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  1. I played out about 6x Aug-Feb so the band isn't completely stale. Nothing until May with about 1/2 of what was expected is already get booked. I suspect the rest for summer will start confirming between now and end of April as more people are seeing it'll be ok. The NBA shutdown was a huge signal last Spring. The MLB and the NBA are both allowing fans in increasing numbers and that helps to create confidence for other decision makers. Also I'm starting to see local festivals, picnics, fairs starting to announce.
  2. I saw that tour in Chicago at Poplar Creek but dont remember much, not even the opening band. Some one and done band that's long gone I'm sure. I also saw Nugent that summer there w/ Alcatraz (Yngwie).
  3. I'd seen a video when they released the Vai module a while back but forgotten about it. I got away from rack systems, sold my Marshall JMP-1 in 2014, but rackmount combined w/ midi switching on rack mount delays, etc. is really not a bad way to go for gigging musicians. Looking at Sweetwater, Synergy also sells single and dual module heads and a combo for more traditional look. Very cool system they're putting together. If/when things pick up for the bands I'm in, I'd probably go with the 2 module, rack or head just for the extreme flexibility.
  4. I was about to not like them but a search on YT yielded this gem posted yesterday. After checking out a bit more from them, I like the attitude, the guitar tone and playing. Cool
  5. Yeah, we got one on New Years Eve too. After that it's not until spring time as far as I know, I hope the vaccine helps the situation. 👍
  6. The four pedals on the right are pre-Vox Tonelab. (boost>vibe>phase>TS9) The mini flanger and eq in the upper left are in the effects loop of the amp. (clean flanger was required for doing Spirit of Radio in a band I'm in) The connection box in the upper right I learned how to make from a Vertex Youtube + diagram on his site. It's great for maintaining cabling, running a 4 cable method, and also will route effects in the loop to regular, front of amp routing depending how you plug into the outside of it. Easy to make too. All mounted to a fairly inexpensive CNB case.
  7. hmm. I opened it on YouTube and see it's posted on the Queen website. That's weird, because that's not Queen. Then I saw a banner celebrating 50 years of Queen , 1971 -2021. I think John Deacon had the right idea. Surely Brian May can stand on his own...or can't he?
  8. I played past Saturday night, the 26th in a rural sort-of biker bar/restaurant. It was quite full of people. Beer was flowing, not a mask in site. I kept my distance from people mostly and didn't shake hands or engage in close talk with people wanting to talk about the band. I'm not afraid to play, but I also keep my distance, which I sort-of do normally do anyway. Nothing else booked yet, although there may be a 2 or 3 dates confirming in Nov/Dec
  9. Not sure this post should go here .....but does anyone have my player grade 81/82(?) transparent red Special? I have no detailed pictures but it has some unique identifiers and I'd know it immediatley. 1) checkerboard headstock 2) some wood flame visible on the top 3) headstock repair. I think it was mostly horizontal, near nut. 4) hole in the top for mini-switch which was filled. It was above knobs, towards the back 5) bridge pickup route crudely 'expanded', although regular humbucker does still fit 6) from Milwaukee/ Chicago area for a
  10. We have one this Saturday, last was July 31. After that...nothing lined up until Spring.
  11. Someday I'll get one again. Sold my sunburst '96 3 hole about 10 or 12 yrs ago. Wasn't playing much and needed the cash.
  12. Yes, that's an '88 Stagemaster I bought i used,,, traded in a white Baretta + cash at a music store for it. Excellent guitar 👍 I think those hockey-stick headstock Baretta's are tough to find now too.
  13. As hard as 1965 cabinets are to come by, one came up for sale 30 minutes from my house on CL. I bought it that same day. Sounds great, looking forward to band rehearsal and a gig in a few weeks.
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