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  1. I used an Ibanez CS9 for many years until I found the Boss CE5 for my main board and sold it to Tommy ... still have one CS9 on my small gig board. I like both models
  2. I like the high/low cut ... sounds great dirty (sparkles clean too)
  3. Not too many out there that I know of ... those of us that have them prob are not likely to part with them ...
  4. https://annapolis.craigslist.org/msg/d/churchton-tech-21-power-engine-60/6963922226.html
  5. #1 - KISS ... Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City July 10th 1976 Destroyer Tour w/ Bob Seger & J. Geils Band ... My 1st concert, never forget #2 - Rock Super Bowl VII Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl. May 27th 1979 ... Boston, Doobie Brothers, Poco, AC/DC #3/#4 (Tie) - Rock Super Bowl IX Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl. July 5th 1980 ... ZZ Top, Rossington Collins Band, Triumph, Pat Travers, Point Blank, Johnny Van Zant Band Rock Super Bowl lll Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl September 4th 1977 ... Peter Frampton, Kansas, J. Geils Band, Rick Derringer
  6. The '76 Deluxe was at one time ... restored by BCR
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