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  1. I remember when Pat (Travers) signed on with them. He set up a couple heads and some extension cabs for a practice. I tagged along with my buddy Chris and thought it sounded pretty good. Pat could make anything sound good. I never bought one, but I remember there were lots of them sold in Orlando because of Pat's endorsement.
  2. What really sucks is when they stop making your deodorant or soap!
  3. I have a Lovepedal Vintage Modern Chrome pedal for sale here on the forum. It's the Church of Tone and the Purple Plexi in one pedal. It's designed for them to be used separately or stacked. It's really cool, but I just don't need a stackable pedal. The Purple Plexi is all I need. So, I'm selling the VMC.
  4. Almost everybody plays slide better than me...
  5. My buddy James Glass in Nashville is friends with Brad and Brent Mason. He said Brad used to do "Eruption" when his band would go on break in Nashville before he really broke big. Just to rattle the folks!
  6. The neck is just a little thin for my liking. Someone will love this guitar for the dough...
  7. Yeah, that one's mine fellas. I have it consigned with my buddy Ethan. If you want a good deal on it, just let me know. It's perfect.
  8. I listened to Sonny Landreth and decided I didn't ever want anyone to hear me play with one of those things...
  9. Anybody dealing with that shit gets a pass from me...
  10. You're good with me, my friend. Somebody's either going to buy it or they won't. A little "discussion" never hurts. Keeps the thread "relevant". And you know I'll pipe up in one of your threads anyway!
  11. No worries, gentlemen. Ian's a piece of crap for sure. He lied to me no less than 28 times about delivery dates. I have it all in a "file". The guitar, however, is stellar. And I think I have a live one over at TGP! We'll see...
  12. The Purple Plexi w/ Boost is my favorite pedal right now. I just hook it to the input of my Headrush pedalboard. Fantastic.
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