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  1. I had a BA for a couple of years. I think I paid about 5 bills for the 1x12 combo. I actually sold a Black Cat Cub 15R and a Heritage Victory Combo because the Blue Angel sounded so nice. Some people complain that there is quite a bit of white noise on that amp and there is especially at higher volume settings, but a couple of tube swaps can really bring that down. There was a long post on TGP about it years ago, do a search if your interested maybe it's still out there. Cool Amp.
  2. Cranberries in front of fruit stand I know the beatles should be in there somewhere...
  3. Could the roots on the ground behind the Queen be rusted? Rusted Root Is that a mountain in the middle top? Mountain
  4. I voted for Darkburst as well. Just looks super rich to me.
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