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  1. "...this guitar refuses to play sweet shit.." Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo No, I don't use the second input.
  2. Yeah, there's no shortage of 4x12's out there these days, that's for sure. Guitar forums tend to do that! Seems like I can't help myself from turning on my 'new' 3202 at least once a day,
  3. I've seen comments elsewhere, preferring the 4x10 which is why I ask. I hope you can get your 3203 working better without too much hassle. 👍
  4. Great replies on the thread, I appreciate it. Looks like we've got some current/former owners here @The Shark @tbonesullivan @bubs_42 @Biz Prof @bsteff666 @MCChris The clear expert here might be @butcher with his room full of cabinets, but to all I ask: What's your preferred cabinet with these, and why? I've got some time to wait for a Mashall 1965 (4x10) or Marshall 1966 (2x12) to come up for sale. Other wise I've been thinking about buying something like this StageCraft Blackjack or building a diagonal 2x12. I'd definitely consider a 4x10 if it's that much better. I'm way more familiar with 12 inch speakers, prefer them in 1x combos I've had and frankly, it's less expensive to use two 12s over 4x10s. Goals is getting sound closer to my ears, moving some air, but also having a practical size is my thinking. I got rid of my 4x12 a few years ago and I don't see myself going back them.
  5. Oh my God, that's insane. Also possibly why the cabs are pricey..you're controlling the economy 😲
  6. Yeah, Leon does some good videos. That home made double neck is awesome, thanks for the tip.
  7. In a very strange turn of events I listened to the Balls to the Wall album by Accept on Spotify a couple weeks ago. Been decades since I heard that stuff. His voice hasn't changed much.
  8. Cranking the clean is awesome, I can see an attenuator in my future for sure. I do like the overdrive on this amp, so two usable channels. My other amps are a Classic 30, with a great cleans that break up nicely but an overdrive that really stinks. and a H&K 20th Anniversary where the clean channel is pristine and doesn't break up but the overdrive channel is a little too harsh for me
  9. I got a fair deal on a pretty clean this 30 watt, 80's JCM era, two channel Marshall head. 2 x EL34 tubes, solid state pre-amp, 12AX7 inverter. I like the clean channel, and when cranked up it sounds real good too. The dirty channel only has a volume, gain, and tone but I can get easy good sounds with it. Previous owner had a couple minor mods done, supposedly to make it work & sound better. Not sure what it sounds like without them but this amp sounds great to me. The wattage and physical size, being smaller than a full size head, is a plus to me. Running it thru a 1x12 open back cab with a Legend GB128 at home. Possibly would buy a matching 1965 or 1966 cabinet or maybe build a 2x12. Not sure. Next year should have better prospects for playing Live with it so a bigger cab is not a priority yet. Story is,, I saw this amp on CL in March and set up a time to see it but it was the start of COVID so I backed out. I told the seller I would be sitting tight for a while. He pulled the listing. I didn't know if he had sold it or what. I'd been thinking about the amp for a couple months so at the end of June I found his number to see if he still had it and would sell. No response for two weeks. Then out of no-where he texted back so we got it done. Any other 3203 owners, fans or detractors out there?
  10. I don't worry about tone too much for practicing at home, I have a couple ways I do it, non are very glamorous. If I were concerned about good tones at home I'd probably be using a THR
  11. My two Fender Tex-Mex, Jimmie Vaughn (pre-signature line) Strats....
  12. I'm a big UFO fan and I love the Schenker stuff but the records they did with Chapman post-Schenker; No Place to Run, Wild Willing and Innocent and Mechanix are classic albums and hold up in the band's catalog for sure. (I never got into Making Contact much) I listened to the those three records a lot and he had as big an impact on my playing as any of the heavy hitters in that era. He had speed, taste, great riffs and rhythm playing.
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