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  1. tommy p

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    That has to be concerning for ol' Joe. When Aerosmith got clean and got their second wind, he looked like a gym rat. Of course, that's been 25+ years ago now but it seemed like he was still taking care of himself.
  2. tommy p

    Saw Zebra Last Night

    YEARS ago when the internet was a new and novel thing, I searched for Zebra and found they had a site. At the bottom of the page were email addresses to each of the guys which I thought had to be BS. I wrote to the one for Randy and asked if the song Who's Behind the Door was in open G because I had messed around with it over the years and couldn't get it to sound right in standard tuning. To my surprise, I got a response from Randy saying yes, the song is in open G and complimenting me for figuring that out and he included the tab for it! I'd love to see them live sometime but living in VA I'm guessing it won't happen unless some day I happen to be further south and our paths miraculously cross.
  3. Great band, great song, great cover. If this is the trial run, you'll kill it when you go for real.
  4. 1980, Pat Benatar ETA: I had seen several country music shows before that with my parents. Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner, Willie Nelson, etc. but PB was the first rock show I saw. Second and third were Loverboy/Huey Lewis and Blackfoot/Def Leppard (High n' Dry tour with Pete Willis!)/Johnny Van Zant but I can't remember which one I saw earlier.
  5. Rossington mentions at about 5:40 that his signature Peavey amp is based on the Mace! 😂
  6. tommy p

    Quarter-sawn for idiots.

    Great video. I never knew what it meant either.
  7. tommy p

    Coupla program on AXS that weren't half bad

    Man, I miss AXS. I moved 4 years ago and it's unavailable on the cable system at my new house.
  8. tommy p

    NBD: Nashguitars PB63

    I always loved the Nash guitars I saw pics of online, and a couple of years ago finally got to see some and play them in person at Carter's in Nashville. I think I may get one as a retirement gift to myself in a couple of years.
  9. tommy p

    NSOS? I'd have to disagree.

    I am with you 100%. That kid singer on America's Got Talent that everybody was comparing to Janis Joplin absolutely sucked, and I just saw a video of some young girl playing Eruption at warp speed -- unnecessary. I have no idea why people are so impressed by someone that has put a million hours into playing some difficult piece instead of actually playing music. It's just like they're doing finger exercises.
  10. tommy p

    New Gibson CEO

    All kidding aside, I hope he's able to turn Gibson around. They made the guitars that made me want to play and watching their decline over the years was sad to me.
  11. That's right up my alley. I love hockey stick headstocks on LP-style guitars.
  12. tommy p

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    No Kahler - no sale.
  13. It's a better documentary than that, but it gets pretty deep emotionally especially the interview with Artimus Pyle (one of the coolest southern rock names ever).
  14. I know this has been covered by someone before, but isn't AMS the same thing as Guitar Center? In my experience, they've been pretty accommodating on returns.