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  1. Oh boy. Is the Meridan plant still running? Did anyone get in on the auction several months ago?
  2. My guitar repairman recommended a guy who services electronics devices, radios, amps and even TVs. I am going to give him the Marantz and the Gibson GA-6 to repair. I'll give you a list of the problems, fixes and costs so we can have some sort of benchmark. BTW, the Victoria folks want $75 per hour for amp repairs, not unreasonable for people that know tweeds. I just don't want to have the hassle and cost of shipping. It's a 15-20 minute drive to the repair shop.
  3. I saw Hawkwind in 1974 in South Bend Indiana. I thought they were on a bill with Slade but Slade played with King Crimson in a show there a year earlier. Quite a mismatch. Good thing I have photos/negatives of the Hawkwing show because, while I was there, I remember very little of It. Somebody told me to go because they were Pink Floyd-y. Did I miss something momentous?
  4. Thanks . He has a Facebook page. I'll ask my daughter to help me reach him by email as I never signed up for FB.
  5. I have a mid-50's Gibson GA-6 amp, akin to the Fender wide-panel 5C3 amps. I bought it after 9/11 as a rebuilt basket case. Time for general servicing. Dr Z is located nearby and I may call him for a recommended amp technician. But, does anybody on the board know a good tweed-era technician? Somebody recommended putting a filter choke on the microphone channel. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. I have consigned these to Julien's to sell at an auction in May. Will avoid the cost of shipping to me and then my resale hassles. Theye are going to value these at $2-4K. We'll see what they actually fetch. Oh, and the seller's fee is 20%. Out of sight out of mind.
  7. What is the model, year, etc.? I have been think about a double cut with single or double P90s.
  8. These seem to be 1970s icons, having seen several in the background of numerous TV shows and movies. Mine has died and I am replacing it with something from another manufacturer. First some of the interior lights died and then it met a slow death. Are these worth repairing?
  9. I wish I had known there was a second sale coming. I bookmarked about 50 items, mostly a bunch of tellies, LP juniors and about 35 amps. I was away at parents weekend and was watching on my laptop in the hotel and on my phone when on campus, in the car or eating. I bid on a couple but my bids were reasonable/rational, they fell way short. I was amazed at the prices they brought. Then Saturday night, I returned to the hotel and discovered I had two winning bids. Say what? Turns out when I logged on two times during the day by the phone link, I was not only clicking into the auction - - I was also placing a bid for whatever was up at the time. Shit. It so happened I logged just in time to be the high bidder. $1750 for some Metropolitan Orpheum acoustic. Later I was the high bidder (again $1750) for some Harmony electric guitar. So $1750 plus 25% plus 3% ($2240, I think) plus $195 shipping TIMES TWO. I never got a confirmation like eBay where I won the auction. By the time I discovered this and before I could get their reply to my email or shut down the credit card, the sales went through. That fast. They said they'd go back to the bidder before me to see if they'd be interested. Never heard back. If I had known there would be a second auction, I would have asked them to put those up for sale again and cover the difference to keep the auction house whole on the fees, reduce my losses, etc. I am still waiting for delivery. I will have to resell them and take a major loss. I hope to net out a grand and be out $4K. Laugh all you want. I am partly to blame but the email set up/link was not fair either. Or the lack of a confirming mail would have kept my bidding to the first one. Could be worse. I could be the owner or two $10000 Fender basses. Go ahead and hit the WTF emoji.
  10. Fender Super Champ XD amp with Fender cover 2 6v6 one 12AX7 10 inch speaker two channel channel straight up 15 watt tube amp. Channel two has 16 amp voices and and 16 effects with a level control I bought this about five years ago, parked it on my bench and it has never moved. Still has the cardboard on top and and in the corner as in the video below. Has had little use. PM me your email address and I will send you a photo but it looks like this one (not mine) on Reverb for $350 https://reverb.com/item/26826307-fender-super-champ-xd-2-channel-15-watt-1x10-amp $225 shipped to the lower 48 PayPal gift or USPS money order or you pay the PayPal fees. Will ship in the original Fender box, UPS ground.
  11. It has been stunning at times. Fender basses at $10K or more, one after the other after the other. I can't wait to see the total take. Obviously I have not been spending enough on music equipment.
  12. Plus, as I read it, the winner also pays a 3% fee for using the on-line service to bid. Wow. 28% mark up. Plus NY and California sales taxes if picked up in CA or sent to NY. Not that I need a telecaster, but old Walter seemed to like Hahns and Glendales and 30th Street tellies. When the description says "modeled after a 1950s telecaster," do they mean body shape? and radius? To me, these would have to be pretty cheap to bid without knowing what you are getting.
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