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    All the cool ones
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    [3] '78 Marshall 2104 Combo, '05 Mesa F50 Custom, '64 Fender Concert Amp, '71 Fender Super Reverb, '86 Roland Cube 60 Keyboard
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    Boss FA-1

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    Sub-Zero , Wisconsin !!
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    Teleportation, Argument for the sake of reaction, Metaphysics as a personal pronoun,
    Spiritual enlightenment through the blessed miracle of the Andy Griffith Show,
    Won Tons @ midnight, and last but not least > The plurality of black guitar cases in any one given closet.

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About Me

Though I consider myself an inactive guitar collector,  when the right guitar on my bucket short list surfaces, I am at times inclined to take the plunge.  I've been very fortunate to have had or have some really interesting guitars sent my way by really great people around the world. It's been a long journey since my teens , and coming to the realization that I don't need every guitar I find , was / is a healthy one. 

My guitar brand / type interests have swung dramatically over time, I only wish I had snapped more pictures over the years !  Building , then dismantling crazy numbers of guitar collections multiple times over roughly 35 years , was in hindsight ridiculous.   The big epiphany was coming to the conclusion that the thrill of the chase, far exceeded the actual kill for me.    In other words, searching years for a guitar that I wanted , be it by serial number or what have you, gave me far more pleasure, than actually owning it.    

Filling my home, the in-laws, as well as a secondary residence with guitars and amps , many having never seen the light of day after being unpacked,  knowing when or whom they came from , or even what they cost me,  with some upon opening the case being a total surprise, was the wake up call to move on.

Sound familiar ?

I love '82-86 Jackson/ Charvel guitars, especially Tele bodied examples , '79 Dean Cadillac / E'lite , pre Kaman Hamers especially Day-Glo , as well as the '81 Kramer Pacers.  There are others that come to mind, but they generally found their way to eBay at a loss.

Today, I am excited to simply see pictures and read old stories how one comes about scoring their gear !!  Feel free to share.

Now back to Musky fishing , and your regularly scheduled program !







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