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  1. Here is the HFC version of the Tranwreck $700 or so shipped from Malaysia
  2. I can say this with certainty: The quality/feature set of the Gretsch guitars improved dramatically after Fender took Gretsch over. Fender fixed all the things that stopped me from bonding with a Gretsch. I now own three and they are just KILLER. e.g. Fender added trestle bracing (stopped uncontrollabel feedback), pinned bridge (stopped bridge from moving around on guitar top), locking Sperzels, real TV Jones (the Gretsch manufactured pup's SUCKED BONE), and Scaller strap locks. I think that Fender will make improvements to Hamer, frankly. I mean, gee, we may even get something other than the SD pickups in them that most folks swap out soon after getting the guitars. Maybe locking tuners too, so I can stop having to buy/install them every time I pick up a Hamer. And maybe Tonepros as standard fare? I DO think there is room for improvement at Hamer. They have maybe been a bit to insulated/isolated for too long. I think it will be good to have fresh faces ask new questions. Another upside is that they maybe will even get a larger R&D budget and be able to design/develop/introduce new models at a faster pace. ie Maybe we see a "Taladega" or two (or three) every year, instead of one every few years. I am sure this post puts me in the minority, but hey, I never colored within the lines anyway.
  3. Wow, finally a post of mine here gets some attention. Who'd have thunk it? For what it is worth, all that matters to me is that the guy who the cab was done for loves it. Its EXACTLY what HE wanted, and he couldn't be happier. Thats the objective isn't it? I don't mind the critique at all. I didn't design that cab for folks here....and I don't expect that they'd have the same needs / wants as a professional studio. I just posted it here because I was pretty sure folks here hadn't seen anything like this before, and might find it out of the ordinary and a bit interesting. This is a hobby for me (night job vs day job...very uncooperative day job I might add). What I like about it is the opportunity to work with some very interesting folks and do some new & different things. It floats my boat, so to speak. No foul, no harm. Carl
  4. Pretty sure you haven't seen one of these before http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=201161
  5. Here are links to a clips of Lollar P90's in a black Limba McNaught Single Cut through a Blockhead First Born 18. http://tone-doctor-llc.com/media/clips/gea..._BH_FB_18_1.mp3 http://tone-doctor-llc.com/media/clips/gea..._BH_FB_18_2.mp3 Personally, I've tried every P90 under the sun and have settled on the Lollars. The key is to set them as close to the strings as possible...they don't pull on the string at all, so don't worry about putting them too close.
  6. Boys, in that price range there is only one...McNaught!
  7. John, Mail pics to mrmojorising@cox.net. I have Monaco Elite, Studio Custom, Studi Custom Goldtop P90 and Standard Custom as possible trades. Carl
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