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  1. How deep into the wood do those beetles lay eggs? The wood will be planed down on all sides by the time a body is finished.
  2. The last couple of tours had the washing machines. I am not sure of the rotisserie ovens. One tour had amps that looked like giant old radios or something. Alex's ovens: The Time Machine amps: Geddy's washing machines:
  3. Geddy would have T-shirts in his dryers to throw out to the audience. That made the joke even better.
  4. The opportunity to buy a nearly 20 year old unused Hamer has come up, and the price is quite high compared to what has been considered normal. I am willing to pay it. However, I have bought a couple of amps this year that have blown any budget for gear. There are a lot of small expenses for things necessary around the house. Some business expenses are coming up. If the Hamer dangled in front of me is still available in a few more weeks I might be guilty of pushing used Hamer prices up. As more of us reach a point of downsizing there will be a buyers' market. Do I want to wait so I can tell one of my peers to be grateful for my $350 offer? Do I want to grab a great guitar now?
  5. There was a band called 10 Speed in the 90s that put out a CD with a padded vinyl case that looked like a Kustom amp. I had to talk the record store owner into letting me buy that album. The photos inside showed the band with a wall of Kustom amps. The music was good. The gimmick was great.
  6. At least you can get the full admiration of the grandkid for a few more years.
  7. As long as the crack on the neck does not affect the sound there ought to be someone here that grabs that bass. Musicians have played it.
  8. I saw Steel Panther earlier this year with the original four. Steel Panther is coming around again this fall, but the show is on the same date as a Halestorm show we already bought tickets for.
  9. How many times does Vic Johnson get interviewed? Here is Ted Nugent talking with Vic Johnson.
  10. By gosh, it did! The show will be another one of those two year waits for people who bought tickets right away. There are some tickets I have that will be two years old by the time they get used. Last year Cheap Trick had a show in Augusta, GA popped in between Rod Stewart shows. Ticket prices were lower, and it would have been a longer Cheap Trick show. Then that show got cancelled. The closest Cheap Trick show on this year's schedule is a 10 hour drive each way unless they get booked in the Southeast.
  11. There is a 2015 documentary called Miracles Out Of Nowhere that gives the history of Kansas. All the original members participated together. It appeared they all stayed friends. Robby Steinhardt was the talented guy the others looked up to and wanted to play with.
  12. Rod Stewart and Cheap Trick are doing a show next month with a hefty ticket price that is keeping me away. (A separate Cheap Trick solo show would excite me more.) If Rod Stewart and Ron Wood would get away from their regular gigs do a Faces reunion tour it might cause me to ignore the ticket prices.
  13. We got good tickets for 2020 when the tour was going to be Sammy Hagar and The Circle / Whitesnake / Nightranger. Then Whitesnake dropped out with no replacement. They were in the budget, so why were they not replaced? The whole tour got cancelled. @Travis, you picked a good show to end a dry spell of concerts.
  14. What would Joe do? Give the cops a call. It might be that they have nothing better to do than shake up a punk.
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