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  1. Two heads on two cabinets is better than one head with two cabinets.
  2. I want a Tele. It might happen this year. I also want a real Marshall, not something in the sonic range of a Marshall.
  3. I have three Specials. I want more even if they appear to be the same. I have more than one AC/DC album, too.
  4. Would the response songs of the 40s and 50s count? They may not be satirical, but there was a either humor or cleverness involved. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels made Kitty Wells a big star, and the song was putting forth a view that was serious. One may not have had to know the song was directed at the lyrics of another song to enjoy it, but for those who knew what it was about they might have had a brief chuckle.
  5. Every one of those Vectors gets tarnish on the tailpiece.
  6. A friend had one of those magic Les Pauls that had all the wrong features-- maple neck, pancake body, etc. Another friend swore by '79 Les Paul Customs, and they were in that Norlin era. Sometimes your ears tell a truer story than a spec sheet.
  7. For all the jokes we have made we never discussed whether or not we would want a less blinged out version of that guitar. Considering the effort that went into the inlays and how good the work looks, those guitars might be really nice to play. Sometimes an odd body shape throws us off. Then we try out the guitar to find ourselves pleasantly surprised. Somebody buy one and give us a report.
  8. I had to go look up some pictures after I posted. Never mind.
  9. Is that a Diablo neck? Could it be from a Centaura or Chaparral?
  10. That diamond is begging to get knocked off while playing. Poor design work. I would not pay much for that guitar.
  11. Chances are the marketing people know there is a large enough number of people who will buy a signature guitar. They may sell 1000 units worldwide. Maybe they will sell more, maybe less. They get to announce a new guitar, create hype, and draw people into the Fender web site to look at gear.
  12. Hold on, Willie. King Diamond is letting the world hear what music sounds like in Hell, and doing a damned fine job of it.
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