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  1. Pieman

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    Thanks for the replies. Not to replace the in dash unit.. Was thinking of those portable CD players from the 90s. This must be ancient technology, Nothing at Crutchfield. Amazon has a bunch from a company called HOTT. I did go deeper down the list and found a Sony. Amazon must let those companies like HOTT buy their way to the top of the offerings. Thanks again.
  2. I bought one once when my car had a cassette player. Now I want to buy one for my wife's car to augment whatever came standard. Any recommendations? Places to look?
  3. The last two digits are 40. So the 40th week of 1970? Would seem to point to a 1970 LP. Now for the kicker. There are three tone pots and only the one volume pot. The tone pots are 500K. Been playing this for 40 years and never realized it. None of the people who serviced it said anything either. So, how much different is the 500K tone pot in the neck from a vol pot that should be for the neck?
  4. I am getting ready to sell my 1970s Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop with mini humbuckers. It was my first real guitar. I purchased it used in 1978 and it was pretty used at the time. I had no idea what I was doing. I promised it to my son if he didn't get himself killed in Iraq in 2005-2006. Now he has a baby and I am getting ready to sell it with the proceeds going to fund a college account. The serial number is very faint but looks like 919820, which makes it 1970-1972. I just tried cleaning the pots which are covered in a layer of crud. One tone control is numbered 115 500K. The volume pot looks like 13770. I think that means 1970. The other pot is pretty covered over. What would be a good cleaning solution? I don't want to f it up. Quite frankly I never thought it was such an early edition. Is Reverb a reliable source for pricing info? It is not excellent. It has some nicks on the neck and some pin head indents on the front. It was pro refretted in the 1990s. I never bonded with it due to the scale length but couldn't part with it either. It came with Grover replacement tuners. I has been well maintained with the pick ups being reseated. The seller told me he had it wired Peter Green style. I can't tell. Thoughts on cleaning the other pot? Or should I leave it alone? Thoughts on getting a fair selling price. Not going for the last dollar but I also don't want to leave $500-$1000 on the table. Wouldn't mind keeping it in the Hamer family. Thanks in advance t
  5. I had two Texas Tornado-s around 2000? I think they were called that. One blue and one snakeskin. They were about $600 at the time. I put up an eBay watch a few years ago. Never saw one but there were other models available now and again but they were way over-priced. What are they going for these days? How did you get turned on to Blues Pearl?
  6. I'll play. Jan & Dean, Euclid Beach Park, Cleveland Ohio summer of 1965. The next summer I advanced to The Beatles at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.
  7. Been offered a ticket. Round trip would be about three+ hours and the only thing holding me back.
  8. Posting photos would draw flies to the honey.
  9. Pieman

    Fender scale anybody?

    Is it kosher to ask about building something with the longer scale as Hamer was building in the Mirage/Talladega school? Has anybody done that?
  10. It was my wish guitar as I was working my way through child support. I drooled for 5-6 years. First chance I got c1998 was a TV Yellow which was avocado green. Then I got a cherry. Didn't like the pickups. Then another Yellow (again green). And another Cherry. None stayed around, I stopped looking Ab out five years ago, I got a Gibson Pete Townshend 40th with alnico P90s ffom Wildwood. Bingo. I now have several Talladegas and Talladega Pros and a Mirage II. A Reverend with P90s with a Bigsby. I would like to get the right Hamer p90 Special but the flip hassle would not be worth it. Next up would be a Newport with Phat Cats or a Monaco 3. I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Can somebody describe Fat Cat sound? Some variant on P90? or P90 in humbucker clothing?