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  1. Just a thought... If you paid thousands for your guitar knowing your playing does not match the level of quality in your guitar, then buying a higher priced cordless drill that will last the rest of your life should not be a problem.
  2. There is no camera or microphone on my computer, but it would be nice to listen in. The cell phone gave a warning about Zoom, but it can possibly be installed anyway. You could have multiple Zoom meetings stacked with ten minute breaks. The breaks would be a time for hitting the restroom, kitchen, etc.
  3. The owner of a local store was ordering something from Fender a couple of weeks ago, and it slipped out that Fender had just received dozens of pallets of returned merchandise from Guitar Center.
  4. Hey, he did not wake up married to a stranger or have a tattoo on his face. Losing the profit on the guitar was less than a DUI.
  5. Seen it. The bass is nice, but the price is for someone who spends stolen or counterfeit money.
  6. If the Boss chorus pedal is still available put my name on it.
  7. Batio had a show at a club nearby. Cancelled. I wanted to go.
  8. Unexpected checking would bother me, too. Having a Chaparral bass with similar maple, I am confident your bass is going to feel great and sound great when you play it.
  9. Michael Angelo Batio had a hand in the design. He is famous. Perhaps he can explain the positives of a shorter-than-short scale.
  10. Way back when, I played in a band with a keyboard player who was using the drummer's sister's Rhodes because he did not have his own portable piano. The keyboard player put a cigarette burn on it. Not cool. That was not forgotten over the years. The Rhodes was a nice design idea. It was going to be wiped out by digital keyboards with realistic piano sounds, but that ringing tine sound of the Rhodes sounds good on its own.
  11. I could be very happy with a 330. It is flat with squared edges instead of the round edges on the 360.
  12. I think it went to a friend of formula73. I could be really wrong about that.
  13. I think the concept is ingenious. The bass has a built in shillelagh for those times the audience gets out of hand.
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