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  1. UFO at Rams Head Annapolis Md. Small intimate setting. Great, Great show. Phil Moog looked a little fragile but did well, Neil Carter was an unexpected gem, and Vinnie Moore absolutely killed it ...
  2. https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/speakers/avatarhellatone/hellatone-25/
  3. Original (Not the T-Rex version) Hand built by the man himself. Near mint condition. Velcro on bottom. Very cool pedal. $85. PP & shipped
  4. Been unplugged all day ... I have to check and see who the first responder was ...
  5. A Quad of Sovtek 5881/6l6 tubes from a friend of mine's 1992 Marshall JCM 900 (might be originals). His amp was blowing a fuse, so I put in a fresh set of power tubes and no longer a problem which leads me to believe one might be toast. I have no way of testing them, so whoever wants to take a chance on them can have them. Just pay shipping. USPS small flat rate is about 9 bucks I guess. Let me know
  6. Kramer XL-7 ... Haven't seen one of these in a long time ... No affiliation https://annapolis.craigslist.org/msg/d/friendship-kramer-xl/7269144577.html
  7. Anyone ever seen this? Looks cool ...
  8. If I was a Bass player, that Dean is what i would be slingin' ... that thing is F*kn cool as shit. I'm thinking of buying it just to look at ... Would look great hanging out with these two:
  9. I guess its a touch of hoarding ... but what's wrong with that? I can't seem to get enough of British Amps lately ... Marshall, Laney, and especially Orange ... If there's something wrong with me ... I don't wanna be right !!
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