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  1. Ibanez has impressive guitars when you look at them in a store. That blue finish over maple looks incredible.
  2. English names: Doohickey Thingamabob Gizmo Whatchamacallit Thingamajig Whatsis
  3. That cassette got worn out in high school.
  4. Of the three guitars with Floyds that came and went through my collection, only the top mounts felt comfortable to me. Floyds are not my thing, though.
  5. The fact that the white one has not yellowed and the green one has not faded makes one wonder if that photo was taken in the moment either of those Specials was exposed to sunlight or oxygen.
  6. Hey, now! There is no reason to insult heavy metal guitars and Scandinavians!
  7. Strangers In The Night is absolutely a great album. If you never heard it, it is worth your time to listen to the whole album.
  8. I never have watched the show, so I can objectively say, "fugly."
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