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  1. They played Richmond, VA the night before. You guys really did a good job covering it! A few comments... I've seen pics of the crowd in Atlanta and some other shows and Richmond looks like the only one that didn't sell out. That's a little disappointing because it probably lessens the chance of him playing here if he tours again. I do understand it though, because years ago he was supposed to play here and there was a huge buzz about it but he cancelled at the last minute. People were making comments all over FB about it and how they weren't counting on him being here this time. Richmond also had reserved seating, and even though my two friends and I just got our tickets last week, we were in the 7th row. There were PLENTY of empty seats in front of us. I would estimate the venue was about half full. He opened the show with some genial chitchat to the audience including paying tribute to Ted McKenna and Paul Raymond which was very nice. Unfortunately before he played a note he mentioned how he had not been credited for songs he wrote with Scorpions like Holiday, which he then proceeded to play and sing unaccompanied. I was surprised to hear he has a decent voice and he provided backup vocals on several songs through the night. I just felt like the Scorps comment was a lousy follow-up to the tributes to his ex-bandmates. After about a minute of Holiday, they segued into Doctor Doctor and Graham Bonnet, Robin McCauley, and Gary Barden joined the band onstage, each singing a verse and backing up each other. Bonnet's voice was nothing short of amazing! He's surprisingly tiny but he can absolutely belt his lungs out at 71 years old. McCauley was no slouch either, but as ZR noted for the Atlanta show, Gary Barden seemed to have a harder time. He was still great, but he struggled a few times. Doogie White didn't come out until about three quarters of the way through the show when he joined the other three singers. I'd never seen the guy before, and unfortunately he was just out of the spotlight so the rhinestones on his blousey kilt top didn't reflect any light. He's a bit overweight and standing outside of the spotlight the kilt just looked like a bathrobe. I wondered if he was on drugs, sick, just woke up or what. The other singers and Michael didn't seem to bat an eye so I figured they knew what his deal was. When Doogie got his turn to sing lead by himself, he moved into the light and you see he was wearing a stylized kilt. He was over-the-top trying to get the audience into the performance, wildly running around and trying to get us to clap on every song and his voice is not as good as McCauley's or Bonnet's. I REALLY disliked him at first but then he spoke to the crowd and I heard that Scottish accent and I realized he's just a wild-ass Scot! My mom's family history is Scottish so after that I cut him some slack and liked him more and more as the night went on. The rest of the band were outstanding. Bassist Chris Glen has a little trouble moving around because he's gained a lot of weight, but he was mugging, leaning down to get into pics, and having a blast all night. In fact, all the singers and Michael seemed to be having the time of their lives as well. Michael's smile never dipped in the least. As ZR noted, the singers displayed genuine affection for each other and were laughing and smiling, joking and cutting up with each other all night. In the middle of the show, unfortunately Michael decided to make another negative speech aimed squarely at his brother Rudolf. Again he mentioned the songwriting, said that Rudolf had asked to borrow his V when they were young, asked if he could use the black/white paintjob, dying his hair blond, and even that as the older brother Rudolf should have taken better care of him. He came right out and accused Rudolf of wanting to be him! All of that might be true, but it doesn't need to be part of an otherwise uplifting, fun night. However, Michael played his ass off; just totally on fire the entire night! The first three or four songs the sound was a bit of a mushy rumble with too much bass and bass drum, but they got it dialed in after a while and Michael's always excellent tone cut right through. He played four different Dean V's, three in variations of black and white and one that was multi-colored which I liked a lot. As mentioned above, they more or less took a chronological walk through the solo stuff with some UFO sprinkled in and closed the night with four UFO songs. He did three instrumentals including Captain Nemo which is one of my personal favorites of his. A friend of mine hung out by the buses after the show and met Robin McCauley and Chris Glen who he said was hilarious. He did seem like a fun guy on stage so it cool to know he's a good guy offstage as well. This was my first time seeing Schenker live, and I can't remember a show at which the actual performance exceeded my expectations by so much. I would recommend seeing Schenker with whatever band he puts together if he comes around your way in the future. I know I certainly will.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out; that would have been the more appropriate route. My bad. Now I see he's saying he doesn't pay more than $100 a pedal and mine would be much higher than that so no need for any private messages. I was able to delete that post.
  3. Cool! I didn't realize he played so much on that one. I'll have to check it out. I'm still guessing there's another one since that one came out long ago and his comments about the unreleased one were more recent. To the Google machine!
  4. Different album then I guess. He recorded a full album on guitar with Dave that has never been released. atlantig's post above tells a little more about it that I didn't know. He's talked often how he hopes one day it will come out, but it doesn't look like it's going to.
  5. Gorch, his album with DLR was never released (although I'd sure like to hear it). He has solo releases that show off his crazy playing. He played at a tiny place in my town a year or so ago and I didn't go but some of my friends posted videos. His playing is so wild and creative I just sit and laugh when I watch it. Although I know literally not one song of his, if he ever plays here again I'll go. I first realized how good he was when he was the guest guitarist on an episode or two of That Metal Show. I'm not a big shred-head or fan of stunt guitar, but I do like John 5 and Paul Gilbert. I think it's because they both display a good sense of humor.
  6. Wow! No You've Got Another Thing Coming, but they DID do Take These Chains. Nice deep cut!
  7. I've seen quite a few of these. John 5 is an unbelievable guitarist, yet every time he plays one of these iconic instruments he seems genuinely in awe and respectful of the original player. Great talent and even greater humility.
  8. A friend recommended Everybody Loves a Happy Ending to me a few years back and I love that one. I'll have to check out more of their stuff. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. They're playing in Richmond, VA tomorrow night. I've never seen them live, but I'm still on the fence about it. Michael Schenker is going to be here 5/15 - now THAT I'm going to see.
  10. Hmmm... should I get 5 of these so when it goes out of print I can get $100 each for them?
  11. OK, I checked actual sales on eBay and the Phil Collen models are going for about what you'd expect, NOT the ridiculous asking prices of the current listings. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but most of the ones listed currently are in Japan.
  12. Wow! People are asking crazy money for the black Phil Collen Destroyers on eBay. Over $2000 for the low end one like I had! I paid (no joke) $350 for mine with the original case. I think I got about the same when I sold it. The high end models are priced at $3000-7,000. I know asking ain't getting, but that's crazy.
  13. I was impressed with her control over the looper, but it took right at 2 minutes before she actually started singing. Not for me. I wouldn't want to do that, and I wouldn't want to see a musician doing that in front of me, but nobody asked my ancient ass. And get off my lawn!
  14. lol. Same here! The rhythm of the lyrics were just begging for "and then you die". Kudos to them for avoiding such an obvious line.
  15. Man, I loved them when I was young. Phil Collen was still cool and of course Iron Maiden played them too. The first Explorer-style guitar I ever wanted was actually the Destroyer. I liked the little points at the bottom and lower horn. Gibson even did something similar with the Explorer XPL that was out around '84-'86. I had one of the low end Phil Collen models with the dot neck (DT155?) at one point for a few years.
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