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  1. I had a Nomad 2x12 combo and just looking at this gives me a backache. I ended up putting wheels on mine. I have to ask - what's it weigh?
  2. Top of my Wish List, but too pricey for me. Anybody want to chime in what these are normally going for these days?
  3. At least his ad doesn't say "DON'T TRY TO LOWBALL ME OR TELL ME WHAT I HAVE! I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!"
  4. AC/DC - Back in Black tour I was (and am) a massive AC/DC fan but didn't get BiB when it first came out because I didn't think they would be as good with a new singer. I didn't care much for You Shook Me All Night Long when it was released either. Over the summer, a friend contacted me because he had tickets to their show in Norfolk (or VA Beach) and said if I would drive the ticket was free. I turned the offer down! Over the course of the next few months I heard more and more of the album as my friends were buying it and eventually relented and bought it myself. Needless to say, I f
  5. All black and white videos too...I guess makes them look extra sensitive. I'll add any version of Wagon Wheel, including local bands who say they "put their own spin on it". No, you don't. Your version sucks just as much as the original.
  6. I don't know, man, that looks pretty 'sharky' to me. I say the purchase is totally justified.
  7. This is my "Malcolm" board for my AC/DC tribute band. I don't even use the EP Booster anymore so that will be coming off. The Drop pedal is for certain Brian Johnson-era songs.
  8. Glad you landed on your feet! You're going to have a much nicer winter this year.
  9. Thanks. It didn't show up in my own "past activity" for some reason after it was moved, hence the repost. I was definitely confused.🤔🙃🤪
  10. I didn't even say before, but it's a CD box set. I've got 3400+ posts, met some of the guys on here in person, bought and sold with no issues, and donated to support the site. Not a word of warning or reason why given. I'm lost.
  11. I asked if someone living in Canada could help me with a purchase on Amazon CA that they wouldn't ship to the US and asked for PM's to get details. Why would that be deleted?
  12. I didn't realize that was him singing until I came back to this thread. For some reason, I thought he has said he was having guest singers. I'm even more impressed now. I agree with Jakeboy that it sounds like modern rock, but modern rock I actually like. It gives me high hopes for the full album which I'm sure I would have bought anyway but now there's more excitement about it than trepidation.
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