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  1. Guess I'll just have to nominate the Cajun Burst myself.
  2. Dammit Greg, I was gonna fly up there for a surprise visit Tuesday and take you to the Greater Mechanicsburg Hockeystick Whittling Festival. Now you done ruint da fun.
  3. Prayers, vibes, and beer toasts for a speedy recovery.
  4. Didn't the fine print require a photo of the guitar recipient, in full ear-to-ear with the guitar, to be posted here? As others have said, this is a truly remarkable place. I'm sitting here wondering how this story plays out, and what Paulie's friends think of it when they hear how the HFC lends a helping hand.
  5. I got ten bucks to Paypal your way to add to the cause. Anybody else wanna play?
  6. Yeeeeeeeehaw! Sonofabitch I'm happy right now. The power's been out since 8:55 AM Monday morning. Lots of destruction all around. My home is good. No damage at all. Just a few broken limbs in the trees. I've got everything all cleaned up already. Not so lucky for other folks though. Some estimates put the return of power back as far as two to three weeks. I've been roughing it with ice chests, flashlights, and hurricane lamps. Not too bad. I've herad reports that out local EOC (Emergency Operations Center) clocked a high gust of 115 mph with steady average winds reaching 95 mph. I watched mos
  7. Wow! 30 years ago a $10/hr job could get you a brand new Z28, weekly mullet maintenance, and all the weed you'd need.
  8. Thanks for all the well wishes fellow HFCers. I ain't been around these parts much, just lurkin' and readin' every few days when I get some time. Feels good knowin' that I'm still remembered even when I'm not around much. I'd like ot say that I'll be around more soon, but that'd be a lie. I've weaned myself from hitting the HFC from work in an effort to stay clear of the internet abuse hammer that big brother wields. Evenings are tough because I get home and pretty much stay outside fooling with stuff, then when darkness comes I'm inside whoopin' up grub and watching the Tour de France. Once
  9. Shame on y'all for not coming up with Warren Zevon's "Excitable Boy" yet.
  10. I really think Ted should give this guitar away............. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......to the HFC member that can stretch his nutsack out the farthest. Or to quote Jay and Silent Bob, whover can "pull their nutsack up over their dick and make it look like a bullfrog".
  11. You gotta be jokin', right? I mean, who'd want a purple guitar?
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