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  1. I had a Fender 75 1x12 combo. I played that amp at every gig for about three years. I think I bought it in 1981. When Lukather endorsed the Boogie Mark III Simul-Class, I was gone. But the Fender 75 was a killer amp. I'm going to buy one of these. Just for kicks. Hope it lives up to the reputation that precedes it...
  2. They are just fantastic guitars. Dave hit his stride with these. The best hybrid guitar (hum and singles) I've ever owned.
  3. i had a Creme Brulee. Why I sold that particular amp is still a mystery to me. Lots of bang for the buck.
  4. Neck width is a little thin. Might have been why I sold it. But, most likely, I needed some dough for another purchase. I don't have any bad memories of that one. Pickups were great. Ben's work was stellar. Like always...
  5. Darren said that Dan bought the wood from a former employee. I can't get in touch with him anymore. Don't have any contact info. Not really worried as it is obviously some killer wood.
  6. It's made with a Robin fingerboard, Hamer Korina and maple. Those that know Dan Kashola know he does everything first class. God, I got this on the cheap!
  7. 2020 VOS. Some people at Gibson still know what the fuck is going on...
  8. 9 lbs on my scale and really loud acoustically. Plays flawlessly. All the gold parts are in the case. Sounds great through my Kemper Profiler Stage with the Michael Britt profiles and some stuff from Choptones in Italy. It's a great time to be playing electric guitar.
  9. I paid 6K for 0221 from Bubs. Not ashamed. Just didn't want it to get away. That, my friends, is the correct mind-set...
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