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  1. Love the finish on your Bakersfield Check out this one in SFG ... also a pic of original rectangular Larrivee case. I prefer the rounded form fitting one but Larrivee isnt responding right now. http://www.larriveeforum.com/smf/index.php?topic=49943.0
  2. Maybe i'm being a dick but isn't this the biggest case you have ever seen/ Anyway ... like I said previously >>> 1st world problems.
  3. Thanks guys! Unfortunately all those new cases are cheaply made and bug the crap out of me. I've bought nice older tele cases for $50 from friends before so I guess I'll just keep looking. Something will turn up.
  4. My Bakersfield came in a HUGE Gator plastic heavy duty case. The geetar is protected thats for sure ! But it's awkward to move around and takes up a lot of space. (first world problems ) I was trying to use it but was hoping to find something better. I was trying to find a Larrivee case but it looks like they are closed down for the time being, due to pandemic I guess. And not a single used case online that I could find. Anyway, someone have something cool and sturdy and more like the thin tweed cases for Teles/strats? It can be beat up but must be 100% functional and not
  5. I found a high end Sony from 1990 in mint cond. on Reverb for $90. Damn thing is incredible. Speaking of Reverb, the CD changer even has reverb!
  6. I had a similar project and it came out awesome. Used citrus stripper and let it soak for 24hrs in a plastic trash bag. Tru oil 7 coats . 0000 steel wool between coats. Pics might have been posted here somewhere. Take off all the hardware and pickups ... its really not bad
  7. That must of come out of Santa Barbara in the 90's ... Big Dogs, Bones, Powell Peralta
  8. I have a 16ohm Celestion 12" speaker in a Mesa Boogie thiel cab I will sell you if you're interested. perfect condition $500 shipped
  9. https://reverb.com/item/37790615-gibson-les-paul-standard-2005-ebony This is just a beautiful sounding guitar ... lightweight for a Les Paul too. Discounts for HFC members ... lets make a deal!
  10. My taste in Black Sabbath must have changed over the years ... i remember I actually threw this album away when I first got it. A friend gave it to me and I hated it. Listened to it again on CD after years and love it. Go figure
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