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  1. I'm going to be in San Antonio one day, Austin for two, and outside of Dallas in a town called Grapevine for four days. Are there any "must see" guitar stores in those areas? I'm also going to pass through Fredericksburg and Waco while traveling and could probably make a quick stop.
  2. All kinds, my friend. It seems that the Richmond area has decided 20 independent BBQ restaurants is just not enough and I agree! New ones keep springing up all the time. Almost every one of them has at least a NC-style sauce and their own non-vinegar based style. Coming from a small town near the NC line, I have always preferred NC style sauce but so few really get it right. Most places around here these days have several different sauces. I'll put a little of sauce 1 on my sandwich, have a couple of bites, and move on to sauce 2, and so on. Some of my favorite BBQ places are Jake's Pla
  3. Send me a message next time. There are many BBQ places around here that are KILLER! Which one did you go to?
  4. I don't know if "blown away" is the right word but certainly pleasantly surprised by the Darkness at the 9:30 in DC. They were tight as hell and hilarious. It was a very fun show. The humor and the tightness reminded me of a more campy OTT version of a Kix show. Jeff Beck at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA - I was very near the stage at times and I've never seen anyone play guitar better than that guy. It's like whatever sound he has in his head comes out automatically with no effects, not even picks. He did use a slide on a couple of songs.
  5. Smashing Pumpkins - crazy loud wash of shit sound and at one point they did a sort of breakdown in a song where Billy Corgan just repeated the line "the eyes of the jackal are upon you!" about 100 times screaming it, whispering it, emphasizing different words or syllables. It was the dumbest damn thing I've ever seen and a huge waste of time. Deftones - could not distinguish a single sound. It was just a horrible roar for the entire duration. Van Halen - someone mentioned the first reunion shows with Wolf having terrible sound and that was my experience too. At times Ed, Al, and W
  6. Just be yourself, be polite and sincere and maybe try something a little witty when you ask. Suggest something casual like coffee at first. If they still don't want to date you accept it and move on. 😂
  7. I know it's heresy, but Metallica really disappointed me on And Justice for All. I thought it was too much "kitchen sink" of riffs and time changes, and it didn't sound good to me. Some songs were good but it was too much of too much. I know they had a lot of fans scratching their heads with the black album, but I liked that one. After that, I've never liked anything they did enough to listen to it more than once or twice and not buy. I'd add Aerosmith to the list. I loved them all the way through and yes, including, Rock in a Hard Place. I thought Done With Mirrors was a little wea
  8. They're all so slow, careless, or unreliable and eBay fees so high that I'm considering only selling locally from now on. The only exception would be to list here, but I'm also going to avoid using PayPal from now on due to the 1099K form problem I started a thread on recently.
  9. That was my first thought too, but after a punch in the nose caused some swelling.
  10. I have two Customs, a Standard, a Goldtop Deluxe, a Special, and an XPL. Pickguards on the Customs, Deluxe, and Special, off on the Standard, and the XPL never had one. It depends on the guitar and the color/finish. As for what models are good or better than others, I have found LP's to be inconsistent. SG's too. I have played $6000 ones that I thought were garbage and $500 ones that were magic. People always love my Standard which is an '81 and should be sub-Standard (pun intended) since it's Norlin-era but it's my favorite one. With Gibsons, I think it's a must to pick it up and p
  11. According to the information included with the 1099K itself, the conditions that require it to be issued are over $20k in sales (nope), over 200 transactions (nope), or accepting credit cards as payment (this must be the problem). Evidently if a person pays PayPal with a credit card and then PayPal pays you, that counts as you getting paid with a credit card which of course is BS. I consulted with a friend who is a recently retired 40-year IRS employee and he gave me a way to handle it, but he couldn't guarantee I wouldn't be asked about it later. I'm going to try it but it sure does so
  12. I had never seen, much less received, this form before but PayPal sent me one for my sales on eBay during 2020. It seems like they think I have a "business" which I don't, but I know it will be reported to the IRS too so I am researching now to find how to report this on my tax return. It sucks that in addition to eBay fees, PayPal fees, and shipping costs now the amount received from selling my own personal stuff will be taxed as income too. If anyone knows how this is handled on the federal tax return, please post.
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