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  1. This was to be a grand experiment for me. I wanted a Mac because everyone said they're so great to use for home recording. After nearly 2 years, I still haven't gotten started on that and there are so many other things I dislike about it, I'll never have another one - that's 100% certain.
  2. My mom had The Sting soundtrack when I was growing up and I must have listened to it 1,000 times. Something about that music just gets to me. Dixieland jazz does it too. Watching that second video I realize if I lived 100 more years, I still wouldn't be able to play like that. Humbling for sure.
  3. The reviews I've read say that won't even open with newer versions of the Mac OS, and nobody is getting their money back. Roxio and Apple just point the finger at each other.
  4. OK, I'll Google that. I was able to do that before but it was still a cumbersome process. I'm looking for something along the lines of insert CD to be copied, click copy, insert blank CD, done.
  5. iTunes doesn't exist on my Mac since the last 'upgrade'.
  6. I love Nashes. I can practically hear the twanginess looking at that picture.
  7. I have now looked at at least 10 free apps and even paid software for Macs for the simple function of burning or copying CD's. Literally every one I've researched has tons of negative reviews for anything from not working correctly to not starting up at all to only burning partial songs to not working with the latest Mac OS (I'm on Catalina 10.15.1). I've downloaded 3-4 only to find out the complaints are legit. I have tried many times unsuccessfully to use the Disk Utility native to Macs. I look up the instructions and invariably, 3 or 4 steps they tell you to click on something or change some setting that doesn't exist. Does anybody know a free or low cost option for CD burning on a Mac that WORKS?? Damn, I'm frustrated!
  8. I've actually heard that before too. It reminds that I heard something like 90% of all HDTV screens used to be made by Samsung at one time.
  9. Gorman is a must-have member for me too, and I would agree with you that Rich was not that great when they started out but he can play now IMHO. Even when he wasn't that great a player, he was writing those riffs so I give him some credit for that as well. Live, he is CRAZY LOUD.
  10. Thanks for that. There was a link for Apex strings in that thread. They look promising. $6.40 per set, but $33 shipping to the US. That's not going to work! Not online. Only in store. And as I said, my local GC has removed all the stock tags for DM strings. We have a winner! I'm not sure if I'll get a few sets from these guys or go with Apex strings, which apparently was making DM's Cryongenics for them, and was started by former DM employees in a former DM facility. Thanks for all the input!
  11. 15/85 refers to the bronze percentage in acoustic strings.
  12. Could we do a GoFundMe for them just to stay home? I loved the Black Crowes, especially from the second album through By Your Side. The debut was OK, but not on the same level IMHO. I saw them many times through the years because they seemed to play in my area a lot either for free or cheap. One of those times, they had lost Marc Ford (I think it was him) the previous show and had a new guitarist with them (Luther Dickinson maybe?). Rich was standing over with Luther half the show shouting out chords to him, but Luther did play some good solos. The last time I saw them they were so deep in trying to be a Grateful Dead jam band they were lost. It was literally the only concert I've ever walked out on in my life. Judging from internet buzz and the postings of my friends who don't know any better/don't care, they will do killer business on this tour and make a shload of cash and I think that's what it's all about for them this time around anyway.
  13. This is not a reunion - it's a cash grab. No thanks.
  14. Yep, I used those... ...and these, and Magnums. Loved them all. So true! Been through that a few times with those products and others.
  15. I've been using Dean Markley strings since the dawn of time. About 2 years ago I ordered a bunch of sets from Sweetwater, but they went on backorder and literally months later someone from there called to say they didn't know when they would get more. At the local GC, I watched as the inventory grew smaller and disappeared but the spot where DM strings were supposed to go remained - until today. They've taken away the placeholders and expanded the offerings from other brands. They don't have any and said they don't anticipate getting any more. Anybody know what's happening? Is Dean Markley out of the string business for good?
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