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  1. We might find that the guy was given a prescription for something that made him go nuts. When there is a mass murder there are often prescription drugs involved. Famous people who have killed themselves have been on some kind of prescription like Chris Cornell. The point is, if Pat O'Brien was not doing anything crazy to his neighbors before then there might be something new that triggered this weirdness. ...or he could have played a Behemoth record backwards.
  2. I had to go look up Krane Carts.
  3. Steve Haynie

    Fleetwood Mac @L.A. Forum Tonight

    That is all one really needs to remember.
  4. The vocals in Cannibal Corpse music turn me off, so I have not paid much attention to O'Brien's playing. This situation is better than the stories of rockers getting caught as child molesters. We will consider this a true Metal Mess Up.
  5. Have anyone said, "I hate you!" lately?
  6. Udo came through in early 2017 with an all Accept setlist. That was a great show. Accept was always great.
  7. My old skateboard ended up moving large speaker cabinets.
  8. Steve Haynie

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    If you are going to add something consider putting a new unit in the dash instead of adding another piece of gear to go through an auxiliary input. You can now get something with a USB port that allows you to plug in a flash drive with your music and podcasts on it. There is also the opportunity to have a wireless link to the in dash CD player/receiver. A friend plays youtube playlists through his car stereo that way. Just about any album you have on CD is already uploaded to youtube now.
  9. It leaves you wanting more. It is just right.
  10. Steve Haynie

    Flangers...Any Recommendations?

    The Ibanez Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger is the one I liked best when I was trying out different flangers.
  11. Steve Haynie

    The Sultan, Dion

    As long as he is still around all is good.
  12. An Impact bass was just sold to someone here. They come up for sale about once every eight years or more.
  13. Steve Haynie

    Next question- Ceilings

    80% of your ceiling area sounds like too much. A room can be too dead.