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  1. George Lynch - Heaven Sent...come to think of it...anything off of Back For The Attack by Dokken
  2. These are my favorites as well, but with the Dollar to Euro exchange rate, they've gone way up in price (and they weren't cheap to begin with). But just great strings. Do you have a source on them that won't break the bank? Poe, I like the Dean Markely Alchemy strings for acoustic as well. -Jonathan My shop carries 'em and we go direct and they're still not cheap. Cheaper but not cheap
  3. I've been abusing Thomastik-Infeld Power Brights for the last couple of years and have not had a string pop. To my ear they are the tightest most consistant sounding sting yet have a spongy kinda feel...bizzare. I find that I change them out of habit before gigs but could easily leave them on. Usually get 2 months of regular playing on 'em ('bout 16 hrs a week).
  4. Jamaica say you will - Jackson Browne (on a huge Jackson Browne kick as of late). Richard Thompson - great story type songs and a monster of a guitar player.
  5. My singer and I were just talking about Saigon Kick. They killed.
  6. The qwan has been sent...Guess I'll just have to live one day without my McPigvalve.
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