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  1. Would Jol have allowed that as a custom order? Or was he out of the picture in 2009-2010?
  2. BUMP Price is firm and fair. You will never find another one. https://app.photobucket.com/u/Pieman_101/a/5f6d1eb0-c83e-4cb4-98cf-d1ebac4ab697
  3. Saw him summer of 1971, I think. Hewas like Jackie Gleason with a Les Paul. Leaned into a riff, and then stepped back. So powerful. I think I saw a YouTube clip from a 1970(?) festival in Cincinnati earlier this year that captured that look and feel. In a GP article, he talked about his summer rock camps. He let anybody play his rig. I thought that was classy. Will dig out "Mountain Climbing" first chance I get. RIP. We owe you.
  4. Are you saying you bought a Talladega that came without a case?
  5. I let one go where the prior owner had installed Lollars. That was at least 15 years ago. Mine did not haver a pickguard. Are those stock volume/tone knobs?
  6. My 24-year old daughter is thinking she wants to take up the ukulele. Thoughts on size, brand? She also plays piano and applies herself to most pursuits, so this could be more than a passing interest. That mini-Squire strat wasn't enough to satisfy her stringed instrument curiosity. Thanks in advance.
  7. Can I ask where all the necks went? Nice bodies. I take it you are a Lollar fan?
  8. What is the marking at the end of the neck near the neck pick up?
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