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  1. I am 0117....and this one will be a simple, albeit different build.
  2. Well, in the last month or so I have started gassing hard for a new amp...I just sent my Lil Dawg 5e3 off to my collaborator AC for a song...and will need to replace it. A Lil Dawg Pug would do nicely. But there is a Gravelin pickup I need to buy too.
  3. My sole acoustic is a close friend...a 1989 Westerly Guild D25 that was my sole guitar for a solid decade. I actually wore divots into the rosewood fingerboard...yet somehow the frets are still good. Fast neck, great tone and even if I don’t touch it for 6 months, the minute I pick it up it just feels right. Sitka spruce top over mahogany. Arched back. I love that guitar. I pulled it out to record with it just yesterday.....needed to clumsily fingerpick a country blues... I would love a parlor size though. They just look so cool.
  4. The black just adds a certain something to that particular guitar that is just badass....
  5. If agathis is like alder in tone, then that is a good thing. Alder , IIRC, is not too far removed from mahogany as a tone wood is the frequency ranges it provides...and didn’t Gibby use some maple necks in the 70s on some Lesters?
  6. Sorry about the DOA speaker, dude...but am glad the seller is making it right.
  7. Ok.These are fantastic speakers at a great price. I am trying to talk my pal AC into unassing some money to get one. Simply rockin’ speakers.
  8. My fave speaker ever. Breaks up fairly quick once broken in but yes, they are LOUD. Killer with any circuit. The only alnico that compares is an EV SRO and it is completely different sounding, much cleaner and smoother. Fangs have grit. Wonderful in a Voxy or Marshall circuit....Fender too. Did I say I love this speaker?
  9. Slightly OT, but I bought a Red Fang 10 off Bubs and it is simply a fab alnico. The 12” Fang has always been my fave in most applications, but the 10 sounds every bit as good but a little faster due to the size. If he sells the others, someone here should buy them.
  10. I had a TT 40/40 in my old Lil Dawg Pug for a while and found it was the PUNCHIEST speaker I had ever heard. I bet the 10s would kill with my blonde Bassman.
  11. Rock it, brother...rock it...please tell us he took the 1960 in partial trade...
  12. I read that...Impending death is not our friend...in nearly most all cases...
  13. Ooh, that pickup is a screamer! Bet it sounds perfect with some amp OD.
  14. You do need to post a price..,the longer you wait after being told, the more likely the chance our very cool mods are gonna yank it...just sayin’ and trying to help.
  15. The new one looks cool too and may very well sell a ton since the look flows better aesthetically and won’t be as polarizing, as the OP said.
  16. Dude...welcome to the coolest guitar forum on the internet. Best peeps right here. If not for Shishkov becoming a thing, that would have been the absolute perfect Standard for me. I’ll wait for smarter people to give you a fair price guide. That is a beautiful guitar. GLWTS
  17. I got mine for $500 shipped back in 2016. Steal of a deal, just like this one was. Only bass I will ever need.
  18. Mine is a 2002 and until 0006 arrived it was the guitar I measured all others against. Hangs perfect with a leather strap.
  19. I prefer open top slides to keep air moving over the callous. But it would be cool to have one of those just because of Duane. I have used other medicine bottles and they all work fine. No guitarists would care if this one wasn’t what Duane played. If he played an old Doan’s Pills bottle THAT woul then have become the shit. I still want the Coricidin one tho...
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