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  1. chap


  2. Its been a long time since I visited waybacktimemachine! HFC circa 03-2000 http://replay.waybackmachine.org/200003010...merfanclub.com/ The HFC message forum ... circa 2000 http://replay.waybackmachine.org/200012141...d&Board=hfc Actually I recognize a lot of the names there...
  3. Stunning guitar, love that heavy sparkle! Definitely need to send it to Feynman to take some better pics.
  4. Bump for LadyScary, Promax (the cali price regulators XD), Nathan of Brain Fertilizer. Though I don't see LS post in general forum much. Someone put a tiger striped natural cali for sale and get him to come here!
  5. Damned I was thinking something else! Ok someone contact LadyScary
  6. Mine's obvious I like black set neck chaps. Playing one makes me feel like I'm can play 10 times better than I actually can... XD Just for fun, whats in your screen name?
  7. Don't mean to hijack the thread but Slash is one of my fave guitar players. I realize it;s like saying my favorite food is a chocolate bar ... but I don't care, I think he looks the part, plays the role and on top of that, I really dig is occasional slopppy style... Like compare the guit solos for Welcome to Sweet Child. My fave slash solo is that first little 10 second solo in Knockin'. And about the public slap in the back of the head, if someone did that to me in front of everyone that would be absolute hell to pay. That would flick the switch and I would definately react and do something I will later regret. Come on guys, I can't be alone here right?
  8. I'm a little surprised at the results! I figure it's like asking should I buy a Ford or a Chevy on a Ford truck forum.
  9. Dude, your guitars scare me. Someone throw this man a boys-only divorce party! Those are the BEST!
  10. Another one ... should this not have sold within 15 minutes of posting? Are Hamers dropping in price or something? Or economy still down?
  11. I'm thinking Cypress Hill for the mountain, anyone else? (Black Sunday album)
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