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  1. thanks for starting this thread. It is so great to see so many cool photos. Paul Hamer
  2. Anyone hear if George Gruhn's store got hit in the flood? Paul Hamer
  3. Ace Music; what a great store. I had a great relationship with Freddy (the owner) for many years. He was so nice to work with, he believed in the product and in return I worked very hard to make sure his store always had a great selection of instruments. I did several clinics with Martin Barre around the state of Florida. We had the best time meeting people. Back in 1975 I did the first clinic with Martin at Amazing Grace in Evanston. Martin played solo for a time, took questions and then we jammed with a pick up band for a while. I can't say enough about Martin and what a wonderful man he is
  4. I quite agree. I always thought that the larger the logo the less content there is in anything. I was against enlarging the Hamer logo and prefer everything to be more subtle. It is way more fun to have research and discover something than it is to have slapped in your face. Paul Hamer
  5. I don't remember promoting fourteen coats, but I can tell you how I feel about guitar finishing. I love nitrocellulose lacquer. My concept from the beginning started out trying duplicate the way the great Gibson's of 50's were made and later evolved to creating new ideas for the guitar but with the same techniques from the 50's. Finishing was a big part of that. When Monty and I started spraying guitars in the basement from the start we used nitro thinned out with lacquer thinner. This required many coats of lacquer, hand sanded every other coat, to get a finish build that could be buffed to a
  6. Great photo, you refinished it a cool color. ......John and Monty eventually parted ways and Monty stopped working. John had a small workshop in the city where he continued doing work for me. John did the woodwork on the first 6 or 7 virtuosos! An unsung Hamer Hero. Paul Hamer Paul Hamer Paul... Wow! Thanks for the new info on this. Much appreciated. Steve Matthis actually picked the refin color before I got it from him. Yeah, cool color. May I ask a few more question? I've been a bassist forever it seems but I also play guitar. Because of my really big hands/long reach I especially LOVE the
  7. It's funny that you mention the T-bird bass because that was the inspiration for the peg head and the over all feel. The nite that I completed the first guitar I got my first order from Martin Turner of Wishbone Ash for an explorer style bass. Martin played a T-bird bass, as did Tom Petersson who may have gotten his first or second or both early T-Bird basses from me. That first bass instrument had two original early T-bird bass pickups in it as did several of the other early basses including a green sunburst that Tom Petersson ordered Can you imagine a green sunburst anything in 1975? . I eve
  8. Great photo, you refinished it a cool color. I do not remember this piece definitively, however it should show up on Curtis's serial number log, and you are right this should have been a wood stamped four digit number. By process of elimination you should be able to find the original serial number. There is another man whose talent has not been talked about on this web site who I am very indebted to: John McHugh. In all probability John did the woodwork on this instrument. I have mentioned this to Steve Mathes but have not really talked about it publicly because it remains a sore subject for m
  9. When Mainly Music opened a branch in Edmonton back in '86-ish, I hustled out to meet you and your wares at a clinic that they hosted. If I recall correctly Marcel was the guy running that store. They had a little jam sesh that night. It was my very first time on stage and in front of you and some of the creme of the crop in our local scene no less... I was crapping my pants that night!!! Shortly after I placed the order for this: My pride and joy. Thanks for all you've done, Sir!!! Dion Cool Bass! I remember Marcel and the clinic. I tried to visit Mainly in Calgary and Edmunton every year
  10. I haven't thought about Howie Hubberman in a long time. He was a partner or a salesman who ended up a partner or ended up an owner somehow at Six String Sales. The first owner was a guy named Dan. Dan ended up as a major player at Fender I think. Dan was the first from Six String to contact me and they were an early dealer. He was a real nice guy and wonderful to work with. Howie took over and I don't think the store lasted too long after that. Years later I ran into Howie in Los Angeles, he was helping out Tom Petersson when Tom was putting together a band with Mimi Betinis of Pezband during
  11. King James Music was a very early supporter of mine, great store. Thanks for posting the photo and I love the look of the 12-string headstock you have in your posts! and thanks for your kind words!!! Paul Hamer Many Thanks Paul I posted about Dom here before but nobody seemed familiar with him. He was an absolute scream! And I've probably yet to meet someone (including the guys here) so fiercely devoted to Hamer guitars. We used to come into the city from the suburbs as young teens and there'd be Dom -- looking like Steve Stevens meets Vinny Vincent - literally screaming at people in th
  12. Rob: Thank for posting the note, it brings back a lot of memories. I believe you must have bought that from Dom who worked at Mainly Music in Vancouver. He was a great salesman and a very early supporter of Hamer Guitars. He was a really wonderful guy who deserved a lot of success. All the people at Mainly were great to me. Thanks for posting that!!! Paul Hamer
  13. David: I love Australia!!!!! I spent many a happy day there traveling to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. What city did you find your guitar in? Paul Hamer Paul, I'm in Sydney, which is where I bought the guitar - Eastside Music in Bondi, the store is no longer there. I'd love to know of it's history prior to my purchase. It was, and still is, in excellent condition. David: I am just going on gut instinct here but I believe I originally sold that guitar to Daryl Miller who ran a store in Bondi Beach, I can't remember the name of the store. Daryl found me in early 1972 and I
  14. I love that phrase "Gig-worthy design", may I borrow it at some point in the future? Paul Hamer Thank for your kind words. I still see Jim Beech every once in while here in Oak Park though he is mostly traveling the world in an international sales position, he has a son who is a great jazz guitarist. I remember Universal, I vaguely remember recording there for a three or four hour session with one of my bands. I think the Blues Brothers recorded there along with many great acts. Didn't Cream record one of their singles there? Paul Hamer
  15. wow, that is very cool info. Thanks Paul, and welcome!! mike #0189 went to Dave Hlubek and I got it in December 1982 after a 60 day layaway for $425 from Ralph's Pawn Shop in Jacksonville, Fl. Dave had pawned it and few other guitars. I also bought #0415 a Black and White Vector Dave had pawned. Foolishly traded it 4 years later and it is my "One That Got Away" guitar. I got the Vector for $400 on that same layaway plan. Life IS Good! Whackhead, #0076, and Sherry Baby, #0189 That's a great story. I used to haunt the pawnshops myself. What ever happened to Dave? Paul Hamer Mike: Th
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