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For those who prefer to buy CDs in lieu of streaming or mp3s, here is my new CD. I had a small batch done. Let’s do $12 shipped to your door. Thanks for supporting your local HFC recording m

My youngest has a musical ear. She instantly started beating along to the drums on the first song. You definitely cannot say that @Jakeboy doesn't know tone, the guitars are always crushing on his rec

Thanks to everyone for supporting the musical ambitions of a fellow HFCer. I appreciate it more than you all know.  

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This is a great record! Songs are great, playing is great, production, it's so professional. Your vocals really suit the style too. Hear so many influences, but it's not a rip off, song wise...  I love the howling wolf  ow oooo in 8 track cadillac, a personal favorite!!

When is the HFC Tour? 

Dave Edmunds and you are the only guys I know who "play all " on their records/cds... that is insane!

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Thank you Rodi for those kind words. After the 2018 70s project with AC Rev (Rock and Roll Still Gets Me High) I decided to just record me where I am most comfortable..,the blues-rock arena. To be honest, when I put it out I knew I liked it, but had no idea if it sucked or was good. So thank you for this encouraging post. Yeah, I have a 70s live recording of Buddy Guy where he does a quiet imitation of Howlin’ Wolf’s howls...that was the inspiration for that...and since I love Steppenwolf and Howlin’ Wolf, that lyrical idea just seemed to fit.

I really enjoy the producing, mixing, engineering aspects of recording as well. It has been a huge learning curve these last 5 years but AC mentored me along the way...I was always interested in things like this...when I would first get an album BITD I would read the covers, sleeve and liner notes to get an inkling what studio was this recorded at, who was the producer, what guitars and amps were used, etc., etc.

I was inspired to do it all by Tom Petty, John Fogerty, Prince, & yes, Dave Edmunds. All those guys would or could sometimes do everything, or nearly everything on some of their records. Petty ALWAYS had Campbell playing lead, though.

Anyway,  this run of CDs is still available peeps!

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