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  1. I have a nice NASH jazzmaster that I might consider trading ... it was over $2300 new
  2. Free lessons for life as long as he is in possession of the LP. And I get it back whenever I want. Now I dont want to sell it
  3. Well, as somewhat of a positive I brought the LP to guitar lessons yesterday and worked out a deal with my instructor. FREE lessons and he gets to borrow it. Hey, $100 a month savings. That's something anyway
  4. haHaHaHahahahahahahaaaaaaaa ... Talk about the best laid plans go astray ... It was going to be slightly difficult getting what I wanted for these guitars BEFORE the PANDEMIC and STOCK MARKET CRASH. Anyway, I've been in worse situations
  5. Oh yeah, I always thought that too. Then I heard my buddy play a 70's strat live in a small club and I was like... "What pickups are those?" "All stock" "Changed over to 4 bolt" "nope, all stock" lol, That cheap ass 3 bolt neck strat sounded like God himself was playing it. Go figure.
  6. https://reverb.com/item/30913521-fender-telecaster-custom-1977-natural Someone should pick this up before I change my mind ...
  7. It went through many different configurations ... it was the only guitar I had for about 5 years ... I let a great musician friend that was broke and had cancer borrow it for a year or so. During that time period I built a strat from parts purchased on Reverb that (quite accidently) ended up being pretty amazing. My friend passed away (RIP George) I got the guitar back (just barely, his greedy family wanted to keep it) changed all the knobs, pickguard etc out to black (looked really cool) and sold it on Reverb. Thanks for a great guitar!
  8. https://reverb.com/item/31269224-gibson-les-paul-r0-2006-1960-historic-with-darkburst-vos-finish Check out this killer LP I have for sale! ANNNNND A few months ago I decided to sell quite a few guitars I have a dozen or so and I wanted to cut that down to around half. I thought it would be prudent to wait until April when everyone pretty much had their tax stuff figured out. But now, as we all know, the virus hits, BOOM. Is there any possibility of selling anything now? Should I put guitars up on Reverb now or wait until the economy recovers? Any other selling ideas, or am I just fucked?
  9. Well ... not really. maybe. I dunno. But that turned out to be one expensive amp! I could have bought a Carr mercury with the money it cost!!
  10. Thats actually a custom pine cabinet Pro jr with Mercury magnetics input/output transformers that I just stuck the mercury magnetics metal plate on. I do have a Carr Rambler that is soooo awesome though. The only amp you will ever need!
  11. That was a great guitar but for some reason I didnt bond with it. Buy my LP thats for sale on reverb and I'll take this off your hands. https://reverb.com/item/31269224-gibson-les-paul-r0-2006-1960-historic-with-darkburst-vos-finish
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