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  1. I think every bass and guitar I’ve bought off of Reverb (3 total) was based on an offer. Can’t vouch for how long they were listed, though.
  2. Are you saying it’s some kind of secret that you can use the “Make an Offer” button? My guess is a lot of the stuff on Reverb sells at less than asking price.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, I didn’t know you could do that on Reverb now. Still not a lot of Standards moving recently... As an aside, mine is shown in that group, although I paid significantly less than the asking price :)
  4. Hey, anyone that can answer that question.... What are the winning Powerball numbers for this weekend?
  5. So what’s everyone’s take on the current market for Standards? I see the same few on Reverb for over $4K, but besides that, with a few exceptions, I’m not even seeing much even for sale. Are the sub-$3K Standards being scooped up as soon as they get posted, or are people just hanging on to them? I remember 10 to 20 years ago, there were always Standards for sale at decent prices, although they usually sold right away. Now they are few and far between. I’m just glad I scored one last year for a decent price - I love that guitar, and I’ll probably never let it go...
  6. Now any band can play Big Bottom!
  7. The Standard and the Mesa Electra Dyne. With a little Maker’s. This picture doesn’t do the flame on the Standard justice.
  8. James Jamerson Michael Anthony Nikki Sixx Tom Petersson Cliff Williams
  9. Did not know that. So maybe he should call them Lucille 1, Lucille 2,... Wait a minute, why does that sound familiar?
  10. One other that’s pretty iconic: BB King’s Lucille.
  11. I think the lowest I ever scored a Hamer for was $360. Man, the deals I passed on though...
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