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  1. Phil H

    Phil H

  2. so what color eclipse do you have?

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    2. alantig


      It is the wrap tail.  Apologies for the size and unedited pics - I took these a while ago and never edited them.


      Numbered sequentially to 149.  Add the http: to the front - didn't want to bog this down with an image.

      There is a ding on the headstock - not sure if it shows up well enough for you.  I don't think there are any others, but I'll verify that if you want to pursue it any further.

    3. Phil H

      Phil H

      so how do I open this ?

    4. alantig


      Just a web browser. Either take the two slashes off the front or add http: before them. When I put the full link in, it added the picture and the message got huge. If that doesn't work, I can throw a quick page with links together.

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