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  1. Those older Hamer finishes seem to chip and check worse than other guitars from the time period. It might be that Hamers were more played than other guitars, but I do not see Les Pauls or SGs from that time period with the same finish cracking.
  2. Just thinking about how nice that Standard should feel when playing makes me feel good. Whether or not the one piece body makes a difference does not matter to me. It is all korina.
  3. My thought is that they may have mixed the finish differently than other manufacturers which is why it would buckle around the tuners. The veneer used headstock overlay could have something to do with it.
  4. The new mayor needs to declare "Hamer Guitars Month" in your city.
  5. "I want my road repaved now!" "We need new garbage pick up routes!" "Water bills are too high priced!" "The fire department wants a new pumper truck." "City employees are demanding a raise." "What are you going to do about drugs in our community?"
  6. Ted taking off on someone else's song... yeah, sounds about right. Ted loves attention which is why he leads his own band. He does like talking about Damn Yankees, though, and they will do mini-reunions at the NAMM show. He did do a great job on Damn Yankees' High Enough, probably because the producer wanted something that fit the song. The song does not sound too "Ted."
  7. One would need the serial number to know.
  8. Willie is one of us. Look at his photos over the years. He wrote a book all about basses, too.
  9. If it wasn't for bass players no one would load all of the band's gear, set up , and tear down.
  10. A lot of those guitars with the locking nut screws going through the back of the neck have finish cracks around the holes. Proceed with caution because it could be a neck crack, but possibly not.
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