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  1. I speak from experience. I write a political column in my hometown newspaper. Roughly half the people love me and half, well.... Kind of like here...
  2. I could never get that many people to like me at one time.
  3. Yeah, I can only listen to it in snippets. Not my thing either, but they're really good. 😎
  4. Our bass player is the best player in our band. His other band is Magnatar. Their album Parallel Worlds is worth a listen. That's his "Prog" band. We're the low rent classic rock bunch.
  5. I was in the "biz" for a time and have seen dozens of "conversions". It has to be a '56 or a '57 because of the offset center seam and no signs of it being a wrap-around ('53 to '56). So, it has to be a gold top. I also suspect that the neck might have been shaved down a bit. All the '56 and '57 gold tops I've ever played had more substantial neck carves. He says it's thin. Never seen one that I'd call "Thin"...
  6. If you lived closer, I'd needle you more often. And have drinks!
  7. My FedEx driver didn't even ask me to sign today. He just told me they've "waived" it.
  8. There's a movie from 1966 I saw that has an outro that's, curiously, a progression and flute solo eerily similar to "Stairway". It's called Kill Baby Kill. Pre-dates Spirit and Zep. Is there any original thought?
  9. I really liked the one you posted last week on Facebook. Yowza...
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