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    2004 Standard Custom ('59 Burst), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Blue), 96 Cruisebass (Candy Red), 83 Cruisebass (Ice Pearl), 90 Chaparral Bass (Hologlow), 99 B12L (Black), 86 FBIV (Candy Red), 84 B4S (Ice Pearl), 83 Blitzbass (Black), 93 Studio (Blueburst), 80 Special (Light Blue)
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    Main Guitar Amp: Mesa Electra Dyne combo; Main Bass Amp: Mesa Bass 400+ through an Ampeg 810
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    Tech 21 BassDriver

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  1. Don’t check in for a couple of days, and I miss something important! Paypal sent (+3%). Thanks, Dave!
  2. Sparkleberry sounds like a My Little Pony themed breakfast cereal.
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of the HFC get togethers 20 years or so ago, and I can attest he’s a good guy, and one of the HFC OGs!
  4. If it’s not too late I’ll take 2 in Black, 3XL. THANKS!
  5. “Dad gifted this to me…” IF this is real (and the fact it’s still listed for sale makes me doubt that), dad should have pulled out…
  6. Personally, I think it’s the ugliest Hamer design. Maybe the ONLY ugly Hamer. It looks like what you’d get if you ordered a Blitz from Wish.
  7. Yeah, definitely an 84. My 4 digit short scale bass is in the low 700s, and logged into the books in May 1984.
  8. That’s awesome! As an aside, the only reason I know how your wife’s name is pronounced is because my wife has a friend with the same name.... But I bet it gets mangled all the time!
  9. That’s a deal! It’s pathetic these basses aren’t going for twice that!
  10. Actually, he sang “I Don’t Wanna Fight” on Echo.
  11. He just responded to a comment on an old Facebook post the other day, so I’m guessing everything is fine.
  12. My guess is he moved out in 2016. But I found his house, with interior pics, and he definitely lived there at one time. All I keep thinking is how freaking cool would it have been to have Robin Zander living next door!
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