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  1. No affiliation, a Standard with gold hardware at Spacetone Music in San Antonio Texas. Apparently they’re asking $4,299.00 https://www.facebook.com/100057514335130/posts/pfbid0hBeXthztPVmDN6MjX4jP5fgXPEGg9Bahk93YCXuh6y8zyAPvBuQbyN28CKsNQtQel/?app=fbl
  2. I’m looking for an original truss rod wrench for 80’s / 90’s Peavey guitars. I’ve tried the ones for Gibson and a few sockets but they’re all too thick for one guitar in particular. I have a few Peavey guitars that I’m able to use the aforementioned wrench and/or sockets on all but one guitar - the cavity is too narrow. Thanks!
  3. What are some drawbacks of a “repaired neck and/or heel”? Furthermore, what’s a fair price for a Sunburst with such repairs??
  4. I saw that just yesterday 18 May, and wondered if it had sold or just got removed. Congratulations!! I would have done my best to scoop it up. Lots of cool ones showing up lately.
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