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  1. I concur with Bubs, the OD11 and the Amp11 are fantastic transparent ODs.....not compressed and very clear.
  2. I have the Super Six SRV which has more mids than the Grey Ghost model and it sounds just wonderful as a low-gain, vintage sounding OD. The Rubber Chicken is crazy fun. You can hear it here: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=PUPaItmChUk
  3. That one is fairly new @sonic1974, . Not a lot of reviews yet.
  4. Jakeboy


    Prayers for his fam and May he RIP. We swapped some gear o er the years and I loved his posts.
  5. Is midi through your PC an option?
  6. Chris, That is odd as well...I have that pedal and several COT50 variants and all are quiet
  7. I saw him a couple years ago in an intimate setting and was blown away. He still can burn on guitar, and amazingly, unlike so many of his peers from BITD,he can still sing and hit those high notes. It sounded like the 70s.
  8. Hmmmmm....my EPH3 is very quiet. Sean Michael says they should be quiet too. You might have a defective unit there, @bubs_42
  9. I want to try the Echophonic.....and the Purple Plexi SE
  10. The White is clear and crisp, not as transparent as the OD11...but it does all the Zen things so much better than the Red Zen for example. sean Michael (Who is Lovepedal) States it is his fave. I absolutely agree.
  11. That pedal is the best of the Zens IMO. Clear and less compressed but still that Zen sound. Works with all my guitars and all my amps. So far I am in for a Pickle Vibe and the Hi-Volt.
  12. An incredible songwriter gone. LOVED those early albums. But Ben Orr was the underrated one. But this just sucks. RIP.
  13. This is so true. My Artist has always been my fave neck, but the big Shishkov neck is somehow more playable, faster, smoother, and...just better. I have one in the queue and will likely ask Mike to make it just like the one on 0006.
  14. I have one in sparkle blue with the 2-tek and matching headstock...I love it and it is just perfect for my needs. Good luck with the search for black Cherry. Gorgeous color.
  15. ....and I just took possession of the famous Les Lius pedal yesterday. It lives up to all the hype and is easily the best tweed amp in a box I have ever played. A forever keeper for sure.
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