVIvX9XJ
  4. My Kauer Spanish Cedar guitars sound incredible. And my "Fakimba" Robins are the same stuff, no matter what "legend" says.
  5. "Michael Angelo" as he was billed back in the eighties came to Discount Music in Orlando. They had a performance stage and "clinics" were the thing. I think, with the employees and guests, there were about fifteen people there. It was pathetic. My best friend Chris Lukasik (of Gibson Bolt fame) invited me to see "this guy that Ron Tunks (the local sales rep for anything top of the line) says is pretty good". I pulled into the parking lot and saw that there was no crowd. There was a Sobik's Subs next door and I decided to get a sandwich before the show. As I walked through the door,
  6. I bought Zen's with the first fret crown. I think it's cool. But I'd only have one.
  7. And golf! Those little balls hurt like hell, when they hit you!
  8. Golden Gloves at the Orlando Sports Stadium back in the mid-seventies I learned the liver shot first hand. Then, I learned how to do it to other people!
  9. I have one with the tones overlay, the cover and the pedal w/ bag. It's in Florida too. Don't want to ship it. $225 in the Orlando area.
  10. I bought a killer studio from Zen today. I need a period correct original case. Thanks.
  11. Just checking to see if your memory is still sharp. Call you "beneficiary"...
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