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  1. https://reverb.com/item/33659870-hamer-californian-double-neck-electric-guitar-in-red-sparkle-with-case Weights only 13 pounds.
  2. I have on from 2007, and it has a small tendency. I wouldn't call it neck dive, it's more like the balanced position is closer to the first image than to the second: Best guitar I've ever owned.
  3. Spectrum? You'll be amazed with the Amstrad 286 speed
  4. Yes - Close to the Edge Mike Oldfield - Platinum And side 2 of Pink Floyd's Meddle too
  5. Very cool guitar, original but pleasant to see. And Priest + Maiden for the first concert, great start.
  6. Wow, nice grain and color. Looks much better on your pic.
  7. I'm starting to remember why I haven't played that thing in years. On the other hand, no neck dive on this one.
  8. Yes, standard tele body using 1 mm steel sheets (1/25 ' if that makes any sense). Weights 11 lb, heavy but still usable.
  9. Was Jol on vacation when you ordered that one? Incredible guitar, by the way
  10. 1989 Hamer Chaparral 2007 Hamer Artist custom order 2014 Rickenbacker 4003 2003 PRS Santana SE 2009 DIY Telecaster with steel body 2012 Danelectro Dano 63 double neck guitar + bass (DIY) 2017 Explorer bass kit (DIY) The weird ones:
  11. Very cool! Maybe a bit harsh in the highs of some of them? Could be the youtube audio. Great job anyway!
  12. Thanks to everyone! Yes, the Artist was a custom order from 2007, with ebony fingerboard and and crown inlays. I bought to the original owner, who said to me that he liked the 25th anniversary one, but ordered this way because he didn't truly believe he can customize it. I think he nailed it, it does not have a flametop like others I have seen, but I like the simple look it has. A closest photo of the fingerboard, I think it matches great with the red color. As we say in spanish, it's darker than a cricket's armpit 😄: The Chaparral is from 1989, and was nearly NOS. I didn't know that when I bought, the photos on the add were a bit blurry - I was lucky on that one.
  13. Hi, I'm new here, I registered a few months ago but didn't write until now. My english is not very good, so I read more than I write. I knew Hamer by chance, after some years playing bass I returned to guitar and started looking for a guitar locally. Someone was selling an Artist, so I search for some info and ended here in this forum and was convinced. I finally bought the guitar and was greatly impressed by the quality and the sound: Some months later I found a good deal on a Chaparral, so the family grew a little more. Is also and incredible instrument, both clean and in thrasher mode. I found amazing that Hamer gets so little attention, but I suppose is better for us 😁. Now I'm getting some serious GAS about a bass, and yesterday almost bought a B12L, but I though it was too pricey and let it pass. I know one day I will get one. I'm happy I found this forum, I like the atmosphere and humour I'm seeing here.
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