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2 hours ago, Dwayne said:

Hi there, I purchased a Hamer xt series Sunburst/AT. Was wondering what it’s value would be or purchased price. Made in China

Hmmm. The Hamer Fan Club is primarily a forum for Hamer USA guitar owners. That said: we are not cruel-types here! The later import line of Hamer's, The XT models are pretty much entry level budget guitars made in China under the Hamer name which I believe at the time was 'owned' (Hamer I mean) by the Kaman Group. They are a budget guitar and do not hold much value today.

On a personal level: the later imports were not seen to be real Hamer's just budget imports using Hamer branding. I would place them alongside cheaper Squier or Epiphone models. Very hard to give a price: I have seen cheap Hamer imports be listed for stupid money on eBay/Reverb by people who don't really know what they have. Very hard to price.

I personally would not pay more that £100/£150 for an XT. I have never handled one so I don't know how good/bad they are. I'm sure some of them are quite good (for an import).

The better Hamer imports are the earlier Korean-made ones (I owned one) or the later (2000-2002) Deluxe models (also made in Korea). I have owned the early Korean (Slammer Series Diablo) and the later Deluxe (Californian) models and can testify to their high quality.

I have no experience of the China-made Hamers or XT range...

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Dwayne. Don't be put off by our friend here's good behaviour. We can be as insulting and derisive as the next Board. In fact, we get all worked up over nothing several times a day, but always seem to be distracted by a nice set of titties, or a BCRburst Wraptail with an ebony board. We'e a silly lot. This is a silly place. Don't go...

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The XT are decent import guitars.  I have a Standard I bought in 2005.  Upgraded pickups and it plays and sound good. Nothing like the USA's but a decent guitar.  Anywhere from $100 to less than $400 seems to be the going prices. 

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