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  1. Carmie gave me good leads for hotels outside of the city, but on the north side by her. Any ideas on places outside of downtown between Ohio and Chi-town? And places to park downtown near the action for reasonable prices? Looks like South on 90 . For example, would Calumet City be a bad place to stay? (Ok, forget the Baymont Inn there. Horrible reviews). Ok, I give up. Tried to find places outside the city for the last couple of hours and there was a hitch with every one. I'm throwing in the towel. HAVE FUN!
  2. Anybody with suggestions for a place to stay that isn't crazy expensive or far away? Too afraid to use Priceline because you never know where you'll end up. Made that mistake once. Never again. Best I could come up with would cost $550 for two nights after taxes and parking. And that's IF there's really a room. Plus 6 hours in the car each way (at least)... gas... though my wife was going to go with me. Might just be too much to throw together at the last minute.
  3. Worth checking Priceline... Just remember, there is no "Mustang Sally" allowed at the Jam. Wow, what's the point then? ;-) Worth checking Priceline... Just remember, there is no "Mustang Sally" allowed at the Jam. Is the lunch filled up?
  4. Ok, so I couldn't make this event because I was told by the other 5 lawyers involved in depositions today and tomorrow (I'm new to the case) that we'd be going all day and probably wouldn't be done until 6 or 7pm tomorrow. So, today we go "all day" and we're done before 5. We're starting an hour earlier tomorrow and they now tell me that we may be done pretty early tomorrow. SO..... I could be there by 7 or 8pm tomorrow. I don't suppose there are any hotel rooms left....
  5. The picks look and feel great. Huge kudos to Not Steve for making this happen and for doing such a killer job!
  6. Received my purple and yellow picks. They look great! Thanks
  7. Hmmmm.... no gigs booked. Megabus is cheeeep to Chitown.... Just checked the work calendar and I'm booked for the 15th and can't change that. I guess I'll see how things pan out for Friday night and Saturday events.
  8. What's wrong with the first generation? I have one with the Gotoh bridge and I like it alot. Most of the 2 tek versions I've seen weigh too much for me.
  9. There are some Martins out there at great prices. I had an import Breedlove, the Black Atlas, and it sounded ok. Pretty good, but not great. Plugged in it was just ok too. I preferred my Ovations acoustically and electrically. My USA Breedlove that I got beat up and cheap blew it away of course. Ovation necks seem to vary, but I haven't played one with a really big neck. Larrivee makes some very nice guitars.
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