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  1. The band Snakecharmer with Micky Moody and Neil Murray was pretty good too.
  2. I'm not so sure Vince is sentinent.
  3. The descending chords in the verses over the bass pedaling A reminded me of Secrets by Van Halen, but that's in D.
  4. The Van Halen News Desk, where one would assume the admins are big fans, posted links to every song he did that night. I watched snippets of 6 or 7 and just stopped in sadness. I absolutely HATED DLR in Van Halen's early years but I liked the band so I went and saw them live. He was so funny and entertaining AND sang reasonably well that I did a 180 on him and thought he was one of the best frontmen ever. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I feel bad for the guy. I think he should do a podcast or write another book, but he should hang up the singing at this point in his life. The person doing the most damage to his reputation as a singer at this point is him.
  5. I made it through the intros and 2 minutes of the music. Over the years, I've tried to like this band because they the favorite band of one of my best friends and former bandmates and we agree on music 99% of the time. I just can't warm up to them, and the more I see (like this video) the less I like them.
  6. Paging James Hetfield... I think he already has a Bullitt replica, but he has the bucks to get this too.
  7. Let some seldom used gear go, build a new pedalboard, practice more.
  8. At my local GC, that seems to be the amp return of 2019. Every time I went in there to peruse the used stuff, there was at least one and sometimes more.
  9. Those fell under the category of "cool looking, but not for me". They kind of remind me of Gibson RD's.
  10. I bought my tickets yesterday, and I'm seriously considering seeing them in DC on 11/11 also. They played at JMU (James Madison University before anyone asks) in '86 or '87 and I was on the "Concert Committee" which basically meant "free roadie" and helped set up their show along with many others. All their road cases and some other equipment were stenciled "AC/DC" which was cool because they were and still are my favorite band.
  11. I have to disagree somewhat that CT is not past their prime. Rick DID used to jump around like a lunatic on stage and that doesn't happen anymore (not that I think it should). Tom is always the same as he ever was, and Robin can definitely sing although if you've ever seen him have an off night, it's REALLY off! The last time I saw them, Rick played so bad it was like he had been playing for about 6 months. I'm not ragging - just reporting. CT is easily one of my favorite bands of all time and I'm in a CT tribute band so I'm not hating on them.
  12. Physically, DLR seems like a VERY healthy person despite all his "Jack Daniels, cigarettes, and big greasy cheeseburgers" diet brags over the years. He's lost it vocally but he obviously enjoys being out there. I hope I have his energy at his age - I sure don't have it now! It's a sad situation for Ed, but he's probably got hours and hours of unreleased music stashed away. He could release some of that or just be a studio recording artist - he doesn't need to go on the road. It's just sad to see such a once mighty band just fizzle out.
  13. I don't mean to be too hard on One Hot Minute. I really liked Jane's Addiction with Navarro, but RHCP with him just didn't quite work for me. Some decent songs on that one but when I decide to listen to a Chili Peppers album, 75% of the time it's Uplift Mofo Party Plan for me.
  14. I have everything through Blood Sugar Sex Magik, so I'm good. OK, I have One Hot Minute too but I don't play it.
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