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  1. Jakeboy

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    You guys are funny!
  2. Jakeboy

    Newport Pups

    I left the Cats in my Newport for a year. Sounded fine, but they weren’t P90s. The cool thing to me is that they were DESIGNED for the Newport. That said, I had Aaron at Rumpelstiltskin Pickups wind me a set of vintage wind Rumpel’trons, his filter clones. I had them in my Artist and loved them so into the Newport they went. They aren’t coming out. More versatile than the Cats and just sound right, clean or nasty. They do Malcolm Young to Brian Setzer to Tom Petty and anything else. The Newport is my #1 blues guitar at the moment with those pickups. Contact Aaron and tell him Mark sent you...or Josh...or TV. Oh, and yeah, they do look cool.
  3. Jakeboy

    Zen Shishkov Action

    This makes me happy. Congrats on what’s soon coming, Zen. I know it will be awesome!
  4. Artists are such great guitars. That touch of “airiness” in the tone is addicting...especially when the air is pulsing out of that F-hole on your arm!
  5. They all look wonderful and the prices are great, spesh on the Hamers. GLWTS
  6. Jakeboy

    #87 Super-C

  7. Jakeboy

    Sitting In

    I have seen your videos and I am sure you acquitted yourself far better than you think....but not as well as you could have, or wanted too. I will not play other people’s guitars in situations like that unless I know they will work with me. I played one of Greg Martin’s Les Pauls once and felt I could step onstage immediately if invited. It was set up very well. But local stuff? No way. I need my guitars. Yet the 10 year old who has gone viral playing Dave Grohl’s Trini Lopez didn’t have issues, did he lol.
  8. Jakeboy

    Vegas Trip

    There is a current Stones exhibit at one of the casinos that has guitars and is supposed to be pretty badass.
  9. I downloaded their version of Outside Woman Blues off “Rock and Roll Alternative”. I love the dueling solos on that song. They respect the Cream version yet make it their own. Love it. speaking of odd pairings, on 25 Sep 1981 I saw Thorogood open for the Stones at JFK Stadium in Philly. Journey played after GT in pink coveralls and leopard skin jumpsuits. They got booed off the stage and this was at the height of their popularity. They just didn’t fit between the black leather of GT and the Dirty ass Stones.
  10. Jakeboy


    Of course you did fine1
  11. Jakeboy

    Vegas Trip

    I’ll be there next weekend for work and would like to know the same.
  12. Jakeboy


    Beautiful Studio and I agree 100% about Hamer build quality....i’ll Play my Fender, partscasters, , or Peavey and they rock just fine...but then I pick up one of my Hamers and am instantly amazed at how much better the Hamer feels. The only guitar that compares to my Hamers is my Shishkov.. Dig the Studio and rock her hard.
  13. Are the pickup selections like a Phantom?
  14. That junior is definitely not the Hamer norm...but that is not a bad thing, necessarily. Just a matter of preference. Figuring and character is cool.
  15. Jakeboy

    Hamer-like pots

    I have been told that Mojo pots are really close to Hamer specs....disclaimer is that I haven’t tried them personally.
  16. I have some dirt I would part with: Monsterpiece MK I Tonebender clone—— awesome fuzz. Richard is a fuzz master. I like a brighter fuzz...you’ll see that theme develop... Since I have been on a Lovepedal binge the last year... Hermia Audio Low Gain Mosferatu—-THE original circuit that grew into the ZenDrive. Sounds great, sustains like a mofo, but is too dark for me. Gotsta have me some more treble! PM me if interested.
  17. Jakeboy

    NHC: NGD Dean USA V 1000

    Congrats on the black rocker V!
  18. Looks like gorgeous fiddleback flame on my iPad. I wish I had a need.
  19. Jakeboy

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    Premier Guitar’s Pedalmania issue has New York Groove tabbed in it. It made me happy.
  20. Jakeboy

    085 Maverick with a twist

    This one looks awesome....
  21. Well now, that is very interesting....
  22. I saw them a couple days later in KC and Frampton was still talking about what a great job they did in his absence.