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  1. The Shark

    News From The Bench

    Anything's possible with Josh. Best customer service in the industry.
  2. The Shark

    B3 Vintage Show a Bust

    The Orlando Vintage Guitar Show is just the same stuff and same dealers. I go to see old friends and get a really killer cheese-steak and fries at the concession trailer outside the show. Thorn comes with his friends. A few guys from the Gear Page are also there. I buy politically incorrect tee-shirts for the most part. I would love to attend Arlington or Dallas just one more time. But I just don't...
  3. The Shark

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    But if you're looking for an online retailer to deal with, there's plenty to decide...
  4. I have a Jazzburst one that looks very similar (with a better top). I'd think 3K would be pushing it. If someone paid more, they really wanted it.
  5. The Shark

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    I pre-paid for a Fender Eric Johnson Strat when they first came out. In full. My salesman in Winter Park told me they would get six in the first batch and I would get one because I was the second person to lay down the cash. He told me that they had two remaining to sell on the "floor". When they arrived, I wasn't called. What they didn't know was I'm good friends with two of the other buyers. One called me to ask how I liked my guitar. Needless to say, I called GC and asked why I'd not been notified. They told me that I would get one from the second batch to arrive in four weeks. I told them it was unacceptable and I would cancel my credit card payment. Within ten minutes, the manager called me and told me that they had one ready for me to pick up. So, I drove down to pick it up. When I arrived, my salesman said that they were waiting for one of the other salesmen to return the guitar I would receive. When the salesman walked in, he had the guitar in a gig bag. They immediately took it to the repair guy's bench. They had to take a retro tortoise pickguard off and replace it with the original. They acted like I should just stand there and wait. I've never purchased anything from them again. I won't even click on a link here on the forum, if it's to GC. By the way, I got one of those first EJ's for about $400 less a few months later as they swamped the market with them soon thereafter. I pre-paid Sweetwater for one of the new EJ Thinline models. Some of you may remember. I ordered and paid for it before they shipped. My salesman Matt Masek told me it would be three to four weeks. They guitar shipped one week later. Then, when I saw that they lowered the price two months after I purchased mine, I called Matt to inquire. He credited me the difference. You decide.
  6. Did anyone at Gibson ever plug those god awful V2 guitars in before they released them? They sound so bad, I just can't figure how anyone but a collector would own one. The "new" Gibson needs to resurrect the Marauder and the S-1 too, if we're going to dive down the 70's rabbit hole. Grabber and Ripper basses while they're at it.
  7. I saw The Buddy Rich Orchestra at the Peabody in Daytona Beach in the eighties. Our drummer was into him big time. Best drummer I ever saw. Ever. And I've seen Peart, Phillips, Powell, Paice, Aldridge and many other great rock drummers. Buddy would smoke 'em all. Such fast hands. So little wasted movement.
  8. Kiss and Uriah Heep at the Lakeland Civic Center on December 12th, 1976. Ace was electrocuted. Every Kiss fan knows the story behind the song "Shock Me" on Ace's solo album. They started Detroit Rock City and Ace tumbled down the last six or seven stairs. The lights came back up and we waited about fifteen minutes. They started over with Ace sporting a head bandage for the first three or four songs. Then, he ripped it off and played the remainder of the show.
  9. The Shark

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy Birthday, Mike! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  10. The Shark

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    The Tin Man...
  11. The Shark

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    So, that's why my gold sparkle guitar is MIA.
  12. I know Kizanski likes my box...
  13. The Shark

    Saw Bohemian Rhapsody last night

    My suggestion is more a function of 31 years of marriage and knowing what my wife would do. Remember, she's the real "gatekeeper" for the guitar collection. Life is complicated.