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    2004 Standard Custom ('59 Burst), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Blue), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Red), 83 Cruisebass (Ice Pearl), 90 Chaparral Bass (Hologlow), 99 B12L (Black), 86 FBIV (Candy Red), 84 B4S (Ice Pearl), 83 Blitzbass (Black), 93 Studio (Blueburst), 80 Special (Light Blue)
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  1. Cary

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    East coast, West coast, everyone's hoping he will be FINE soon.
  2. I'm seeing more sellers asking that, but I'm not actually seeing them selling for that.
  3. 1979, AC/DC, UFO, Nazareth and Heart. The next one was 1980, Van Halen. The bar was set pretty high after that.
  4. I'd pull the trigger, but I don't like green. Plus I've already made arrangements to sell both my kidneys to buy that Tom Petersson Standard bass and that hollow-body flametop Cruise bass.
  5. Meh... Needs a matching headstock. And a serial number that makes you think of Rush. And to have been previously owned by a famous author.
  6. I believe you are correct.
  7. I've never bought a guitar from them, but I've never had an issue with the stuff I've ordered from them. Stuff arrives pretty quickly, too.
  8. I worked with a guy that saw Hendrix open for the Monkees at the Col Ballroom in Davenport, IA. Said he felt pretty stupid a year or so afterwards knowing he had booed Hendrix 'cause he was there to see the Monkees... I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn open for Huey Lewis and the News. That was as weird of a pairing as I can remember right now. As for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, in 1979 or early 1980 I was bagging groceries at Jewel in Moline IL, and saw a tour bus parked outside. Spotted two guys checking out, one wearing a ARS tour jacket, booked over, bagged their groceries, and took them out to their bus. They gave me a buck, which I wasn't supposed to accept, but I did anyway - LOL.
  9. The rule of thumb these days (and that's supposedly an offensive saying, BTW), is that if you're not sure, then to be on the safe side you should be offended. -
  10. Totally agree. My wife doesn't have a problem with my purchases, but I still joke about it. And it's not just the guitar community that does this; it's cars, guns, motorcycles, and yeah, purses, shoes, clothing, etc... Like someone said, he can do what he wants on his page, but honestly, if anyone is that easily offended by silly memes or age old jokes, I'm not sure how they function in life without a continuous case of the vapors. It must be absolutely exhausting spending your entire day looking for reasons to be offended.
  11. Cary


    This one.
  12. LOL, I think I need a breathalyzer on my iPad....
  13. I have Schallers and interchange Levys on most of my guitars and basses, but 2 or three of my Hamers I left the Dunlaps and have dedicated Levys straps for those. I thought my Standard deserved its own Levys strap, so that happened... It complicates matters when some of the strap locks are reversed, like on my Standard, Gibson Explorer, Blitz bass, Thunderbird or FBIV... So bottom line, I don’t have a strap for every guitar or bass, but have too many straps and, and probably in many womens’ eyes (e.g., my wife’s eyes) too many guitars. But I digress. And I’m at the beach, and a bit buzzed. So there’s that.
  14. Cary

    sub $2K USA Standard?

    I seem to recall a mahogany Standard a while back for just under $2k, but I haven’t seen a flametop under $2k in years. I’ve seen the occasional one in the low to mid $2000s, but they’re getting rare. There’s on in the classifieds here right now for $2500...
  15. For a second, I thought you were talking about MCChris and the Mean Reds...