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  1. @hamerheadhas the solution. And you can choose between NY minis or birds.
  2. RIP…you all turned me onto them a few years ago here and man I love the Jetty album…,so right up my alley. I agree,the Daltrey album was also very good. Dig me some pub-rock and Wilko seemed like a cool dude who didn’t take himself too seriously.
  3. I don’t get it. It’s not anything real….just like crypto. First the vodka and now this. Building the inheritance for the fam, I guess.
  4. Jeff Beck tells a funny story about Page in the studio with a Country Gent in the 60s….said it was this giant guitar on a “pipe-cleaner man”….
  5. That Warmoth is a really nice looking guitar…SS frets too? Someone buy this.
  6. Blackface AND tweed….this will be a very versatile amp. Clean to mean or twang and bang with an ABY box.
  7. Great price on a great pickup. This is a second Gen PAFwith triangular feet. The 10k Slammers came after this IIRC.
  8. Great work @mathman. I was at a jam 10 years ago and we got a ‘bird request. Back in the 70s it was commonly played…so I thought why not as I know the Rossington slide parts. It went over crazy good. And I was the only guitarist onstage..,playing a SSS Strat no less….and I had to recreate the Collins flash solo at the end, but truncated. That was the last time I played it live. It was fun.
  9. OI love the black cherry finish. I wish mine was that color.
  10. Ihave a Gravelin wound Slammer that sounds just wonderful…and I love the original DiMarzio PAFs.., very raspy in a good way.
  11. Go to the TDPRI site (Tele forum} and search on Rob DiStefano. He posted a how-to years ago on doing this. IIRC correctly, he called it “Dummy up Yer Strat.”
  12. Love it Ernie! Listening right now. Very clean production. Excellent playing and tone. Your singer has it. I love blues like this. Will buy off Bandcamp this weekend. Bandcamp gets you paid same day on each and every sale.
  13. Barry Galbraith! That’s the dude!
  14. My collaborator AC can play all over this stuff. He has fantastic jazz chops. He needs to release an album of jazz standards. While I greatly appreciate the skill involved, it leaves me flat, bored, and uninspired. I am too much of a rock and blues Neanderthal I guess. Lage does have killer tone in the clip above. AC has made me appreciate the tonal differences between Charlie Christian, the P90 jazzers and the humbucker cats like Wes Montgomery. He really digs Barry somebody or other who was a MONSTER player BITD. It isn’t visceral or emotional enough for me. But I like it as background music. But I do appreciate those who can do it well. Which ain’t me.
  15. If you have a mic preamp already, run your bass direct into that and then to your daw. You can then monitor however you want. Or use an OD pedal as a preamp….just tweak the knobs for a good sound direct into the daw….many, many bass tracks were recorded straight in with no amp. Also check out Soundtoys plugins…they are giving away their Little Radiator preamp for free today. I use it often and even if you don’t use a dedicated analog mic pre, just run into your daw and use Little Radiator as your pre. It’s based on an old Altec pre that was used at Motown…so there is your grooving bass tone!
  16. Last time I was there I had a nice meal at The Columbia….they actually come and make a pitcher of mojitos at your table which are amazing…..
  17. Shouldn’t the bridge pickup be double cream if original?
  18. Soft pine dings so, so easily….I’d have that thing relived unintentionally in 6 months….assuming it is soft pine. I had a soft pine Tele body that dented if you slalomed at it wrong…made from an old 70s waterbed…it was my first Tele and it sounded great.
  19. Thorogood’s version of Diddley’s Who ado You Love. Aerosmith—- You Gotta Move from the album Honkin’ On Bobo.
  20. I still use my UK direct at church every Sunday and Wednesday. I have pretty much settled on the Top Boost channel and hit it with a KOT clone I picked up cheap plus echo in t(e loop. Other stuff on the board as needed. I am really happy with this solution.
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