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  1. I've been allowed to telework up to 4 days a week for a few years and now with COVID concerns they have waived the requirement for to report to the office even one day a week. Coupled with not being able to go out anywhere, I now find myself thinking of all the "stuff" I would like to have owned at one point or another. Some of the things that have crossed my mind have been: korina Vector cherryburst Les Paul Marshall 50-watt head for my AC/DC tribute (TBH I was already looking for one of these) a smaller footprint delay pedal to replace my Line 6 DL4 new pedalboard build (one complete, one in progress) I also have a few things to sell, but listing things to sell is harder than shopping for things to buy so I haven't done it yet. Anybody else experiencing lockdown GAS?
  2. I'm listening to Neck and Neck this very minute.
  3. Love it! I have one just like it but yours is in better shape. Mine's a '74 or '75 I got about 10 years ago from the original owner.
  4. I commented to my wife that the production and music to the songs was as good as anything on country radio these days. I also thought Ting would probably know some of the people in the doc, but I figured if he appeared in it he would have already told us so here so I wasn't looking for him.
  5. "It means some asshole's got my pen!"
  6. I agree. I was loving all the pre-Eliminator footage. Not to rag on Eliminator; I really do like that album, but seeing stuff from before that is so much more rare.
  7. Our bass player has mentioned Flick of the Switch a few times. I'd be into that.
  8. My nightmare every time I've bought a guitar online.
  9. Just a note about whole house humidifiers - I have one and in the winter it never makes it to 45-55%. I'm in VA where the winters are not THAT bad, so maybe my unit is too small for the house. Make sure you get one that will work for the size house you have. Today the outdoor humidity is 85%, my humidifier is set to 60%, and my inside humidity is 40%.
  10. Nothing that deep but good on you for knowing some of that - I'm impressed! I'd love to do Live Wire, Down Payment Blues, What's Next to the Moon, Gone Shootin', Up to My Neck In You, Go Down, and Overdose to name a few. Our Angus has suggested Dog Eat Dog, High Voltage, Big Balls, and Can I Sit Next To You Girl. Our drummer (who's 10 years younger than the rest of us and discovered AC/DC around Razor's Edge) has mentioned Stiff Upper Lip, Hard as a Rock, Big Gun, and Moneytalks. A couple that we're not doing that you would expect are The Jack and Jailbreak. AC/DC fans should know everything we do but some that casual fans probably don't are Beating Around the Bush, Riff Raff, Bad Boy Boogie, Walk All Over You, Problem Child, Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be, and the non-hit Back in Black stuff like Givin' the Dog A Bone, What Do You Do For Money Honey, Let Me Put My Love Into You, and Shake A Leg. I can't wait to add the rest of the Highway to Hell stuff. That's my favorite album of all time. We need to pick up Touch Too Much, Get It Hot, Love Hungry Man, and Night Prowler. We've played around with all of those except Get It Hot and everything else we already do.
  11. I've heard OF both qobuz and Tidal but I haven't checked them out yet. Good to see a couple of people whose opinions I respect are using them. How is the music availability compared to services much more mainstream and with a zillion subscribers like Amazon Music or Spotify?
  12. Thanks a ton, Mathman! I've saved them all in the hope that we'll still get to play the gig - it's not until July. Obviously a lot of things are being cancelled including three gigs I had this month. The first one was at an outdoor St. Patrick's Day event that draws 40,000+ people and would have been the biggest crowd I've ever played in front of and likely ever will. I was bummed, but safety first. They did say if they reschedule and we're available, they still want us to do it.
  13. We're up to about 33 or 34 songs now I think. We've just finished learning the last couple we WEREN'T doing from Back in Black so we can play the album start to finish as a special set. This year is the 40th anniversary of its release. The only other Brian Johnson era songs we do currently are For Those About to Rock (that's the name of the band) and Thunderstruck. The rest are Bon Scott songs. We do 6 off of Highway to Hell and are going to learn the last 4 next so we can do that album in its entirety too. We want to promote some shows as "To Hell and Back" and play HtH and BiB start to finish.
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