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  1. The Lovepedal 65 Reverb is fantastic. It really does sound like a Fender verb. Hermida Spring is very good. If you can swing it, the Flint is very versatile and sounds incredible. It is what I use now. The 70s Plate setting is addictive.
  2. Will do. Someone said to replace the Phase Inverter with a 12at7 a la old BF Fenders to add brightness as well. Since I have one handy and it’s raining so I cannot mow today, this may be a good day to try it.
  3. Ok, I bought the cap to do the mod @HoboMan recommends. I’ll likely post this on TGP so I grab a Winnie. If it doesn’t sell quick I’ll throw that new cap in and buy a new correct headshell from @Travis and rock all sorts of hell with this amp.
  4. My older brother had a black 69 Roadrunner with a 440 Mag. Cars were sooooooo cool in the 60s-70s.
  5. How does it sound compared to an AC15? Does it have the chimey Vox grit?
  6. The R2R Electric is my fave with an AC107 trannie. I got mine before he blew up into ridiculous prices….but thre are a bunch of great germanium TBs out there.I also love my Monsterpiece MonsterDrive and have loved a JHS Banana Boost and a Diaz Texas Ranger. But any ge TB that is faithful to the Rangemaster circuit will be good provided a good trannie is picked and tuned.
  7. I think the eventual success of the Explorer, V, Jazzmaster, & Firebird shapes show that changes are possible, but they gotta look good. The Moderne and the Guild Thunderbird didn’t make it. This is an interesting convo.
  8. Absolutely agree. Us guitarists are by and large hardcore traditionalists both in gear and in playing….so when a true innovator like Hendrix or EVH comes along, it knocks us for a loop and then the changes come. That said, Fender, Gibson, and Rickenbacker really nailed it early on and most “new” guitar innovations are ugly as sin. I would hope us traditionalists would respond favorably to a pragmatic design that has pleasing aesthetics….but I ain’t holdin’ ’ my breath…
  9. Excellent! Thanks for posting this! If I keep my 18, I’ll do this…easy-peasy. 4 touches with a hot iron….2 to remove the old cap and 2 to solder in the new cap. Less that 5 minutes.
  10. Lots of people say these are dark but I don’t hear that and I am a lover of bright amps. I think speakers make a huge impact on perceived amp brightness. I did try a 12ay7 in v1 and that brought overall volume and gain down a hair but it still had gobs of gain on tap. Very versatile amp for sure.
  11. I’ll also add a vintage RCA 5u4gb rectifier gratis as I have a bunch of these just taking up space. I’ll list it on TGP or Reverb tomorrow at a slightly higher price.
  12. I should mention that this head is extremely light. Transformers are normal sized so it must be the head cab. It is smaller than the “normal” SuperDrive cab and lightweight. This is a LOUD 18 watts as stated above with a great MV. A rocker.
  13. Hmmmmm, that is interesting and tempting….I have wanted one since I saw Keith and Ronnie play matching white ones on the Steel Wheels tour.
  14. Different strokes….I found the V3 to be the best overall OD I’d ever played (except for a great germanium treble booster) …so much so, it unseated a Lovepedal OD11 which was barely behind it. The gain switch makes the v3 more versatile.
  15. Bumpage for a great amp that I’ll be thrilled to keep if no one wants it. Great cleans and great grind, especially low on the gain channel. Very classic rock. Yet plenty of gain on tap.
  16. I dug Hatchet in the 70s….they got such a bad rep…especially with FWD…. I thought they rocked.
  17. I recently acquired this and frankly love it…killer cleans, incredible OD, a perfect FX loop, a very good MV, marshallesque/Vox tones….why amI selling? I have an opportunity at a Winfield Cyclone in a cool color and I miss my TopHat Supreme Sixteen. If this sells I can grab the Winnie. I must say this Budda is a rocker, though. 2 JJ el84s, 3 JJ 12ax7s, and an EHX 5u4gb rectifier. $825 shipped, yes shipped OBO ..pics now up! Pics below. Only issue is the dude who ordered the Sourmash head didn’t measure correctly and mis-drilled the holes to attach the chassis . Bigger washers will hide the error but they don’t bother me as this is a rock and roll amp.
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