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  1. Make an offer on the US one if you like it, make it contingent on shipping to the uk.. it has been on reverb for 7 months, he might be a little more open to such things now
  2. But you could put together a gourmet ice cream treat on it really well!
  3. Why remaster? How is it going to get any better than recorded to tape? I'm really curious on this topic
  4. 350, wow that is a score! That guitar would be relieved if someone stripped it and refinished it, that piece of mahogany didn't ask for that 🤣
  5. Finished pictures please! that control cavity looks like a gateway to another dimension
  6. The only thing to know about the air tag is that it triangulates off other Apple devices, it is not linking to satellites, so if someone takes the guitar out in the boonies it isn't going to work.. having said that there are many many Apple devices on the planet and this ought to work great There are $18 versions on Amazon that use the same network, this is pretty much a disposable price
  7. My two cents, you've got to be specifically looking for that finish... many people will not get excited by that at all
  8. Jon I just reused the ad that I bought it from; this is still for sale to the hfc, I don't have it on reverb
  9. Guitar Center has a nice green one if anyone is still jonesing for a Diablo
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