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  1. I sent an e-mail to you, Peter. Waiting patiently!
  2. I don't have dibs on the purple monster. Not ready to jump on it yet. If someone wants it, they are welcome to it. It's killer, but I'm just not sure it's what I want. Peter is supposed to send me some pics...
  3. I like 'em after they fade. This one is a Historic Makeovers, but it's spot on. The real ones still have the red under the pickguard, the poker-chip and in the cavities. So cool...
  4. I have a Custom Special in red, a FM Special in Honey, a Sudio in cherry burst. Any interest ? Wayne

  5. The Shark

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    I think men should be able to age without notice after 50. Women, not so much...
  6. It's in the will that you get it for what you sold it to me for. I've been coughing today...
  7. Well, it's tax season. And I'm on the prowl. I'd like to buy an exemplary Shishkov or Hamer. Any Shishkov will be considered. I'm not into the super-Strat Hamers. Double cut SUNBURSTS, Studios and Artists are my game. PM me, if you have something killer. Thanks.
  8. Trust me. Mark's a guru. This is a deal. My right ear and my tinnitus won't allow another one... Mark's Dumbles are equally stellar.
  9. You get it at the original price when I die. I'm 56. When you're in your eighties, the Baker returns. Maybe...
  10. I have personal experience with Mark and have owned a Liverpool, an Express and a Rocket that he built. All were fantastic. He has the ear...
  11. The Shark

    These guitars have flipped!!!

    Just a well placed, "that's fucking stupid" early on might have been appropriate. I'm thinking of the "wishbone" at Thanksgiving. Pull.....