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  1. My sister lives in Paradise and she was pissed her house didnt burn down. lol.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/WhiteLightningAmpCabinets/ i happened to run across this guy on facebook ... Jason White. He makes custom amp cabinets. Super nice honest guy. Great workmanship. I got a demo slightly used pine cab for my tweed pro jr for $175. Unbelievable how much better it sounds.... Just do it!
  3. Punkavenger

    Les Paul Action ...

    I'll post some pics
  4. Punkavenger

    Les Paul Action ...

    I'm pretty sure its adjusted all the way down but I'll check. I understand the longer the string the greater the tension.
  5. Punkavenger

    Les Paul Action ...

    So I have question about the action in my 2006 R0. With NYXL 10/46 the action is on the loose side. With NYXL 11/49 the action is perfect but it's harder for me to play with 11's. How can I tighten up the action without going to thicker strings? Is there a brand of tens that has more tension ? My SG and my FM both have perfect tension with a similar bridge configuration, are LP's known for being sloppy like this? Is it the headstock angle? Anyway ... help! Thanks
  6. Punkavenger

    Locking tuners for FM

    I'll take em!
  7. I remember everyone going around and around with this question and finally somehow I came up with some locking tuners from Germany. I think Conrad got them for me. Thanks Conrad! Anyway, fast forward to the future and I need another set of locking tuners for a FM special. Anything new out there these days? Extra holes are not acceptable. Thanks!
  8. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    Mike Lull has a great reputation
  9. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    Im learning to like tits HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY B !!!
  10. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    BTW this is just an ad for a guitar exactly like mine (saved me from the photography thing) ... and it looks like its still for sale $999.00, which is what I paid for mine. I was told they were $1750 list. If anyone is interested, I'd say go for it as this guitar is a bargain at that price. I can't vouch for the seller though, that you would have to figure out on your own.
  11. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    That's REALLY sweet. I think you outdid me
  12. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    Yeah, this one is TIGHT, yo
  13. Punkavenger

    Damn you Johnny B!

    Ive always wanted a guitar this color ...