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  1. stunning, as always, congrats
  2. lovely! I would expect it to be sold at 2500 USD in less than 3 days
  3. Hi, you can find one in Italy, not sure if it's a deluxe : https://www.mercatinomusicale.com/mm/a_hamer-centaura-usa-anni-90_id6894567.html
  4. Hi, would you ship the 2 Lovepedals to Italy? (Milano) thanx Alex
  5. the 5/6 pieces body doesn't seem legit at all for a USA Hamer
  6. there's also one in France (well, a Studio) https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/annonce-2023830
  7. France doesn't have death penalty since 1981, and we are proud of this...but I get your point, some things need to be punished
  8. I'm a Rivera fan, I just had my trusty Chubster 40 revised but I never heard of this model, looks interesting though
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