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  1. Damn. I was in one wreck. I, all of the sudden, was standing outside my car. The guy next to me was a Daytona Beach City worker. I asked him, "How did I get out here"? He led me by the hand to the curb. I had neck pain and headaches for about five years. My point is that time will heal you better than you are today. You might not get all the way back, but you will be better. Prayers. Car wreck's suck...
  2. Thanks, Mike. I never comment sarcastically on anything other than a few "PSA" announcements. It is a killer guitar. It's beautiful and I bet it sounds exceptional. Fifteen-hundo is all the money. But they ain't makin' 'em anymore either. And who am I to criticize someone for paying too much for a guitar? Kizanski knows.
  3. I should get better pics of #221...knobs are not orig...I have black one's in the case...
  4. Yeah, Charlie used to live two doors down from our drummer's house where we practice. He sold his to a friend of his in Michigan. My guitar gained uncorroborated provenance from vintage dealer Dave Kenney. Charlie did, however, really like my guitar. He's since moved around the corner and no longer stands outside and listens to us on the sidewalk with a glass of wine or two. Really great guy.
  5. I found one in a pawn shop near Patrick Air Force Base on Florida's east coast. It was just like the one in the ad above. Had a brass vintage-style brass trem like the one in the ad too. Two volumes and one tone. I sold it in Dallas in 1989. Idiot...
  6. I saw Nightranger at Walt Disney World at Grad Nite as it used to be known. Weird Al opened for them. It was 1984. Kimo West was playing for Al. Brad was out there side-stage with us having a blast. The Weird Al stuff was really popular at the time and West just killed. Nightranger came on and West was right there next to us watching Brad and Jeff. Nightranger was so polished and so good, it was scary.
  7. Yeah, we didn't get a show any closer than Atlanta. I wanted to see Barden, Bonnet, McCauley and Doogie. There are a couple good shows and clips on YouTube, so I'll have to be satisfied with that. He is playing great these days.
  8. The Shark


    http://www.craftmatic.com/bed_model2.html#model1 It might be hundreds of dollars more than you want to spend, but you will thank me. I slept on the couch with pillows piled up for years because of arthritis in my pelvis from an injury. I have slept like a baby every since we dropped the dime. I found that most of my problem with my pelvis was because of my sleep arrangements. I sleep in what Randall Smith of Mesa Boogie would call, when describing his five band graphic EQ, a "Classic V"! My wife sleeps with just her head raised a bit. And she no longer snores!
  9. Yeah, I always thought Michael would die young. But he's still around and still playing better than ever. I don't think we can say that for the OP's duo...
  10. I would play a guitar or wear a shirt with polka dots. Just not in front of anyone...
  11. Forgive me, if I didn't read every other post. But.... MICHAEL SCHENKER!!!
  12. I've been watching this Paolo Sulci guy for a few years. He's in Italy. He makes Korina Flying V replicas. I bought one on Reverb. Our own Chris Matthes has been lurking too. Guitar is fantastic. It's not going to fool anyone into thinking it's a vintage Gibson. But it is a righteous guitar.
  13. Mountain at the Capitol Theatre in 1974 is my go to. It's on YouTube. Ariel Bender on "Live Mott the Hoople (All the Way from Memphis is a godlike P90 tone) from 1974 1974 was a good year for the dog ear pickup...
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