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  1. My amp tech who is a actual playing over 100 dates a year real musician said "I'd gig the shit out of this thing" lol
  2. I'd pick that up in a heartbeat but I have the covid no money blues. Wanna trade for a killer amp?
  3. trade you for a killer amp ... https://reverb.com/item/35729618-fender-pro-junior-12-speaker-2018-black
  4. I used this to balance out my Soldano combo amp. And it worked perfectly. Sold the Soldano so I dont need this any more. The cabinet cost me $450 and the speaker $169 $500 shipped .... also open to trades
  5. https://reverb.com/item/35729618-fender-pro-junior-12-speaker-2018-black Pro jr in hand made 12" speaker pine cabinet by Jason White . Scumback! Mercury magnetics transformers! Sounds beyond unbelievable with a Tele. I need a two humbucker Gibson scale hard rock guitar .... fat-ish neck and not too heavy. Hard tail, NO Floyd etc. What ya got?
  6. Anyone hear of these guys? Would have been a #1 act in the 90's
  7. WTF? We were Larrivee Bakersfield buddies. So sad. RIP big Guy
  8. Yeah, so I was thinking at todays inflated Hamer price scheme .. $2300 would be about right. But who am I to say? Always wanted one of those though
  9. once again AWESOME (wasnt someone just looking for one of those?)
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