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    2004 Standard Custom ('59 Burst), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Blue), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Red), 83 Cruisebass (Ice Pearl), 90 Chaparral Bass (Hologlow), 99 B12L (Black), 86 FBIV (Candy Red), 84 B4S (Ice Pearl), 83 Blitzbass (Black), 93 Studio (Blueburst), 80 Special (Light Blue)
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    Main Guitar Amp: Mesa Electra Dyne combo; Main Bass Amp: Mesa Bass 400+ through an Ampeg 810
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  1. Now any band can play Big Bottom!
  2. The Standard and the Mesa Electra Dyne. With a little Maker’s. This picture doesn’t do the flame on the Standard justice.
  3. James Jamerson Michael Anthony Nikki Sixx Tom Petersson Cliff Williams
  4. Did not know that. So maybe he should call them Lucille 1, Lucille 2,... Wait a minute, why does that sound familiar?
  5. One other that’s pretty iconic: BB King’s Lucille.
  6. I think the lowest I ever scored a Hamer for was $360. Man, the deals I passed on though...
  7. Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein, perhaps. Or Paul McCartney’s violin bass, to some. I can’t think of many that are in the same league as Gilmour’s black Strat.
  8. As expected, WELL over Christie’s estimate... David Gilmour's Black Strat Sells for Record-Breaking $3,975,000 at His Charitable Auction https://reverb.com/news/david-gilmours-black-strat-white-strat-and-118-more-sell-at-auction?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  9. My thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the black Strat AND Strat 0001 go over a half a million or more. Heck, they have a Nash Tele he owned valued at $1000 - $2000, which is the value of a Nash WITHOUT being owned by Gilmour
  10. Congratulations - Those are awesome basses!
  11. I’ll take, “Why don’t you buy joself one of those one way tickets to the resurrection” for $1000, Alex...
  12. In all this excitement, I kinda lost track myself...
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