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  1. Re the Tally Pro, I also had three pass through here. It seems like I have seen enough pop up that I would think the number might be more like "under 50" rather than under 25. I know I heard "under 50" somewhere. But...... ^^^ There have been very few T Pros offered through the board in the last 1-2 years. I think only coolfeel's in 2019. There was mention of one bought/sold in Texas that a custom builder sold. Who snagged that? And there was the one in an Amsterdam shop about six years ago, but they wouldn't ship. And the transparent red one that was found in Tokyo. You almost have to beat the bushes to find them. The person who may know the most about production numbers could be "jackass". My guess is the number is closer to 25 than 50. Don, you had the matching pair Tally and T-Pro and the other quilt that you sold to me. What was the third T Pro. Who got that?
  2. The DGS offering sold. Anybody here pick it up? It was about the lowest priced one out there. Here's another posted on Reverb today. https://reverb.com/item/31043387-paul-reed-smith-se-one-korina and this https://reverb.com/item/28305498-paul-reed-smith-se-one-korina-2010-2012-with-upgrades?utm_source=MarketingCloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=20190114+-+Transactional+-+Watcher+Offer+Made+(orange) Seems these have been produced in a number of variations over the last 10+ years. There may have even been some special run versions for Wildwood Guitars back when. Also a sea foam green. Some with dots, some with moons, some with birds. I'll just set up a watch - - until something else draws my attention.
  3. A regular Tally in decent shape is more like $2200-2300, no?
  4. The James Gang also had two tracks on a soundtrack for a cowboy western movie called Zachariah (1971). One was an instrumental with a lot of delay, IIRC. I don't think Walsh was singing on "Country Fever" below. He had asked for a lead singer so he could concentrate on playing. BTW the entire movie is on YouTube. I will catch it this winter.
  5. I have been thinking about a Les Paul Junior recently, and I saw the Dave's Guitar one, which seems like a cheap fun alternative at $375. Then I just came across the older run and then found the new ones. Apparently there are 1800 made for the Euro market. They went on the market in the last month or so. They differ from the run that came out 7-10 years ago in that they have a Korina body, an adjustable bridge, and a not a "stadium logo" headstock. The new ones are made in Indonesia. The older one in Korea, They sound a bit shrill in the video below but the could be tamed, I guess PAUL REED SMITH SE ONE
  6. What do we know about these? https://davesguitar.com/products/paul-reed-smith/se-one-vintage-cherry-madison-608-405-8770/
  7. Here's a review which shows clean and distorted at the four pickup selections. The review says the Double Ds have an alnico and a ceramic magnet. You might be able to verify that at the Seymour Duncan site.
  8. Around 1980 or maybe earlier, when inflation was raging, the papers reported that retirees living on fixed incomes were being priced out of tuna and were resorting to cat food. Urban legend? Fake news? That has stuck with me for a long time. Paul McCartney sang about it in "Junior's Farm" "I took my bag into the grocer's storePrices higher than the time beforeOld man asked me why is it more?"
  9. "Vintage frets on an Indian Laurel fingerboard " Can you comment on the Indian Laurel fingerboard as to sound and feel. At some point, Fender switched from rosewood on the '60's Custon Vibe Thanks.
  10. Has anybody tried out the '50s butterscotch blonde telecaster or the double bound '60s sunburst custom model? Not the Always seem to get good reviews. Made in China unfortunately.
  11. Oh boy. Is the Meridan plant still running? Did anyone get in on the auction several months ago?
  12. My guitar repairman recommended a guy who services electronics devices, radios, amps and even TVs. I am going to give him the Marantz and the Gibson GA-6 to repair. I'll give you a list of the problems, fixes and costs so we can have some sort of benchmark. BTW, the Victoria folks want $75 per hour for amp repairs, not unreasonable for people that know tweeds. I just don't want to have the hassle and cost of shipping. It's a 15-20 minute drive to the repair shop.
  13. I saw Hawkwind in 1974 in South Bend Indiana. I thought they were on a bill with Slade but Slade played with King Crimson in a show there a year earlier. Quite a mismatch. Good thing I have photos/negatives of the Hawkwing show because, while I was there, I remember very little of It. Somebody told me to go because they were Pink Floyd-y. Did I miss something momentous?
  14. Thanks . He has a Facebook page. I'll ask my daughter to help me reach him by email as I never signed up for FB.
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