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  1. Listened to it this week. Double live albums all week, except for Mahogany Rush "Live"... One of the greatest live albums of all time.
  2. Rush "All the World's a Stage" tonight. Some 18 year old Jameson. The live album tour continues. I'm resisting "Comes Alive"...
  3. Tomorrow will be Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush live. I was there for a few songs.
  4. Live and Dangerous yesterday. Made in Japan today. It's live albums all week.
  5. I wonder if he still does those informative gear reviews...
  6. This thread, at it's core, is about the anticipation of owning your first Hamer. You most certainly picked a fine example. Mine was a 1978 Black Sunburst. Purchased at Music City in Orlando. I still remember the rush.
  7. Every year, when tax season ends, the ritual is to listen to UFO Strangers in the Night from beginning to end. This year was no different. Still my favorite live album of all time. Heck, one of the best albums of all time no matter what.
  8. I thought I posted this in this thread the other night. Robin's Dave Wintz dabbled in koa...
  9. Another description of tone. My best friend used the term "killer" for the best tone. I still do, in his stead.
  10. I won't pay that much to see anyone play. I guess that's why I never go to shows anymore.
  11. Big like my E-Type. Both BCR guitars.
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