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  1. I am not affiliated with and don't know the seller, ad is up on my local craigslist. I do live close and would be happy to go look at it if anyone is interested. https://newyork.craigslist.org/fct/msg/d/wilton-hamer-usa-studio-flame-top-cherry/7066298048.html
  2. I'm tempted, I have been lurking, looking at this since you posted it. I'd buy if I hadn't just bought a tele 2 week ago. GLWTS
  3. What great timing, I had a guitar lesson last week that ended in us playing a bunch of D Edmunds, N Lowe, Rockpile tunes. That is a really funky acoustic, and her smile while singing is just over the top.
  4. I was pretty psyched for this auction, I have wanted a partscaster for some time, figured I could get one. I saw someone post some info about the 25% fee, and the expected shipping costs, so I figured I would keep that in mind when I bid. So I bid on 3 guitars, the week of the auction, I was outbid, I raised my bid, and was outbid again, tried one more time, and was outbid again. I just decided to pass after that. I was shocked to see the guitars I bid on went for over $1500.00 each. Oh well
  5. This looks interesting, and he will be playing 10 minutes away from me in Norwalk, CT https://www.vrbogrb.com/ Band of Gypsys – Revisited Recorded live at The Fillmore East in New York City N.Y. on December 31st, 1969 & January 1st, 1970, the Band of Gypsys debut recording consisted of six tracks released to the public on March 25th, 1970 – close to fifty years ago. That vinyl record established the template for the Funk & Roll genre. The re-releases, with new tracks & multiple versions of the six tracks from the Fillmore shows, illuminated that Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Buddy Miles never played a tune the same way twice, breaking away from the “note-by-note” live renditions prevalent in Pop & Rock hit songs at that time. This “breaking away” also highlighting BOG’s use of improvisational interplay within the Pop/Rock song structure, which up to that time, had usually been exercised by Jazz musicians. The Vernon Reid Band of Gypsys Revisited Band (VR-BOG-RB) have known each other since 1985, sharing the stage in bands such as the Screaming Headless Torsos, Yohimbe Brothers, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber and The Black Rock Coalition Big Band. Thirty-three years later these four riff-loving playas are fusing to groove once again. In the spirit of revisiting, refreshing and further exploring the fun, funk & roll of the “Band of Gypsys Live at The Fillmore East” recording, Vernon Reid, André ‘Dré Glo’ Lassalle, James “Biscuit” Rouse, and Jared Michael Nickerson as VR-BOG-RB look forward to bringing this limited edition performance to your hamlet, city, town, or county fair.
  6. I logged in and bid on a 2 guitars. Nothing that would blow up my budget. I am really tempted by the Mesa amps too, time will tell.
  7. Spinaltap


  8. That sure is pretty, too bad my new guitar budget is zero for the near future.
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