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  1. TUSQ have worked great for me so farπŸ‘
  2. Yeah, thanks! I've seen that guitar of yours here and on TDPRI, looks awesome. All my other guitars are 25.5 scale so this one is scratching the 24.75 Gibson itch for the time being. I played it at band rehearsal the other night and tuning was solid. I have a few gigs coming up in a few weeks and suspect it will do great. Yeah, the DD pickups are OK, but the A2's are an improvement for what I like to sound like. I bought a transparent red Hamer Special in high school and did all kinds of stupid things to it...dropped it and broke the head stock, took out the DiMarzio bridge pickup (no idea what I did with it) and put and active EMG in it, and also drilled a hole in the top for a mini switch. Unbelievable. Wound up trading it for a Kramer Pacer in '89. This guitar gets me back to something similar for next to nothing that looks and plays great. I'm happy with it.
  3. I took a year but I'm basically done with this guitar and I pretty happy with it. Looks, plays, and sounds great. Tuning stability was completely solved by installing a TUSQ nut. I possibly could have kept the original in and cut it more but, whatever. The tuners seem fine for now and it stays in tune. For the finish challenges I went at it with a cherry red finish pen from Stew Mac and super glue. Results were pretty good. I was surprised how well it polishes up working up thru 10k grit sandpaper I installed Alnico II '57 humbuckers from Guitar Madness and will probably resell the original Duncan Designed pickups. The GM pickups sound better to me, they are lower output and are clearer sounding.
  4. I wonder when Geddy bought it. At the price Rick paid, I wonder if Geddy lost $$ on it.
  5. Not sure what you guys are seeing as racist...the word dink? My first thought seeing the ad was Jackson / Charvel , dinky guitars. Been around a long time. https://www.jacksonguitars.com/gear/shape/dinky
  6. My tele's have been completely secure in Hercules hangers at home, FWIW
  7. Last time I played Teles at GC I didn't drop any, but it was pretty precarious. Not cool.


  9. For gigging I use Hercules 3 instrument rack, GS523B In the music room I have some Hercules hangers where some, not all the guitars go. Some wind up staying in cases between gigs or for long term storage. The hangers are where the one's in play get put. In my living room I just have a tubular stand or two for acoustic, electric,,whatever is out
  10. I picked up this MIK Sunburst last year pretty cheap, $120, and am finally getting around to making it a player. I'd like to keep investment fairly low into this guitar. I already have a set of A2 humbuckers to try out in it. 1. Tuning stability isn't awesome. - Nut - the existing nut, the B string slot looks like it isn't cut at quite the right angle and that may be causing my tuning issue. However..the nut may or may not be original too. There's finish chipping and cracking starting at the nut on both sides. I wonder if it's from a crappy nut removal? Was thinking about installing a Graphtek. (see pics) - Tuners - The tuners seem..ok..but not great. I'm not one to change tuners, as tuning issues are usually at the nut or bridge. That said, I have Schallers (no idea how/when I got these, they've been in a drawer for years)...but should I bother? What's consensus thought on the stock tuners? I'm not going to drill holes in the head stock if I don't need to. I a tuner swap is worth doing, what else drops in pretty easily? 2. Finish chipping - was thinking about getting cherry red touch up from Stew Mac and then what? super glue, laquer? (see pics) It also has a pretty deep gouge, down to the wood, that I'll have to drop fill.
  11. Hey guys, first time posting here. A few months back I picked up a korean Sunburst and bought Guitar Madness Alnico 2, double cream & zebra pickups for it. The original Duncan Designed are hot and crunchy but are lacking the clarity I like, anyway I want to wire them for coil splitting or series/parallel and I'm deciding what to do with the controls. In my youth I drilled a hole in the top of my '81 Special for a mini toggle when I installed an EMG.....I am NOT making that mistake again πŸ™‚ I want to keep two volumes for sure. If I keep the tone control, then I need to go push/pull or push/push. If I go that route, what pot is the right size to use to fit the cavity? Which do you prefer, push/pull or push/push? I've tried push/pull on Strats twice and find it cumbersome Another option, I rarely (almost never) use the tone control with humbuckers so I could use that spot for a coil split or series/parallel switch. May not look as good, but functionally could be the easiest to use, and install. Or...maybe a rotary switch I can put the knob on? Your opinions and advice are welcome.
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