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  1. Steve Haynie

    Glenn Tipton

    We knew since the tour started that there would be a final show for Glenn. I hope he is still playing and writing songs. There will be a point where he can no longer hold a pick.
  2. Steve Haynie

    Shipping To A USPS PO Box

    Anything insured for more than $50 through the USPS requires a signature for delivery. You can also request a restricted delivery that will require a specific person to show ID to claim a package.
  3. Steve Haynie

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    Happy employees would make a better product.
  4. Apparently Glenn can be open about his past problems. The 2018 Glenn Hughes is the one I want to see.
  5. Steve Haynie

    The Atlanta Rhythm Section--Willie's latest book

    A friend saw Hendrix open for The Monkees. It might have been in Nashville. He knew what and who he was seeing. Today he smiles really wide when he talks about it. Micky Dolenz often wears a Jimi Hendrix shirt at his shows.
  6. The video says it all. Glenn Hughes is a time traveler. Bonamassa nailed the guitar on Mistreated. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Steve Haynie

    1979 Hamer Sunburst Price Check

    Restoring a Sunburst with a sustain block is up to the owner. Some of my instruments are refins or restored. I liked them enough to sink the money into them as keepers.
  8. Steve Haynie

    1979 Hamer Sunburst Price Check

    The first number could start with a 2 if the Sunburst is in really nice shape. Are you getting a player or a collectible?
  9. Steve Haynie

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    By the 1990's Hamer quality was on top. Gibson would occasionally put shims in a neck pocket of some of their set neck instruments. Hamer never had to do that, and I doubt they ever did in the 80's or 70's.
  10. Steve Haynie

    Vegas Trip

    HFC member Bonedadyo has worked shows in Las Vegas.
  11. Steve Haynie

    Vegas Trip

    Pollstar can be your friend in finding entertainment.
  12. Steve Haynie

    Political correctness gone too far?

    If we could have profile signatures again then we could all post the guidelines in our signatures at the same time when someone asks to see them.
  13. Steve Haynie

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    The Loudwire article on Ace Frehley firing his old band and hiring a new one left out something important. Ace's old sideman, Richie Scarlet, may have wanted to step aside. Richie's wife has been living with ALS for a while. For the past month his wife has been in the hospital, and she died last week. Richie's priorities had to change in the past weeks, and how he feels going forward could be different. The KISS Kruise starts at the end of the month. That is a bit soon. This does not explain why Ace would get rid of his other two bandmates, unless he thinks it might take more time to rehearse with a new back up guitar player. It is not like there are hundreds of guys who know those songs inside and out who can play on the professional level Ace's fans expect.
  14. Dave Rude of Tesla and Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest have been playing Epiphones in concert.