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  1. TTT for an excellent mic. If no one bites here, I’ll keep it and use it some more. It used to be my #1 vocal mic.
  2. If I could do it all again, I’d a swapped my 650 for another 650 and then thrown in toasters in place of the mini buckers (which did sound great in their own right, they even jangle a bit). Big wide neck on the 650. But I digress. I hope you find and a rock a 330 or 360 @hikarateboy!
  3. She sounds sweet. GLWTS and sorry that it had to come to this. Especially with an effective vaccine coming.
  4. TTT for an excellent all rounder mic that excels on vocals...at a great price.
  5. Keep and rock that Hamer. Build the Tele you want from parts on sale.
  6. Troubadour (@theTroubadour) Tweeted: Get ready to rock with The Dirty Knobs with @MikeCampbellHQ livestream tonight! They're raising money for @nivassoc & celebrating the release of their debut LP Wreckless Abandon! Watch the stream starting tonight at 5PM PST through Nov 30th. RSVP here: https://t.co/rIAqvKpbZm https://t.co/qn8KK9fMnW I just watched this and loved it all. Great rock and roll with cool guitars, lots of Fender amps stacked, and great solos that fit the songs. MC sounds a lot like TP vocally. Almost eerily so. Good slide. Played most of the set
  7. Yes, let’s keep it with predominantly Hamers.
  8. I am absolutely in. Me and AC are tracking hard with our Hamers now.
  9. @diablo175, put me down for one song. We will be done tracking by EOY,then on to missing and mastering so I should have a song to you NLT 1 March. If you need it earlier, please advise.
  10. I pay money for plugins to give my records that tape saturation sound....my recording partner AC has a 2” tape machine....we sometimes run our final mixes through it just for the warmth prior to mastering.
  11. Damnit. I forgot to set my alarm for tonight...did the Shishkov meeting go off ok? I was actually cranking my korina Artist through the Valvetech at 9pmCST when I remembered. I hope it went well and that you all had fun.
  12. 360s are brighter than 330s, in my experience. The more recent Ric 360s have had fatter necks too, IME. They are well made and fast guitars to play...meaning I can fly on t(e necks...but for big bluesey bends, I found the Ric 650 absolutely excelled compared to the rest of the line...so naturally Ric discontinued that model. Excellent rhythm guitars and for lead too, especially double stops and single note lines without big sustaining bends. Really good for rhythm. Everyone should have one once. Enjoy.
  13. Which is sadly why I stopped listening after Back in Black......love me the entire catalog through BIB....but the new one, Power Up sounded killer enough that I bought it. It rocks, but yet it is different....Stevie ain’t Malcolm.....he is himself and that is a good thing.
  14. Well cool, @kizanski...it looks like we ARE “going to do fucking Stonehenge” after all!
  15. I am always up for more Shishkov swag!
  16. Nice mix! Your brother did a great job singing and your playing was great. What signal chain did you use on the Hamer? Killin’ guitar tone.
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