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  1. I see some name jokes have already been posted, but Buzzy Shishkov sounds like the perfect name for a defensive lineman from the 1973 Chicago Bears to me.
  2. Ed, "they quit the world" is one of the saddest phrases I've ever read. Brought me to tears. Congrats on your own sobriety and thank you for all the help you have been able to provide others. I have never had the problem myself but I have a few family members that have.
  3. Cinderella's touring keyboard player, Gary Corbett, died either the same day or the day after. He had also toured with Kiss. Horribly sad coincidence. That interview with Jeff about the cruise is a tough read. He was so self-aware and didn't make excuses at all. He just owned up and basically said "my condition and my actions were my own fault" and you could tell he was very sad about it. They haven't released cause of death yet but I really hope it's not another Jani Lane "he drank himself to death alone" story.
  4. My brother-in-law's cousin is Mike's wife. Maybe he'll just give me a few of his guitars he's not using anymore. I wish!
  5. I've heard only two before. It would be good if anyone knew for certain and if/how they differentiate the manufacturing of the brands of strings they make.
  6. I always used Dean Markley 10-46 and switched from the regular to the Cryogenics or Blue Steels when the regulars became hard to find. Last year, EVERYbody sold out of every kind of Dean Markleys and couldn't get any more so I asked some of my local guitar buddies what they were using and two of them recommended String Joys which I haven't tried yet. I just checked Sweetwater and it looks like they are getting Dean Markleys back in now.
  7. So I guess the seller, after not selling them on Reverb, decided to put them on consignment at a store for a huge markup so the store can make money too. Solid plan. 🙄
  8. I've been looking for a korina Vector for a good while now. Too bad about those prices. I noticed for some reason they used the same pic of the back of the headstock for both guitars - same serial number. All the other pics appear to be different.
  9. A friend gave me an Ibanez CS-9 years ago and I've never needed anything else. I even bought a second one here from Len because mine was acting weird at one point (I got it fixed so now I have two). I use it for a very slight chorus on a couple of solos and with both knobs at about 2:00 for a nice rotary effect on a couple of others. Other choruses seem to suck out some high end but the CS-9 doesn't. Here's a good comparison of the Boss CE-2 vs. the CS9.
  10. Yeah, I've been asked to do the Angus role in a few startup attempts at an AC/DC tribute but I've always said "No, I would want to be Mal." He's my favorite guitarist. I've played with and heard dozens of people trying to play AC/DC with too much distortion and weedly-wee on the guitar and I just walk away shaking my head. I think Malcolm is THE reason they sounded like they did and I try to get his tone as close as I can. That is a weak point in many an AC/DC cover. Rick is probably my second favorite guitarist for completely different reasons. His song structures, melodicism, personality, and sense of humor drew me to him. He can do ridiculously simple stuff like Southern Girls and then throw something at you like the break in Dream Police or the intro to High Priest of Rhythmic Noise and the whole time he never takes himself too seriously. The complete opposite of Mal who ruled with an iron fist! I'm very lucky that I get to portray two of my favorites, and I'm very happy that we are now going to play gigs together. We had always wanted to but I had some foot problems and then broke my foot and wrist in an accident so everyone was worried I wouldn't be able to do both bands in one night. The gig last weekend was a test. It was NOT easy, but I think I did OK. My foot held up but my playing was not great. I was a bundle of nerves. But I take it in stride too. My favorite Nielsen quote is from when an interviewer asked him if he needed any certain equipment to get his sound and he said "No, I can make pretty much anything sound lousy." That's me!
  11. My Cheap Trick tribute opened for my AC/DC tribute for the first time this past weekend. We'll be doing some more gigs together in the future. Here's a ticket stub and pick, and me as Rick in the first band and Malcolm in the second.
  12. I'm selling my two-pickup version, but not for that low! That's a steal if you like that model. That's the only "look" I didn't like. The two-pickup ones look cool, and the one with the silver buttons where the controls used to be and holes where the pickups used to be are the ones I like. These with one pickup but no holes just look odd to me.
  13. I accidentally said I had a DOD Drop Box in my OP, but it's actually this Digitech. Thanks for the suggestion on the Pitchfork. This is my AC/DC tribute band, so no drum solos or keyboards at all! I only need to go a half step and it's for about a third of what we do.
  14. That's THE Van Halen guitar I would want if I was ballsy enough to play one. I don't come anywhere close to his tone and I never learned the tapping technique enough for it to be of any use in my playing, so I stay away from guitars that might make people think I can actually play!
  15. That would have been quite the bargain at $450! It's up to $710 now. I'm very interested to see how much takes it.
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