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  1. That actually works out really well all the way around because we found her a fantastic guitar today locally for not much, so I'm glad you're keeping yours, and she's really bonded with this one already, good results all the way around
  2. Would appreciate any thoughts regarding model and year that this was made thanks!
  3. 9 and 11, and they were sticking..maybe widen a little?
  4. That sounds good! If you were to take off the pickguard is it finished underneath, gloss black? In st paul mn, 55109
  5. Thanks, I suspected as much so I haven't touched either of them yet.. do you find you have to lubricate the slots ever? And if so what do you recommend? I just restrung my new tle and the high e and B were sticking
  6. Will do, definitely going to play it for a while before any changes Nice! Mine is red sparkle, was poking around looking for something else and came across that at a Guitar Center in Florida for a really cheap price, so my hamer USA family continues to grow
  7. Possibly, could you post pics and I'll show her? I think the solid black/white binding is gorgeous
  8. Great ideas, thanks guys! Going to look up that pick up tonight, I wasn't aware of that one
  9. I'm getting the feeling both of these FB ads are scams; f anyone on the board has one to sell please let me know, thank you all so much :)
  10. Thank you so much:) looking forward to getting this What do people switch the single coils to for a better match/sound?
  11. Stonge if you find them could I get a few also? Couple are loose on my schaller
  12. I just picked this up from GC - it is being shipped to my local store. Would this be a 1990? I'm unfamiliar with Centaura's, could the experts chime in with any details/specs about this model? What pickups assuming it is stock..what is the switch for (the other one, not the 5 way)...likes and dislikes of this model? Thanks so much Chris
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