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  1. Hey Len, Never heard back from you about the Strat pickguard so just wanted to touch base.  Thanks man!

  2. Hey man,

    Im about to list the 1980 special that was Jakeboy's and when I let him know it was gonna go up for sale he mentioned you might be interested.  I figured I'd reach out to you before listing the guitar in case you wanted it.

    Think your inbox may be full because I tried to PM you and it said you couldn't receive messages.

    let me know if you want to discuss.


    1980 SPL.jpg

  3. soulfield


  4. All of you should check this young dude out. Hes only 21 I believe and really got some mean chops both playing and writing. Warren produced his last album. The first album "soul insight" is reallyrockin! Check him out
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