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  1. OK SOOOOOO >>>> the 37mm is the right size but the three holes in the top are a different spacing. I bought a OFR block and it's a hamer branded licensed floyd rose .... HELP !!!!
  2. I found the perfect one on Reverb ... paid for it then the seller made up some bullshit to back out of the deal. I hope it wasn't anyone here. Anyway now I've got my heart set on a Chap in iridescent. Very good to excellent shape. Let me know!
  3. I went with a 37 just to be safe ... thanks! But someday I will have 86 short scale set neck again, oh yes
  4. lovely ... I bet you're a blast (no pun intended) at parties
  5. Actually he bought it already modded from a professional musician in a LA weekly newspaper. Remember want ads? Before the interwebs?
  6. But at least these make sense! It's easy really, the switch at the top ... don't use that. Three way switch like a LP, self explanatory but mostly leave it on the bridge (super distortion) Chrome knobs ... volume volume tone ... super practical.
  7. That's it. It's fun. Not hi fidelity. The new strat I just put together blows it away in terms of tone etc. But I guess it just must have personality or "sumting." My guitar tech thought it could use a pickup upgrade but I think just about any pickups would sound the same ... It sounds a little "loopy" on account of the short scale. 24" I think it is.... Maybe Vic would know?
  8. what size brass block for 1990 bolt on chap with OFR? Thanks I see they make 32, 37 and 42 sizes
  9. Have my friend Tom Kelley in Santa Barbara make you one. This one is mahogany, chambered with a maple top. Since he lives right down the road from Seymour he had the custom shop wind him custom pickups.
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