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  1. Try Allparts, IIRC they had some GS-3206-001 - Nickel Truss Rod Cover Screws
  2. I likes the SIT's, but had a couple snap\undo at the ball end? no real worries cos there was a spare in the packet..they feel ok and for the money are good value, other strings I tried ( on special at a local store) are Rotosounds, I really like these strings, nice feel and sound fine gave some sets away to mates ( felt sorry for one cos he got stiffed by SO )and they like them too..
  3. Hey Wil50n Nice looking guitar , I shoulda kept the surf green Daytona I sold to Barry M , you have my old T-51 IIRC? I only have the Vanguard , P90 special and the Korina Jr ATM ( love P90's ), but more in the pipeline , just wish some more of these guys would ship to Oz... Cheers Mick
  4. I have to share this with you guys.... This is funny Got an email one morning a month or so back , a mate of mine from Melbourne has been out for a few ( lots of) drinks and been mulling over everything I have told him regarding how great Hamers are etc and so on, soooooooo he gets on US ebay to drool , finds one for what he thinks is a bargain price and right away pulls the trigger , yep he's bought a slammer... Man did he feel bad when he realised his stuff up , he's kept it though and upgraded the pots and pickups and he's pretty happy with it so it turned out ok for him. Mi
  5. Been lurking a while and think that you are all very very cruel , rude and nasty people please do not ever change............ It's so fucking funny Mick ,
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