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  1. I'll bet I haven't got a single guitar out of 40 or so (all inclusive of fretted instruments in general) that is "perfect" even my new Gold Standard. It's all pretty much the 'Velveteen Rabbit" approach here. The dings and scrapes make it real.
  2. I mostly turn the amp up too damn loud these days, but I've tried almost all of the more common types of buzzbox out there. Faves: The original Rat, but it's finicky, Univox Super Fuzz (from the late '60's), Digitech Bad Monkey is a pleasant suprise, Keeley modded TS-9 (but it took him a couple of tries to get it where I wanted it, Tech 21 stuff and the XXL in particular is relentless and the Double Drive is uncommonly flexible and ballsy, and the Dano FabTone. The Visual Sound Route 66 and Jeckyll and Hyde would make it on to my pedalboard if I was in the market right now. I never met up with an original Guv'nor. I wouldn't nmind giving one a spin. Mike Lee's Fulldrive 2 was a lesson in flexibility and subtlety. There was one setting there (I think the one with the compression dialed out of the circuit) that was just yummy. Edit to add that I have a black and yellow Tube Driver that, when placed in front of a crappy little SS practice amp, and just *barely* cracked open on the drive knob, does a great job of turning the crappy little amp into a Blackface Fender. Little-known trick, that.
  3. Sweetness! That one almost made me break out of my self-imposed buying moratorium. Almost.
  4. See?????????? The folks at the MWJ can testify too, even if it was me at the wheel.
  5. Greg, glad to see you back, and thanks!
  6. I've seen some footage of the original band with Steve Gaines in there, and most of the guitar lineup was Peavey, with the odd Marshall head in there, mostly in the middle near the bass cabinets, but it was hard to say if they were part of the bass rig, guitar rigs, or what. Jeff, that VC-30, turned up to 9 or so on the clean channel, was all I needed for years in the clubs. I used the 50 watt head for outside stuff. Not Holy Grail stuff, but great sounding, tough and unjustly under-rated. I still have both amps.
  7. You go, Meester Reeshard. Yeah, it's wierd, but worth it.
  8. Ben, my dad needed to be hooked up to one of those. He had it so bad he sounded like Lord Vader through about 10 kilowatts of PA system. His bedroom was above mine during my teenage years and I'd wake up every morning with drywall and acoustic tile dust on my covers, in my face, etc. Hope that's working better for you. Is that a permanent thing or more like sleeping 'training wheels' (for lack of a better term)?
  9. Gary (Johnny Thunders) and I are the same age. For the last 30 years or so I've had a race between gray and nothin' going on on top of my head. I'm still rooting for gray and it's still pretty much a dead heat. Like a lot of guys, my hands/back/arms/everything hurt most of the time and it has affected my playing. My only resort so far has been some exercises my chiro showed me, and 4 Advil at bedtime so I can sleep. If I start playing, I need about a half-hour to warm up, and even then....eeeh.. I've been pathologically skinny most of my life, but now that I've quit smoking, the inevitable qweight gain has me looking more and more like a Life Saver on a toothpick I never could see, and decades of rock 'n' roll have fixed it so I can't hear either. Like Badger Dave says, I'm invisible to women under 30, but Most Esteemed Redhead says I'm still doin' fine where it counts. OTOH, I was supposed to be dead a couple or three decades ago, I'm damn glad to be alive, I don't have anything that's gonna kill me in the next week or so, and I'll keep playing until Most Esteemed Redhead says I'm embarassing her. Oh wait, that happens all the time.... Fearing death? Naaah, it's all gravy now, and even when I do kick over, it just means I'll finally get a good night's sleep.
  10. I have one, it's a cool bass. My wife glommed onto it and has been practicing with it. Heretofore she had never shown much interest in bass.
  11. <<I always thought they where light years ahead of the generic hair bands they got lumped in with. >> Ditto. I only got to see them once, opening for Extreme. I thought they were very, very good, but even through a squeaky-clean sound system with miles of headroom, they were 'threshold of pain' loud (MCChris will tell ya, I LIKE loud), and it dampened my enthusiasm. Never forgot 'em though, and the bass player could flick more picks per song than anybody I've seen before or since.
  12. First off, welcome to the new Hamer owners. Lock up your wallet! I've been aware of Hamers since the get-go, got my first one about 10 years ago and have about a dozen USA's and a couple of imports at any given time. Guys, one of the clues to the "I don't know what it is about Hamers" mystery: It's the wood! The guys up there way the hell outbid everybody else for the best wood by the train carload. Then they go through it and only keep a tiny, tiny portion of what they bought and return the rest. They gotta buy it, sell it, and ship it both ways to get the cream of the crop, but, I believe that between the wood selection and the neck and neck joint construction, those are the often-overlooked keys to the Hamer superiority. Oh, and Gene, show 'em some of the pointy stuff!
  13. I've got a Peavey vaguely like that. Three points on it, a single humbucker and an import Kahler-type thingy. I put a red tape-stripe job on it, along with a NIN sticker. I haul it out on acoustic gigs with Most Esteemed Redhead to do Punk versions of Simon and Garfunkel stuff. No shit.
  14. Dave, I did my best to keep it down, but just couldn't get it there without you You and Dan were definitely missed.
  15. We're back home, safe, sound and pooped. We had a great time, and it was a hoot playing, schmoozing and all the rest with everybody! It all goes by so quickly, and I wish there were more time to just hang and swap licks and lies with everybody. Huge thanks to Chris for once again organizing and hosting this madness!
  16. Eeek! That sux, Bill! Here's hoping they find it toot-suite! It doesn't seem to matter who you pick for shipping, they manage to wreck you sooner or later.
  17. Bump for a square-deal kind of guy, a straight shooter and a man of impeccable taste. What Dave says, you can bank on.
  18. I've got a 710CE with a cedar top that has been my faithful main acoustic for quite a number of years now. I'd love a 714 with the Expression but.... tax time, etc. Somebody grab this. It may well be your last acoustic.
  19. My dad was blessed to do what he loved, writing and advertising, all his life. He was a little lucky at first, and then phenomenally successful. When he wound up getting promoted to the Imperial Mafoof and Big Cheese, and no longer was getting his hands dirty, he retired. What did he do? He found himself a small office next to a music studio (so he could hear the little kids play piano), that had a golf course halfway between the office and home. Then he set about doing what he loved again, pretty much for free.
  20. Jeroen. I've never owned a retail shop, just managed one. That got me close enough to realize that, above all, you have to have tenacity, nerves of steel, and hopefully enough start-up capital to get you through two or three years. The rest is less important and will become obvious if you have the first two things I listed. I know the other dealers will chime in, but that's just my 0.02 euros worth.
  21. Teens? No, we're not. Hormone crazed and obnoxious? Hell yeah! Dang, Marty, sorry you have to miss it. Unless you get a terrible case of Intentional Flu. After the year or so you've had, I think you deserve a case.
  22. Hey Ben, getcher self that Golden Buckeye card, free checking at Club 53, AARP discounts and all that good stuff and start cashing in! On the flip side I know darn well my next one is going to clobber me (55, yikes!).
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