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'95 Eclipse USA - what were the original pickups?



In the '95 Hamer USA Eclipse, what were the original pickups?  I'm pretty sure they were both Seymour Duncan mini humbuckers.  That's where my notes end.  Was it an SM2 in the neck and an SM3 in the bridge?

Thanks folks.  Cheers!


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29 minutes ago, tomteriffic said:

Yep.  Duncan made those in three flavors: normal, hot and stupid hot.  The SM -1, 2, and 3 were the model numbers, respectively.

Yeah, the SM3 in the bridge position gets a little "ice picky at times.  What do you think of the SD Antiquity II mini in the bridge position?  Do you think it will resolve the ice picky thing and yet retain the smack of a mini hum?  A good match with the SM2 in the neck?

Thanks T!

Eric aka caddie


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