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  1. I was filing off the sharp fret ends and polishing the frets on an early eighties Fender Bullet over the weekend. I masked the fretboard for protection and when I removed the blue tape a chunk of finish came off the fretboard with it. How to fix? Doesn't have to be perfect, just better than the very obvious defect I have now. A little background: this is an entry-level USA Fender that I bought new in high school. I had others before it but they are no longer around, so this is the oldest guitar (to me) that I have. The neck finish is thick eighties high-gloss. All the fretwear is mine
  2. I don't buy guitars without hameritis because they sound so good. You will be very happy, and if not send it to me.
  3. Thank you all, I'll do some experimenting this weekend.
  4. I'm giving a MIM tele a serious upgrade with a set of Gravelins. The tiny cheap stock tone cap needs to be replaced on looks alone, what do you recommend?
  5. That doublecut.....damn. It's gorgeous and I like the knot.
  6. My son recently switched from guitar to bass in his punk/metal band and found a well used blitz bass that he really likes, but it came in a barely functional gig bag. Anyone have a case that will work or a recommendation for a case that will actually fit this beast?
  7. We've had Invisible Fence for 10 years and never had a problem, but I have nothing to compare it to. This thread has reminded of a guy I used to know who had a large crazy dog that kept bolting through the fence (I don't know what brand). He talked the fence people into sending him the extra powerful shock collar. They resisted at first but eventually sent him one. Dog still plows through fence. He's pissed, so to make sure it's working he put the collar on his own neck. Knocked him flat on his back. Dumbass.
  8. That's the same scale length the Chipmunks use so you know it's good.
  9. I'd leave it alone. The ones with Hameritis sound better.
  10. We could have a whole thread about #2. This is definitely becoming a problem for me.
  11. I have about 10 but my Fulldrive 2 has been the one lately, you can get them on ebay for $75 used.
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