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Wanted: opinions on Riot Tuners



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One thing Darrel Braun missed: the strings go to the center of where the post would be on normal tuners. But on normal tuners, the nut slots are aligned with the outer edge of the post. It's only a millimeter difference, I guess, but it will NOT be a completely straight string run if you install these.  That angle probably isn't enough to cause binding and tuning issues when using the trem.  But it might.  Also, it could potentially cause a shift in string angle for the entire string if you have some types of roller nut.

Personally, the seem fugly to me.  They are very close to the Firebird (banjo?) tuners that came with one warmoth partscaster I bought, and while those held in tune well and were great for precise tuning, the length of the tuning knob in back meant that the low E string ALWAYS got knocked out of tune when I hung it on the wall hanger.  This would likely do the same thing.

So as soon as I discovered the Hipshot Universal Mounting Plate that meant I wouldn't have to drill holes to replace it, I immediately bought a set and installed it on the guitar, and instantly improved my satisfaction with the guitar.  Now, maybe Riot Tuners > Firebird/Banjo tuners.  It is really hard to account for personal taste.  These things apparently are constantly sold out, so a lot of people like them.  I am not one of them.

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