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    Eric Otten

    Oh no! I go away for a few days and this??? What more can be said? Peace and comfort to Sue and all his loved ones. We loved him too. Toward the end, we had a couple of conversations about his illness and the troubles he had, and it was obvious that it was digging at him but that he was facing it with a grin that said "you can take my body, you can't have my spirit." In that, he was an enormous positive influence on how I face my own physical troubles and I'll always be grateful for that lesson. And I'll always giggle snort when I think of him. There aren't many folks who can be that fully human and that damn funny at the same time. RIP, Noonan.
  2. Goodmans, AFAIK, didn't make guitar speakers. They're primarily manufacturers of hi-fi speakers. Could be that the speaker was designed to be in some sort of bass reflex enclosure which would enhance the bass. It might well have been designed to reach way up into the midrange for use in a 2-way system.
  3. This happened as Gibson was coming out of bankruptcy with new owners and management. The new guys knew that the brand image was at or near an all-time low. They also knew that the Firebird X was a complete failure in every respect. Probably the worst thing they ever made. So, being busy trying to dig out of the rubble, resurrect the brand, take their losses and cut and run from the ghost of Henry J, I'm sure they had neither time/money or interest in doing anything but putting them under the treads. They sure didn't want a crapton of these out there making their image even worse. Sure, donating or repurposing them is a nice idea and there have been times when I would have been eternally grateful for *any* electric guitar, I don't think Gibson had the time or resources to do anything like that. BTW I'm told that these things couldn't even function as a basic straight ahead guitar.
  4. Checked and cross-referenced here, no joy. 🙁
  5. I've got an oldie but goodie tester, well engineered and it hasn't steered me wrong yet. I'll have to look and see if it does 6DJ8's. I've only found one that it wouldn't (the short, squat little triple triode in the Ampeg V series) and that was because it didn't have a socket for it.
  6. I had a similar "had to sell it for medical reasons but it came back to me" story on this board. I love it when this happens. And yes, after all these years it's the one place I keep coming back to.
  7. Can't speak to a Ric 620/12 since I've never had my mitts on one, but my 366/12 was a squeeze even for my skinny fingers. The Eclipse 12 solved all that and gave me all the classic electric 12 tones right out of the box. Would have loved a Newport 12 but me, the guitar and the money never got together at the same time and place. PS, +1 on the pearloid tuner buttons.
  8. Clever huh? Just the thing to lure a potential cash-overloaded buyer in.
  9. Nope, heavy doping or rubberized, not foam.
  10. Running any amp full-tilt for extended periods puts wear and tear on the thing even under optimal conditions. On the Monoprice I don't know that it'd be all that harmful, but I'd still err on the side of caution (maybe 8 out of 10). Still it isn't a bad mismatch so, no major worries. As for the Footnote the mismatch is actually putting the thing further into its "comfort zone" so you'd have no worries about diming the thing.
  11. Oh look! A dead horse! I gotsta beat on it some!! Gonna try for some straight answers here... First, you have two 8-ohm speakers and two four ohm speakers. For the 8 ohms (or the 4's for that matter), any sonic difference between series and a parallel wiring is likely, as noted previously, somewhere in the province of Eric Johnson. We mere mortals needn't worry our pretty little heads about it. What is more important is the impedance match between the amp an the cab. A tube amp with an impedance selector on it will put out the same amount of power at each of its impedance ratings provided the speaker load is matched. OK, that's out of the way. If I'm reading your intentions wrong, just stop me right here................................. OK, what you want to do is take the 8's and wire them in series = 16 ohms. Then take the Eminence 6's (which punch way above their pay grade) and wire them in series too = 8 ohms. Wire these two pairs in parallel and you get a combined impedance of 5.33 ohms. If you care, see the magic formulae and incantations above. Now then. Having had a Footnote and the speaker (I actually have 4 of these speakers looking for a cabinet), I know that the Footnote was originally driving one of those 6's. Ergo, a 4 ohm load. Solid state amps generally don't mind an impedance mismatch to the up side even if they produce less power and this is a pretty minor mismatch. Additional speaker cone area as well as cabinet design can more than overcome this. So, you're cool with running the Footnote into all 4 speakers in this configuration. Now, with the Monoprice: tube amps, as a general rule, are more tolerant of an impedance mismatch to the down side than they are to the up side. The exception I've found is with EL84 amps which I think has more to do with the output transformers. Yours is a 6V6 and the output transformer looks pretty hefty. Again, this is a fairly minor mismatch, so you should be just fine. This is commonly called series/parallel wiring and most 4 x 12 cabs have been wired this way since Pete Townshend demanded them from Jim Marshall. Take THAT, EJ... 🤣
  12. Yep. The speaker punches waaay above it's pay grade too.
  13. Just finished one based on a gutted SKB Footnote. The one with the built in practice amp and speaker. Well, not any more. No pix at the moment but I ought to get some.
  14. Would have been, but total BS and irrelevance. But, as of about half an hour a go, it's nebbermine. They settled (or whatever, I don't care). My streak of 67 1/2 years without being on a witness stand continues. Considering the litigation-prone nature of my former profession and my 32 years in it, that's pretty good.
  15. Anybody with the appropriate letters behind their name? I'm being dragged into a civil case (I'm neither party) and have a general procedural "what can I expect" question or two. Hit me around the side, send me a bill.
  16. Aaah, too bad, I have a Red Fang, it was looking for a partner in crime. Have fun.
  17. You should be sick of that Red Fang by now. Drop it off on your way to the show.
  18. A well deserved congratulations and here's to 25 more. You're a monument to the virtues of the small businessman.
  19. Send up a flare, we'll do something.
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