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  1. Awesome!! Unfortunately not the suplex I’m looking for. 😂
  2. Anyone have a Valvetech Suplex they might consider parting with?
  3. There’s a Valvetech VAC 50 head for sale locally and I’m trying to figure out what a fair price might be. I’m thinking $350 would be dreaming... Thanks in advance!
  4. So I finally pulled the pick guard off and here’s what I found. A quick google search tells me they might be Fralin
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I did attempt to remove the pick guard over the weekend when I changed strings, but it appeared to be stuck (with all the appropriate screws removed) where it meets the neck. I tugged on it but very little moved - I didn’t want to deform it so I quit after a few minutes. If you have any tips on removing it I welcome your input. I think I’m in the same camp as you with regard to the weight of guitars. I just try my best to play them - there are very few guitars that I do not like.
  6. This may not be very helpful but.... So, I’m really liking the finish (neck/body really comfortable). Still getting a feel for the pickups (i still haven’t pulled the pick guard off). The weight ????? I don’t have a good/precise scale but it does feel a little on the heavier side - which I don’t mind. I should probably get a good scale - any recommendations? For what it’s worth, I picked up a T51 about a month ago from DGS and that one just jumped out and sang to me straight away. Bonded with it quickly!
  7. Got one just like it last month, it’s definitely a keeper! I have a Tele deluxe, and I’m preferring my T51 over it.
  8. Couldn’t upload higher resolution pics. I’ll try again later.
  9. The Daytona arrived earlier than expected! Looks like it was barely touched. Mother of toilet seat fret markers too j/k.
  10. I bought online, it ships out today. Expecting it to arrive early next week, I’ll try to get some pics.
  11. I did it! First Daytona so I guess I’ll see how it compares to my Strats.
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