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  1. (Tom squirms wildly at his desk, waving hs hand madly) OOOH! OOOH! I know that one!!! On the Ocarina, even!!!!
  2. He oughta do a duets album with John Mayer. The girls would go twice as apeshit and I'd be twice as befuddled as to what it is about these guys, and also have twice as many mumbled lyrics to ignore.
  3. Craig, I've got one with a plastic barrel, and one right-angle one. If those will help you, send me your e-dress and I'll get them off to you.
  4. Just sell me a couple of checkerboard cases. Boy, just when I was thinking about dumping all my 'toy' guitars and science experiment platforms.....
  5. I'm just wrapping up a deal with Zoner for SOMETHING LOUDER. I'll be ready.
  6. Nudder Graphic Special, rescued from Stonge's Island of Misfit Hamers...
  7. I'm blanking on the name of the guy who worked for Fender at the time, but he headed up the employee group that bought Fender back from CBS. This Strat was his baby, a series of cutbacks to pull the company back from the brink of bankruptcy. That bridge was an abortion. I was in a band with a guy who had one of those when they were new. One night, the whole damn bridge pulled out of the guitar in mid-song. I guess the cutbacks to save the company worked, and, to that end, so did the guitar, but my experience with it was less than inspiring.
  8. I've found it at my local Ace Hardware.
  9. What kind of stickers? Here's my faves.... Sticker Giant Just the thing for that $100 beater...
  10. Yeah that was fun. Six guys and one chick, all in black leather huddled around a table getting ignored and yelling at each other I don' be smokin' Dave
  11. Happy Birthday to a great guy and a fearless man. Have a great one Gary, I'm 8 days behind you.
  12. Marty, sell it as a little 'weekend getaway'. A mini-vacation. Worked like a charm on Most Esteemed Redhead and we had a blast.
  13. In about 1956, my folks took me to a rodeo. We were way up in the nosebleed section and I don't really remember all that much about it. What I do remember was that, during intermission, a three-piece cowboy band came out to the center of the arena. They were dragging tweed amps and extension cords and plugged in. It was all one big echo and jumble-of course, except for the guitar. His amp was pointed right at us and it was like God's voice speaking to me. I'd never heard anything like it and that planted the seed. The late '50's greats (James Burton, Luther Perkins et. al.) cemented the idea. I'd watch Ozzie and Harriet just to hear the Ricky Nelson thing (with James Burton) at the end. Later on, I found the 'wrong' stations on the radio dial and got hip to the blues and R & B that the white kids weren't supposed to listen to. The Beatles and all the guitar greats of the 60's inspired me to work harder at it, and John McLaughlin nearly made me give up.
  14. I've had a couple of their feedback killers for a couple of years and they've done OK for me, but I wouldn't out to lunch on a gig if one of them croaked. OTOH, I've had a couple of friends who've cone through two and tree copies of their mixers in order to get one the worked completely. They do clone other folks' designs and occasionally get into trouble for it, but it's the build quality that gets them into trouble with the end user.
  15. Dion, for my nickel (or $1.35 in Canada), I'd check out the little Danelectros first. Yeah, they're both cheap, but I've found a couple of the little Danos that don't see a lot of heavy use and sound pretty good. They've held up just fine getting banged around in the pedalboard or gig bag, even if they don't get stomped on a lot. The Behringer stuff is notorious for infant mortality, whether it's a stompbox or a 32 input console. I've got a couple of their pieces but they are't things that would put me out of business if they croaked at a gig.
  16. That one was in a Chicago suburb. It was at Dr. Eddie's Goodtime Music. The owner ordered it. The pics are about a year and a half old. I forgot I had them. Rats, I was hoping that it would pop up locally.
  17. Foont, was that one in Ace? I know it wasn't in Drinking Gourd
  18. '97 one-piece Mahogany Standards KILL!!! There actually aren't that many around and everybody I've known who has owned one has loved it. I sure wouldn't part with mine, and I can only imagine how good it sounds with a set of Rios. Buy it. Period.
  19. Let me dig around a little. Might cost you first dibs on the Grpahic Special, though
  20. My advice? Say "The hell with it!!" Just hang it up. Stomp around the place, yell and cuss, and start wrapping your brain around the idea and getting comfortable with it. As soon as you do, something great will come along. This technique worked for me in not only getting into a fun band that lasted a good number of years, but also worked with respect to women. After a long period of being single and unattached (despite my best efforts) and not digging it all that much, Most Esteemed Redhead pretty much dropped out of the sky and into my life. Try it. What the hell, you have nothing to lose and you can always change your mind.
  21. I like the look of the zebra. I don't have a shot handy of mine with the zebra C5 in it, since that hallened later the same weekend as the shot below, but I did change the guard to a toroiseshell one (last one they had at the factory). I just thought it looked better and didn't yell "PICKGUARD!!" quite so loudly... Oh, he burst is actually a lot less red/yellow than this, more a sienna, actually.
  22. Lowering the pickup lowers the overall level and raising the polepieces will increase treble/air/bite, etc. Tweaking polepiece heights can also even out string-to-string imbalances. Fooling with the stoptail height can have an effect on overall attack and sustain, but not on individual pickup volume.
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