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  1. The Station in Rhode Island was the site of the fire that killed over 100 people who showed up for a Great White concert. The ceiling was covered with some kind of foam board that "flashed" all at once. Whether your garage is attached or separate from the house does not matter. You need to avoid having a potential disaster. A shed that is away from the house might be OK, but remember the risk. No one expects a fire, but they happen. Styrofoam burns too easy. If the fumes or smoke get in your house you are in trouble long before the flames follow.
  2. If blue guitars sound better does that mean this Les Paul is in the same league as the Custom Shop reproduction Les Pauls?
  3. The rest of the guitar looks nice. Buy it and play the heck out of it.
  4. It is surprising that a certain moderator has not mentioned this one yet.
  5. The only Moonstone I ever tried out weighed a ton. It was heavier than any other guitar I ever picked up.
  6. Ozzy's statement on Kerslake's death was a rude insult.
  7. Maybe you just play better without the pickguard.
  8. Paul Williams turns 80 on September 19th. It is hard to think of him being that old.
  9. If any of you get the chance to see Bill Kirchen live go to the show. He makes you want a Telecaster!
  10. I feel fortunate that my attraction to guns is not like my addiction to guitars. There are so many special edition guns that the Franklin Mint should have created a firearms division. Ted Nugent has autographed Glocks for fans which would make one expect the guns to not be used because the paint pen signatures will likely not stand up to too many cleanings. Seeing a wall with gun displays like those in Doc's house is cool-- as long as someone else has to be the caretaker. A room full of guitars on the walls is entirely different. Does Doc have one of those he is not telling everyone
  11. The Tone Press is the one pedal from Barber that I could name.
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