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  1. This video popped into my feed. Phil Lynott with Billy Bremner and glimpses of his Sunburst with the Dan Armstrong headstock
  2. Thanks Jochen. Both pickups are soldered to the tone control on yours ? Thanks DaveL. The splice is actually loose, I slid it back in position. It's from the black cloth wire to the thick white wire to the pickup selector,. That could well be the problem, since it's for the bridge pickup. The fact that the bridge is braided wire and the neck is four conductor has thrown me.
  3. Greetings folks, I recently picked up an Eclipse, and I'm seeking some assistance with the wiring. It is certainly not the usual Hamer quality, someone has had a go at it. I believe the SD pickups are original. The neck pickup is nice and full, but the output of the bridge pickup is much lower. The bridge pickup is the braided wire, neck is 4 conductor. Solder joints on the back of the tone pot are a big lumpy mess. For whatever reason, both pickups are wired to the tone control. Volume, tone and selector function as they should. I ain't the world's best solderer, but I can follow a wiring diagram. Is the SD diagram the best point of reference ? https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.seymourduncan.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F05%2F2H_3G_1V_1T.pdf
  4. G'day all, Here's a few detailed pics of my '82 Special that I've had since 2007. The neck finish has reacted with the plastic tag of the case neck pocket, and also the neck cradle. The finish there is hard, and the damage is not obtrusive. The neck colour is very dark compared to the back of the body, which is more red. In contrast, one side of the body is quite faded. It has a brass nut, and if it is not factory fitted, it's a good job. Original DiMarzios, and the pickup rings are nicely yellowed. The neck is quite chunky.
  5. Acceptable condition 😄 It looks new !!
  6. Apart from the Special and Sunburst, were there any other guitars that had the model designation on the headstock ie not on the truss rod cover ?
  7. From some years back, there have been a few additions since then. '82 Special, '77 Sunburst, '94 T-51, '80 Standard
  8. Old pic of 9 0621. Piezo saddles were there when I bought it, which I replaced with sustain block saddles. Similarly the early EMGs were replaced with Dimarzio PAFs from the era (not pictured). Extra pot and mini-switch are redundant but still in place. It's a heavy piece with a skinny neck.
  9. wil50n


  10. As I posted in the comments on yootoob, One of the best 50's LP demonstrations I've seen - many players will 'rawk out' and fawn all over the guitar. Barrie plays tastefully and dynamically, exploring the sounds that the guitar has to offer.
  11. Replaced that pesky Wilkie with a Faber
  12. Passing this along. For sale in Australia. No pics available at the moment, they will hit the FB page soon. Seller is happy to ship international. Message the seller directly at https://www.facebook.com/drgearaustralia
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