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  1. I use the Headrush Pedalboard and program it using about three different amps (Fender Deluxe, Bogner Blue Channel, and Boogie IIC). I also use a Lovepedal Purple Plexi as one of my stompboxes through the loop for "Plexi" sounds. The chain of effects, amp and IRs can be easily changed and the differences in the order are very "natural" for the lack of a better term. I use a Headrush FRFR12 in front as a monitor and a Line 6 Powered Cab on the back line. The Line 6 has built in IR's (speaker and mic simulations) which allows me to dial in the room we're playing. At the last gig, the room was very live and the FRFR monitor was really crisp, so I used the Celestion Creamback setting on the Line 6 cab and it really warmed things up. I love this rig.
  2. Here's the old gal sitting in front of one of the amps in storage...
  3. You just hope I have some pall bearers. And soon!
  4. I have a shit ton of amps in storage. Marshall's, Boogies, Fenders and some boutique stuff (Dumble clones). My '59 Tweed Deluxe is the only tube amp I play anymore. It's my "test" amp. I know it like the back of my hand and how it reacts to my playing. It will be buried with me. That being said, I've had more fun with my Headrush Pedalboard than any other piece of gear I've owned. I had a real problem with their customer service (or the lack thereof) when my USB port died, but my replacement unit is all backed up and it can die prematurely and I'll still have all my hard work ready to dump into another one. I'm looking for a second one to sit in a box until and if needed. Tracii Guns (I was never a fan of L.A. Guns) has his presets available for free on the Headrush website. They are some of the best sounding "rigs" I've found or been able to create myself. I corresponded with him on the Facebook page for Headrush and he told me that his lead tone sounded much like May's rig with the tone controls turned way down on his humbucker guitars. Damn if it doesn't. We're doing Don't Stop Me Now and it just nails the lead tone on that song. The Amplitube stuff is good. A buddy raves about it. I just think there's a better mousetrap being invented almost monthly in the realm of simulation, modeling and whatever else the folks trying to replicate vintage tones are "inventing". An exciting time to be a player. And most of it doesn't break the bank...
  5. I love Y&T. Earthshaker's Dirty Girl is one of my favorite songs. They used to have a video montage on NightFlight on USA on Saturday nights of their obscure videos MTV never showed. A bandmember wanted to play Summertime Girls and I told him, "That ain't fuckin' Y&T, that's some commercial bullshit Dave came up with to get on MTV!" Saw them open for DLR w/ Vai. He played the '68 LP the entire night and was incredible. Sang every song impeccably. As you say Ben, "great pipes". Great vibrato too.
  6. Moments? You're too kind. And how many people have said that to you lately! Love ya' brother.
  7. I only read the Small Luthier and Gear For Sale forums. I don't have a virtual life there. Too many assholes that have an opinion about something they've never done or an instrument they've never played. So, I guess my exposure is limited. By design...
  8. The whole Matte Henderson thing was a total cluster. Only Big Mike stood up for me (they actually had a vote to ban me for that guy being the asshole). The real bone of contention was whether or not they could consider a private e-mail conversation I had with the little weasel. Charlie and Mike banned him and took no action against me. So, my perspective is just my own. It reminds me of umpires in softball. I can't tell you how many times over the years (in national tournaments) that me being kind and personable with sports officials has paid dividends in the future. My mom used to say you "catch more flies with honey than vinegar". Sage advice, if I do say so. And Kiz knows I don't suffer fools well (remember Chuck on the Robin forum)!
  9. Can only impart my experience with Big Mike. He's always treated me fairly. Folks who have a different opinion have just that. I hate the Lexus dealer in my area, but I love the cars. So, I just reconcile running into a few assholes with winding up with a great car. Same thing at TGP.
  10. Luckily, no whiskey in my mouth when I read that. I'm guessing you dressed somebody down and got the hook. Factually, you would remain here. That's not in dispute.
  11. I've been warned plenty of times. The greatest admin guy over there is Big Mike. He always has a way of showing you the boundaries without being insulting. A good guy. When the lights come back on, contact him.
  12. The Shark

    Eric Otten

    Great sense of humor. Great guy. Wish I'd met him personally.
  13. I seem to remember that one from TGP or somewhere. It might have been on Ron's site. And thanks for the back-story. I just assumed, from experience, that he'd made a life/career change to facilitate one or all of the changes you mentioned. I've had many clients over the years turn about face from their path. Some were successful and some were not. Planning and reasonable expectations are usually what breeds success. Something tells me that we've not heard the last of "Thorn" guitars. And yes, they will be more money!!!
  14. Fifty is the new sixteen...
  15. He may be making more money, have more help and have less responsibility. And guitars that everyone knows he made will still be created. Corporate giants don't suck just because they're corporate giants. Sometimes they improve the lifestyle of those involved. It's simple. Who knows. Ron might just start kicking out "Thorns" along with the Fender stuff. His creativity might only be stifled in the short term. He seems like a guy with a keen sense of the long view. I'm not sure he "sold out".
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